UndressedColin Rosemoor is a very good man but has some problems with not knowing always when to quit gambling, which will lead to his ruin. Colin was out for revenge but there was little he could do about it that is until he meets Brenna.

Brenna Maclachlan had been taken from her crib when she was a infant and was raised in Scotland. Twenty six years later her real parents will find her and want her back in England where she belonged. Brenna will return with them but knows that England will never be her home that is until she meets Colin and her feelings start to change.

Undressed is the third book to the series Undone by Love or Ashton/Rosemoor by Kristina Cook. I really love these books. This was another great one to read. I had not been expecting the beginning of the book where Brenna is taken by two people from Scotland who wanted an heir. They had taken the wrong twin but they kept Brenna and raised her as their own. In turn she because a very capable woman who could manage her keep and help her tenants. Brenna will be brave and go to England to have a season but she fully expected to come back to her home.

I liked Brenna’s character because she was independent. She looked out for herself and others. She had a passion and a curiosity but some times did not use her judgment to the best of her abilities. Colin’s character was a gentleman and to be thrown out of his club it destroyed him. His reputation was in ruins but he was out to get revenge against those who wanted to see him ruin. I liked that he didn’t just sit and do nothing but Colin’s character was a little of a “woe as me” kind of guy at times. He will get it together and with the help of Brenna who he doesn’t always deserve. Colin will become a better man but it takes him losing the one thing he truly wanted/loved to become that man.

I wasn’t a fan of her parents I will have to say. I get that what they wanted was their daughter back to them but they did it the wrong way. They threw her into society thinking that she would just get by. Brenna was not like them. If she had not been taken then she would have been like any normal debutante and had been married already.

Their were two villains. One had been Sinclair who had made himself known in the previous books but the other one was a surprise. I knew something was up with the character but I wasn’t really sure. You know they were a pretty nice person though things change. I kind of wanted more done to these two villains as they got away with doing some wrong deeds, well their reputation was ruined which will cause many doors to be shut on them.

So I have one more book to this series which looks to be a prequel to the series.

One Dance with a Duke

One Dance with a DukeSpencer Dumarque, Duke of Morland, is blindsided that his friend was killed. He will wonder who the traitor is but also where the coin is now. Upon the murder Spencer will acquire a wife who intrigued him.

Lady Amelia d’Orsay was there at midnight to take a chance to help her brother out of a gambling debt. Her life will be turned upside down being rushed into a marriage to a man she knows hardly anything about.

One Dance with a Duke is the first book to Tessa Dare’s series Stud Club. The book was a very well written and entertaining which from reading her other books I really had no doubt I would like this novel.

Spencer was a very domineering man when it came to doing things his way. Obtaining a wife, a horse and doing what he wanted was done his way and his way only. This of course changes when he starts to feel more than lust for Amelia. He struggles the entire book in how to deal with things but for the most part he is trying to please her in his own way so he wasn’t all that bad. Now Amelia was one who was used to taking care of everyone, especially her brothers. She might have taken charge still but she was very much in doubt of herself. Throughout most of the book the two spent so much time bickering but there was a lot of passion that surrounded them.

There is an unknown villain in the book. The villain, who killed Leo the founding member of the Stud Club, I am sure will make their presence known someway within these next two books. There are no real clues only that someone who looked a lot like Julian Bellamy was seen with Leo. I am guessing that the villain will be related to Julian but I will have to see  with the other two books from the series Stud Club which I have next to read.

Always a Scoundrel

Always A ScoundrelLord Bramwell Johns is a second son of a duke and a famed scoundrel who never knew a wager he didn’t like. He has done everything he could to tarnish his reputation but now he will do everything to save this woman.

Lady Rosamund “Rose” Davies has done everything she could do to keep her family in order. Now she is being sold off to pay her brother’s debt to a scoundrel. She will look to another scoundrel to help save her.

Always A Scoundrel is the third and final book to the Notorious Gentleman series by Suzanne Enoch. After finishing all the book from this series I will have to say this was a great series but for me this book was my favorite out of the three. I started the book late into the evening and could not put down the book. This was mostly because I wanted to see Rose be able to fight away her soon betrothed and to see how Bram was using his skill on Rose at the same time changing into a better man.

I guess what I really liked about this story was the transformation that happens with Bram. He is everything bad and almost cruel but he slowly changes and becomes more honorable to more than just his close friends. Rose also has a transformation where she starts to think about herself and not her family.

I have to say her family were a little selfish but not in the mean spirited way. I wanted to shake James and knock him down for what he was doing to his sister, for making her marry the blackguard after he lost the money. James does get better but not very quickly. Our enemy is certainly Rose’s intended and he is a horrible man who is set on destroying the innocence of Rose. He will start to succeed but Rose will seek for another to educate her. There will be a lot of education happening between Rose and Bram throughout the book.

Always a Scoundrel was a great finish to the Notorious Gentleman series.

A Rogue by Any Other Name

A Rogue by Any Other NameMarquess of Bourne, Michael was determined to see his vengeance not be stopped when he was so close. Bourne will see that the ticket to his land will be at his childhood friend Penelope. He will not think twice about using her to get his land back. Bourne though will start to think differently as his life will start changing with Penelope by his side.

Lady Penelope Marbury knew that she was in no hope of marrying but then her father had an idea of giving her dowry an extra boost. Penelope did not want it as it was her childhood friends Michael before it was stolen. She will soon find herself in the arms of her friend only to be forced to wed him. She will see that he was changed but she will not give up hope that her husband will find a way to love her.

Sarah MacLean is a very new author to me and was recommended. I could not put A Rogue by Any Other Name down. It drew me in with the betrayal and sensuality that surrounded the book. This is the first book to the series Rules of Scoundrels. The plot surrounds a gambling hell that is run by four men who have fallen from society. This reminded me greatly of Suzanne Enoch’s Scandalous Brides series where a woman creates a gambling hell only run by women.

The characters of all four men are talked about but you get to know Bourne the best as he is the main lead. He was a broken soul and you wanted him to get his revenge but you also wanted him to have a life with Penelope. He was a hard character as he learned early on in life about fairness. MacLean gives a good portrayal of Bourne as a harden man who is only out for himself. At times he acted like the villain only to hide his true feelings. I do love that Penelope slowly broken down his shield of armor.

Now Penelope was a strong woman to endure all that society would have to say especially when she marries Bourne. I liked Penelope as she was strong enough to stand on her own and wasn’t afraid but cruelty will play a toll on her eventually. I liked the letters that MacLean puts into the story and the ending has a particular sweet last letter that was not expected.

The ending of the book will bring you to a new scene with the characters of Cross and Pippa and there is a surprise on why she is there in his bedroom. MacLean left me intrigued and wanting more at the end of the book. Luckily I was able to check out the next book at the same time so no waiting.

To Catch a Highlander

Lord Dougal MacLean has won a house and was going to give it as a gift for his nephew but was astonished from the sabotage from the previous owner. Dougal knew he would not let Sophia win but the longer he stayed around the beauty the more he wanted her.

Sophia MacFarlane would not let her house to another person. She would work hard to frighten the new owner, Dougal and would hope to win it back. Sophia did not expect to lose to this man but with every hand she lost she lost a little of her heart to this man.

To Catch a HighlanderThe third book to the MacLean Curse series is To Catch a Highlander. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Dougal and Sophia together was nothing but challenge after challenge which went well with their temperament which was fiery especially with each other. Of course within each challenge came the seduction that both played, Dougal more as he was practiced in the art of it, and together the pages were steaming. Now the rain was once again well placed and comical at times as with each rise in Dougal’s anger so did the force of the storm. I liked the predicament which Sophia was placed in as it showed her character but you knew the moment it went south with the cards everything would be ruined, but as this is a romance book there was hope. There was a little surprise at the end which I didn’t see coming and that made the ending that much nicer.

As I have read now three books from Karen Hawkins I have noticed that she sets this series so far in one area with each book, a house or an inn throughout most of the book. I liked that as you were not worried about keeping up to where the characters were being placed. You focused on the characters themselves who gave enjoyment as you read the book. Oh and on a side note I was very happy to have Fiona back in the book as I thought she was missed in the second one. Fiona and Jack are still fantastic together and add fun to the book. The MacLean Curse series is one I want to keep reading.

One Kiss from You

Although not reading the series in order you are are still captured by Christina Dodd’s characterization in the plot. The second book, One Kiss From You, to the series Switching Places is its own complete story.

Eleanor de Lacy’s one mission was to fool her cousins almost fiancee. The job was going to be simple but Eleanor was blinded by hope. Remington Knight is not a man to be dealt with lightly. He is coarse and determined but Eleanor found herself enticed by him but she could not be threatened by passion. She had to fool this man to make him think she was the duchess.

Remington Knight had a mission and that was to get his duchess, Madeline. He would have revenge on her family but what startles him is the lust. He did not expect to feel that for this woman. But he would not be misguided by those feelings as he needed the de Lacy family to suffer.

I was thrilled by this book with Dodd’s characters of Eleanor who was shy and quiet to Remington who was hard and determined. Eleanor comes into a new woman while Remington will take a step back. There characters were perfectly intertwined together.

As the reader goes through the book you will notice it goes up and down. You want one thing then it goes to the next. You think finally they will be happy but then another road block comes into play. Dodd is very good at keeping the suspense and the plot interesting for the reader to continue throughout the book.

Readers will enjoy how Eleanor fools Remington but looses her heart at the same time.