Don’t Tempt Me

Don't Tempt MeHonor’s life was complicated and did not have time for any attachments. She will find that attachments will come quickly when her life will be invaded by helpful neighbors. Though the only one that really got under her skin was Jason.

Jason will meet his new neighbor and instantly will want her. Though as he gets to know her a protective side will emerge and Jason will find himself protecting her, at least once she lets him in.

Don’t Tempt Me is the latest novel by Lori Foster. The last one that I read was for me good but not my favorite. Don’t Tempt Me was a novel I got into right away. There was enough mystery to the story with Honor that lead to heartbreak but it wasn’t overplayed. Also, the romance was built up, they didn’t just jump into sleeping together within the first chapter.

Honor’s character was a woman who had been put through a lot in the past two years. She was exhausted but was determined to do everything she needed. I liked that Honor was independent and she did not just give into Jason’s help. Jason’s character was a man who did his work and helped his family. He was someone who did what they could for someone in trouble. Pretty much Jason was the perfect man, but it wasn’t so perfect that got annoying. I will say that Jason had alpha tendency’s, but to be fair it seemed all the guys in the story had that same trait.

So Honor’s extended family was pretty horrible. They were greedy and very insulting when it came to Honor. Her great aunt confused me. She was helping, at least that is what it seemed, but she was going about it a strange way. I liked that Jason and her neighbor and friend wanted to help. They stood by her so Honor would not feel alone anymore. Though Honor was not weak, she showed her strength at the right time.

There was a side story with Sullivan (one of Honor’s neighbors) and Lexie (Honor’s best friend). I liked their story but it definitely could have used more detail to really get to know the characters. My main focus was on Honor and Jason and how their story was being told.

Me Before You

Me Before YouLouisa Clark was let go of her job and needed a new one quick to help support her family. Knowing nothing about caregiving she is given the job and will find out that this was not the average job. She will learn to live her life and try to save Will.

Will Traynor was an adventurer, he never thought he would be stuck in a wheelchair as a quadriplegic. He doesn’t want to live and for the next six months his caregiver will try to change his mind.

I have liked going to my book club because its a good way to read books I would never have thought to pick up. Once again a book I never would have picked up peaked my interest. I truly wasn’t sure I would likeĀ Me Before You and not because of the writing or characters which were both done well. It was the plot where you were wondering the entire time if a sad ending was coming. I didn’t wonder the whole time. I actually was being optimistic about the situation but had a feeling that optimism would be for nothing.

Now even though the ending was sad there was an uplifting part to the story. It was sad and funny at the same time and Moyes really stayed in tuned with her characters especially of Louisa and Will. Neither of them were acting out of character and did everything they did because it was who they were. I really liked that consistency.

I loved Louisa’s character with her fashion sense, saying what she thinks, feeling things too deeply and giving adventure a chance. You wanted her to live the life that Will was trying to get her to experience. Now Will’s character was not an easy man to handle. He was hard and bitter but you liked him. He was a good man who went through a horrible ordeal. You know what his plan is at the end of the six months, but hope that is not the end.

The one character I disliked was Patrick. He wasn’t the man for Louisa as he didn’t really care for her until it was too late and I was not sure he truly cared even then.

The story itself is very good and you are brought into the story pretty quickly as you learn about each character. There is some great banter that happens between Louisa and Will and of course some sparks but it is not really a romance novel. There is compassion, friendship, letting go, finding yourself, and yes love but it is not the focal part of the story. There is also sadness throughout the story obviously and it gets sadder as you go further. The story is a heartbreaker and I definitely felt the tears slipping down my face in several parts of the book, I couldn’t help it. So yes the ending is sad but worth the read because there is an underlining happiness in the book that brought a smile to my face even through the tears.