When a Scot Ties the Knot

When a Scot Ties the KnotMiss Madeline Gracechurch had written letters since she was sixteen to her brave beau, Captain Logan MacKenzie, and she was devastated when he had died. But Madeline had not truly known heartbreak as her Captain was imaginary. She will be shocked years later when Captain Logan MacKenzie comes to her home wanting to marry her.

Captain Logan MacKenzie had come to Madeline to find a place for his men and for himself. He also wanted to meet the naive English girl who had written him letters. Logan will be surprised when he meets his intended but nothing would stop him from his goal.

When a Scot Ties the Knot is the third book from the series Castles Ever After by Tessa Dare. I really loved this book. I love how Dare weaves together her plot and characters. In this story it is truly like a fairy tale when Captain Logan and Madeline meet at the castle. Although the problem in this fairy tale was they had never met before, the letters Madeline wrote were to a fictional man.

So the character of Madeline was interesting. She was a nervous girl who had created a beau so she could be left alone. Her shyness was overwhelming and with the explanation that Dare gives it was no wonder that she was scared of crowds.  Now Captain Logan was someone I liked but to be honest at first I was thinking he would not be a character I would like. He was being cruel to Madeline right from the beginning. Although when you get to know him and what had happened you start to truly understand him. I wanted him to find happiness with Madeline.

The ending was charming and very sweet, and it was very befitting to the story.

Romancing the Duke

Romancing the Duke (Castles Ever After, #1)Izzy Goodnight has grown up in the land of fairytales thanks to her fathers published stories that has created a large following. Despite the popularity of the stories she will be left with nothing and have to go on her own. She will find herself with a castle but it will be Duke of Rothbury’s castle who was still claiming ownership.

Ransom Vane, Duke of Rothbury, did not like the interruption that this woman came with as she entered into his castle. He will try his hardest to get rid of her but she will want to stay and he will find himself starting to care.

Romancing the Duke is the first book the series Castles Ever After by Tessa Dare. I have been a fan of Tessa Dare’s writing since I started her books. My favorite have to be from Spindle Cove series but her others are very good and very entertaining. Romancing the Duke was a book that you couldn’t help but smile while reading.

Izzy’s character is a hopeless romantic which wasn’t surprising with the Goodnight Tales. I loved that the people loved those stories so much that they created it to be real or at least real enough that it was a part of their lives.  I will say that Izzy’s character was silly in an innocent way but was also a good person who was given a tough situation. Ransom was a hard man especially with after all he had been through. I felt for him and wanted him to have something true with Izzy but he didn’t make it easy. He needed Izzy and her strange ways to help him out of his life he had created for himself.

Tessa Dare writes her characters well as you will always enjoy them. She also has a knack for writing steamy scenes between the characters. The fire between them is undeniable as every scene is steaming off the pages.

I can’t wait to read the next book to the series which comes out in December of this year.