The Taming of the Billionaire

The Taming and the BillionaireEdie liked cats better than people but for her friend she was going to be a bridesmaid. At the party Edie will meet the man she was going to walk down the isle with and is immediately disgusted with him, but when she starts to interact with him she will wonder if there could be more.

Magnus just wants to work on his game with his brother but his brother is the problem. Levi is in love and the woman he loves can not leave her sister, Edie. Magnus will have to pretend to like her so his brother can be with the younger sister. But then when Magnus starts to spend more time with Edie he will find himself falling for her.

The Taming of the Billionaire is the second book to the series Billionaires and Bridemaids. I really liked this book. The first book to this series was good but this one caught my attention and held on until the very end.

What I liked about the book was that it was an adaptation of the Taming of the Shrew. Edie played her part well as the shrew. But I found her really likeable. She was yes hard at times but nothing horrible. I liked that Edie was getting a chance a love again even though it started under false pretenses. Throughout the book I was waiting for the lies to stop and for Edie to find out the truth. You know it will happen but it unravels a lot more which had me disliking Bianca even more. So Magnus’s character was a video gamer programmer. He was pretty much a nerd which I loved. He got so wrapped up in his games that he was a little antisocial which matched him well with Edie. I didn’t like that he was lying but loved that true emotion was starting to bloom.

What I thought was adorable was when Magnus had adopted two cats. With the cats in the book my inner cat lady was being channeled. I only have one cat so I don’t know it that really qualifies me but I do love animals. My house was never empty of pets, we mostly had dogs, but I have always loved cats. I think the addition with these cats was a fun element to the story.

What I didn’t like about the book were two characters, Bianca and Levi. First off they were both very immature and cruel with how they were treating Edie. You will learn more on Bianca and I can only say is that is not a good person. She is a user. Levi is not too bad. For him its more on maturity. If he does get his own story I would hope that he matures a great deal. I really don’t want Bianca to have her own story because I think her character would never truly change.

It appears that the stories that have the characters from Gretchen’s bridal party is happening all at the same time because you found out about Sebastian and Asher within this book. Or at least their stories were already happening. I am reading the third book next.

Divorced, Desperate and Dating by Christie Craig

The second book in the series Divorced, Desperate is Divorced, Desperate and Dating by Christie Craig.

Sue Finley plots murder and does her research all for her books she writes. But something is happening. Threats are coming to her in the form of a dead rat and phone calls that wouldn’t stop. Jason Dodd will be there to help. They had a moment, a brief kiss but nothing else. Jason now getting a second chance will change that. Sue hopes that as well but she wants more and hopes that Jason will understand that.

I love Sue’s character. She is a mystery writer and takes her research seriously. She has a lot of secrets which gives Jason something to find. I like how Craig creates Sue’s character to witty and sarcastic and Jason’s as charming and a little pig headed. Together they make the pages sizzle.

The added in cats and dogs makes the story charming and sweet.

Divorced, Desperate and Dating is a great second book to the series. The next and last friend will be Kathy. The sole divorced women of the group but that will change.

Divorced, Desperate and Delicious by Christie Craig

Finding that I liked this author a lot I decided to go for her series Divorced, Desperate. The first book is Divorced, Desperate and Delicious.

Lacy Maguire is a successful photographer who is going through some problems in her personal life. She is divorced from her cheating husband, has a mom that only wants to help the only way she knows how and now a man who is wanted by the police standing in her living room. Things couldn’t get much worse for Lacy until she starts to feel attracted to this supposedly dirty cop. But Chase Kelly will set her straight on what really happened and how things are going to be between them.

This was a fun start of the series. I like Lacy’s how strange life is with all her gadgets and the many Christmas items that were floating in her living room it added to the comical part of the novel.

I liked also how Craig created Lacy and Chase’s character. Lacy was a broken down women but there was passion still there only hidden. Chase was going to bring it out. Craig created her characters to have humor and wit in a not so funny situation.

Craig created a quirky set of women who solve their own problem with being divorced in a clever way. Lacy was the first but her two friends Sue and Kathy wouldn’t be far behind.