The Earl Claims a Bride

The Earl Claims a BrideHarrison Thornwick inherited his title but Harrison would gladly give it back to have his brother back. With little time to accept the title Harrison will find that the Prince will be requesting him to marry a Miss Angelina Rule. Harrison will be against the match until he meets Angelina.

Miss Angelina Rule has wanted to marry her Captain for the last three years, she had dreamed about it. Now she is being forced to marry another because of her father’s debt. Angelina will be sadden at the fact she can’t marry the man she had wanted, but when she meets Harrison she will find herself wanting him.

The Earl Claims a Bride is the second book to the series The Heir’s Club of Scoundrels Trilogy by Amelia Grey. I really liked this book.

Harrison’s character was a good guy. In his past he had a definite wild side but that is tamed especially when he finds himself attracted to Angelina. I liked that he had actual feelings for Angelina and it was not just on the surface. I wanted him to win the affection of Angelina instead of the Captain because the Captain was not the same man as he once was. I thought it was interesting that Harrison also knew more about Angelina in such a short time than the Captain ever did. Personally I think that the Captain just saw what was on the surface and didn’t truly know the woman he wanted. Angelina’s character was a dutiful daughter who wanted to do right by her father. I thought it was cruel that the father did this to his daughter. I liked that Angelina was staying true to her Captain but I wanted her to realize that the feelings she had were no longer there. The feelings she had for Harrison were alive and well.

I am reading the third book next.

The Ice Princess

The Ice PrincessCoral Smythe was known as the Aphrodite. She had stopped entertaining men but she will be won through gambling for seven nights. Coral will be scared as her job was one she hated especially when Captain Wargate was not like all the other men out there.

Captain Isaac Wargate disliked his men gambling away their earnings but there was little he could do. All he could do was make sure his men made it back to the ship. Though this time Isaac will stay behind to help the Aphrodite who was being sold for seven nights.

The Ice Princess is the fourth book to the series Prince Trilogy by Elizabeth Hoyt. I really liked this story right from the start. I was pulled into the story right away.

Coral’s character was a woman who led a hard life but she did what she had to do. You felt bad for Coral when her freedom was taken away but she was a clever woman. Then there was Isaac who was a stern but a fair man. He had a softer side which showed when he saved Coral from the other men. Now since this was only a novella the story was fact paced but I liked how with each night she wrote them getting closer, they were connecting with each other.

The ending had a twist but with a nice surprise that left the romance reader in me happy.


A Pirate for Christmas

A Pirate for ChristmasBess Farrar was the vicar’s daughter and was used to helping the villagers in the small town. She will find herself with a problem when the new earl comes to their town as he was not writing her any reply’s to her letters. Bess will take it upon herself and meet the new earl only to be shocked at the instant attraction to him.

Lord Channing, Rory, just inherited his brothers earldom. He liked his life as a captain but knew that his life had to change. Rory will do his duty and take over. He will find that the task will not be such a hardship especially when he meets Bess.

A Pirate for Christmas is a novella from Anna Campbell. I really liked this novella. I thought that it was a fun Christmas story filled with lust, love, and some humor.

The character of Bess was a strong woman as she helped everyone in the village, but there is a sensual side to Bess. That side was not know to her until she meets Rory. When it comes to Rory she is unsure, although she has no need to be unsure of Rory’s feelings. So then there is the character of Rory who was a man that was not used to the privileged life. I liked that about him because he was not stuck up and had a good sense of humor. He was also very sensual when it comes to Bess.

This lust which is really love between the characters was sweet throughout the book. Its funny that with the books that I have read from Campbell the scenes are very steamy, but this was almost PG rated between them. That was not a problem for me. I liked that in this novella a romance builds.

So, I decided to keep going with Anna Campbell’s books and I will be reading The Seduction of Lord Stone next.

Dearest Rogue

Dearest RogueLady Phoebe Batten needed to live her life but her brother the Duke of Wakefield kept her from the life she wanted because she was blind. Phoebe would not let her brother stop her from going out, though she would be followed by her ever present bodyguard, Captain James Trevillion.

Captain James Trevillion job was to protect Lady Phoebe from danger. Until recently it was just to make sure she did not get hurt from falling down, now she is in real danger from kidnappers. James will do anything to protect her from the danger.

Dearest Rogue is the eighth book to the series Maiden Lane by Elizabeth Hoyt. Absolutely loved this book, is definitely one of my favorites from Hoyt.

I had been hoping that Phoebe would get her story since she had first been mentioned in the second book. I wasn’t sure if she would since she was going blind but I am happy that Hoyt wrote the story. Phoebe’s character is full of longing. She wants to explore and be normal but her eyesight has faded. I like that she does not give up, though its hard with her brother who is keeping her too protected. Throughout the book Phoebe will get braver and learn to really fight for what she wanted. Now James has been around in the book for quite sometime as a man of law. He gets injured which has him going from the law to bodyguard of Phoebe’s. I didn’t really know if I liked James because you didn’t really know him but in this book you get to know the man and there is much more to him. I found his past interesting and liked that you got to read a different side to him.

The danger for Phoebe was the kidnapping, and there were several. It was James’s job to protect her from this danger. So the person behind Phoebe’s kidnapping was not acknowledged until close to the very end but there was a twist at the end with the danger that surrounded Phoebe.

Well I had previously said that the character Duke of Montgomery had intrigued me, he still does but he is definitely more villain than I had thought. I will be interested in reading his story, if he has one which I hope because I would wager he is not quite the villain that he portrays especially when you can see he loves his sister.

So mentioning his sister, Eve, she will be in the ninth book of the series which comes out later this year. In this book Eve was not a villain but she certainly played a part that put others in danger. Can’t wait to read her story.

Pleasures of a Tempted Lady

Pleasures of a Tempted LadyCaptain William Langley lost the woman he had loved eight years ago. He will be surprised when the woman he saves on the ocean will be none other than Meg, the woman he loved and still loved. William will do everything he can to save her from the trouble that she is in and try to win back her love.

Meg Donovan has been taken from her home for eight years and has no desire to return to her family because if she did danger could get to those she loved. She will not be able keep away from her family as the man she loves will bring her home but she will do all she can do to protect her family and Will.

Pleasure of a Tempted Lady is the third and final book to the Donovan series by Jennifer Haymore. As this was the last book I thought Haymore wrote the story well and wrapped up this series with a good ending as all the sisters being all suited with the men they loved.

I was waiting for Meg’s story wondering what had happened to her as she was gone for eight years. She was strong in her conviction not to put her family or anyone she loved in danger. She was good at that but trouble only came to her when she wasn’t protected. William I liked. Wasn’t a fan of him when you found out in the second book about how he had a child. It was a mistake and he can be forgiven but it is a blow to Meg. Though true love which is what William and Meg have will always win.

The villain was obviously the Captain Caversham who was an evil man for the treatment he gave to his son, his deceased wife, Meg and anyone who crossed him. But as the saying goes the Captain will go down with the ship and I wasn’t upset about that.

Well as all the sisters are paired up the series looks to be over and overall I really liked this series. Each sister had their own voice in the book and they were all entertaining to read.

What the Groom Wants

What the groom wantsRadley Lyncott is back to his home and is excited as he will now be able to pursue the woman he has loved, but he will find that somethings have changed for himself and her. He will find out that Wendy has lead a secret life and has another pursuing her but he will not let that stand in his way.

Wendy Drew has lead a life that she is not proud of but it was to help her family. She is now with a good job but there is a problem as she has taken on the task to pay down her brothers debt. By doing this she attracted the attention of Demon Damon who wants her.

What the Groom Wants is the fourth book to the series Bridal Favors by Jade Lee. It has been a while since I picked up a book from Jade Lee but I have say that you can really just read these books and enjoy the plots without having to worry like you are missing anything. They are each their own stories with characters that will pop up from the previous books.

I really liked What the Groom Wants. I have been waiting for Wendy’s story and I can’t say I was disappointed. I liked her spunk, cleverness and her drive to help protect her family even though it could cause harm to her. At first I wasn’t loving Radley’s character as he seemed too easy going, there was no mystery about him but as the story went on I found myself cheering for his character. He was given a big change in his life and didn’t let it change him. He fought for what he wanted.

The villain was clear but really I had wondered in the beginning if Demon was going to turn good but after a while you knew there was no chance of that happening.

The one thing I am missing from this series are the novellas which feature some of the other side characters mentioned in these books. Now if I can’t get them there I feel that I will be starting a new series of hers, which one I have no idea.

How To Be A Proper Lady

How to Be a Proper LadyViola Carlyle has lived her life how she wants. She has freedom that a Lady would not have. Viola will be found and told of her past but she will not be willing to change her life as she knew it would confine her desires. But with the tempting Captain Jin Seton she might be willing.

Captain Jin Seton needed to find Viola in order to pay his debt and he always remembers who he owes. Jin finds Viola and knows instantly she is going to be trouble but he will find a way to take her back to her family. Even as she is tempting him the whole time.

The second book to the Falcon Club series is How To Be a Proper Lady by Katharine Ashe. I found this one entertaining mostly because of Viola and her ways of living. I don’t read too many books with a woman making her life on a ship but Ashe creates her character well. She was determined and stubborn and she was out of place when it came to being girly. There was a certain vulnerability in her character and she never succumbed to what others wanted even when they tried to make her into a Lady. She never lost herself.

The romance was there in the book but it wasn’t just Viola and Jin. There was Viola and Aidan Castle. Reading Castle’s character you knew he wasn’t the right man for her. Jin would be a better match and he shows that he is a gentleman when he gives her the chance to decide.

The ending stayed true to the characters which I liked and Ashe gave a happy ending for Viola and Jin. I checked out the third book where Wyn and Diantha will be crossing paths.