PursuitJessica “Jess” Ford was sent by her boss to help out the First Lady when the unthinkable happens they are in a serious car crash killing all but her. Jess will find herself in immediate trouble and doesn’t know who she can trust. She even has doubts about Mark Ryan who came to her rescue but will find out he might be the only one she could trust to keep her safe from the people who want her dead.

Mark Ryan is a secret service agent and is torn with guilt as the First Lady has been killed in a car crash when it was on his watch. He is on a mission to find out what happened and that will lead him to a woman, Jess, who was in the accident and it looked like the danger of that night might not be over for her.

Pursuit is the first book of the series Jess and Mark by Karen Robards. This book was really fantastic. I love thrillers that have that nonstop action, mystery and a bad guy they have to get. For me  Karen Robards writes those kind of books well. Every time I pick up a book from hers I am flying through the pages engrossing myself into this world.

So the plot is simple with a horrible car crash, people died and one survived but that is only the starting point. The mystery is why was the First Lady running, who was chasing them, and who is after Jess now that she survived? These were all questions that were running through my mind as I was reading the book and Robards gives us subtle clues about what is going on and who the bad guy or guys might be. The nonstop action will be throughout the entire book as Jess and Mark have to hide from who might be after them which could be the people who were swore to protect when they took their oath.

I liked the character of Jess as she was very realistic with all the thoughts that were running through her head. Worrying about who to trust and how she was going to survive. It was frantic and realistic and I liked that she doesn’t go running into Mark’s arms and trust him completely even though he was one of the good guys. She didn’t know if he was part of this and could not chance walking into a trap. Mark’s character was a man mourning with guilt for that he wasn’t there to protect but that guilt has to be pushed aside as trouble was not over.

I can’t wait to read the second book which is Justice and I am reading that next. At the end it looked liked a happy ending was there for Jess and Mark so I will have to see what trouble comes next for these two.

Rewriting Monday by Jodi Thomas

Jodi Thomas is a recent author that I found and so far I liked her series Whispering Mountain so I thought I would try just one of her novels.

The Plot of Rewriting Monday:

Mike McCulloch took over for his brother as editor of the Bailee Bugle out of familial obligation.  When Pepper bursts into his office and demands a job, her enthusiasm and engergy hit him like a breath of fresh air.  What’s brought this passionate reporter to his sleepy little town-and into his world?  A long time ago, Mike learned not to expect much out of life, but Pepper has awakened something in him that he thought he had lost-something that feels a lot like hope.

When the paper comes under attack, Mike and Pepper must start to rely on each other, to trust what is in their own hearts and, most importantly, to believe in themselves…”

Now I will be honest.  I liked the story but it was rather slow at parts.  It is most likely that things were happening but at a slow pace which correlated with the type of characters living there in the town.  What I did like was the msytery behind the attacker and really about the past that Mike was carrying all on his own.  At the end of the book you find out just who was a hero really.

MacGregors: Daniel

Getting to know the children you find out that the parents were very much in love but now you get to know how Daniel was able to get Anna to be his wife, and it was not an easy task.  Nora Roberts brings us Daniel and Anna’s story in For Now, Forever.

The Plot of For Now, Forever:

Daniel MacGregor has and always will be a charismatic man who had nothing and built everything he needed.  Anything he wanted he found a way to get.  As Daniel was now getting to his thirties and was very wealthy he found that he needed a wife.  A smart woman to have a conversation, pretty and confident.  Someone that would challenge him.  Daniel found that in the woman Anna Whitfield.

Anna Whitfield was a student finishing up her college to get her degree and go into medicine to become a doctor.  She wanted nothing more than this.  When Daniel MacGregor found Anna she knew that she was in trouble.  He was a strong, tall man that she knew would get what he wanted.  He professed that he already wanted her and that scared her.  She knew that she would want him, come to love him but she couldn’t.  Her career had to still be number one but she wanted him as well.

Daniel pursued Anna and finally she gave into him but not to all his demands.  He told her over and over that she would marry him and be his wife, but he didn’t accept her career.  That infuriated her and kept her from going further.

It will take some strong advice from others that will bring the two together but ultimately Daniel and Anna make their decision to have everything.

The fifth book of the MacGregors was fantastic to read.  I loved to see that Daniel was still as bold and stubborn in his youth as he is later on in his life.  The prologue was intriguing as Daniel was in a crash which promoted the memories of Daniel and Anna’s first encounter.  I longed to see them finally together even though you know they would have a happy ending, but it was nice to read about it.  By far one of the best books of the series, The MacGregors.