First Star I See Tonight

Piper Dove was trying to make something of herself and bring back Dove Investigations. She will get a job but will be found out quickly, though it will turn around when he hires her.

Cooper Graham was an ex-quarterback who had opened his own nightclub. He was living life but then Piper thrust herself into his world and it was forever turned upside down.

First Star I See Tonight is the eighth book to the series Chicago Stars by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. I enjoyed this story. It has been about two years since I had read the seventh book. Luckily you don’t have to know the characters from the previous book, although they are mentioned, this could be read as a standalone novel.

Piper’s character was out there. She was a little crazy but really it was a defense mechanism to keep those around her at an arms distance. Even though she was unconventional she got the job done. When it comes to relationships she doesn’t want one as she knows it will lead to disappointment. I was glad that Coop was resilient. Coop’s character was a man who had gotten whatever he wanted and he liked it that way. Getting together with Piper was not in his plan but he went with it. I liked that Piper kept him on his toes and that he never truly gave up.

The rest of the novel is filled with strange friends, some thieves, kidnapping, and a buy out that was going wrong. There was a lot that was happening but somehow it fit and made sense.

The Pirate and The Cowboy

The Pirate, The Adventure & The CowboyThe Pirate

Katherine Inskip needed a vacation and her friends decided to help her. They will arrange for Katherine to have a vacation for one month on an island. Katherine will be upset but will find that the island might be interesting especially with the captivating Jared Hawthorne.

I liked the story. It was definitely a quick read for me. I found Katherine’s character entertaining with her attitude. She was not a mean person just overworked. I liked Jared’s character. He was a confident man, a little cocky, but overall a good man. Within the book there is a mystery with what is happening on the island which is what Katherine will stumble upon.

The Cowboy

Margaret Lark has to go to her father who is dating her ex’s mother. She doesn’t want anything to do with her ex, Rafe Cassidy, as she had been hurt a year ago. She didn’t want to reopen that wound but Rafe will not let her forget what they had and he will be persistent.

I really liked the third book which concludes the trilogy. I liked Margaret’s character who was fueled by anger still over the man that she had loved. I liked that she fought hard to keep her guard up around him as she did not want to be pulled back in. Rafe’s character was the smooth one with a killer instinct. Though you will find that Rafe is not quite the ruthless business man he once was. So the story was simple but it kept me interested with the characters and with a side mystery. Someone was leaking information to the enemy and Rafe will have to find out who. The choices are limited so you could guess easily but I liked it nevertheless.

The Marriage Merger

The Marriage MergerJulietta Conte was determined in her job and wanted to succeed and had no time for distractions like Sawyer Wells or any other man. With every relationship she tried it just ended with her frustrated and hurt but with Sawyer he will draw out something inside of her that will make her into a new woman.

Sawyer Wells had a hard life that should have broken a person but he was determined to survive. Sawyer will do well in business but shields himself off from attachments that would have him caring. He will fail when it comes to Juliette who was just supposed to be an affair but he will find more with this woman.

The Marriage Merger is the fourth book to Marriage to a Billionaire series by Jennifer Probst. I liked this book a lot. It was a quick read as the story flowed from each scene and I couldn’t wait to find out how they were going to make it work, and find out about their story.

This was a book about control and who has the power and it was steamy with Juliette and Sawyer. They were not enemies but at odds because of their power struggle. I liked Juliette and Sawyer for their strong character and for their past. Sawyer had a hard life full of violence as his foster father was not a good man. You felt for Sawyer as the story unfolds but amazed that he survived all of it. I will say I was happy that in the previous book nothing happened with Carina, Juliette’s sister, and that it didn’t put a rift between Juliette and Sawyer. Now Juliette might not have had such a traumatic upbringing but getting to the top has been a hard path. The reasons for Juliette’s control in her life comes clear and feel bad for her but then cheer for her when she finds that possible release for her control, it will make her understand herself.

I will have to come back and read the first two books from Jennifer Probst so I can finish off this series.

Against the Sun

Against the SunJake Cantrell was not one to take orders especially from the people he watched over but Sage Dumont did just that. He would stick with his job no matter how attracted he was starting to feel towards Sage, but that will be pushed to the side when the threats start getting closer to her.

Sage Dumont was a strong businesswoman and did things her way. She will be furious with her grandfather for making her have a bodyguard because of the deal she was about to make, but Sage will soon learn that have Jake Cantrell was not a bad thing.

Kat Martin’s sixth book, Against the Sun, is from Raines of Wind Canyon keeps up the action with some foreign visitors but a similar plot with threats coming close to the woman that these Ranger men seem to get attached too. Now the characters of Jake and Sage to me were very much alike with their need to be in charge, so there is a little battle but soon they find a way to handle the situation. I liked Sage and the strength she had in the business world but she also wanted to help those who couldn’t like the daughter of the sheik. Then there was Jake who was a fantastic bodyguard. He was someone you wanted protecting you especially from the bad guy who was not someone I was expecting.

I loved the fact that the guys from previous books are mentioned and come into play with the story and more are added. With the way that Martin adds characters this series could keep going for a long time which is not a bad thing.

Private Eye Sofie Metropolis

Getting dumped on the day of your wedding not great. Getting revenge on the engagement ring by throwing it into the garbage disposal better. At least that is what Sofie Metropolis did but now what. Sofie is a good Greek girl but as far as things to do she needs something. Then came private eye work. She thought of herself as a sleuth detective.

On one of her cases catching a cheating spouse would be easy but it turns quickly into attempted murder and one Sofie is caught in the middle of. With the help of Jake the bounty hunter Sofie will find her way out of trouble and solving the case without too much danger.

Browsing through the aisles of the library I came upon this author and thought I would pick up her book. Sofie Metropolis sounded like it would be funny to read. Carrington delivers a quirky set of characters which surround Sofie. I like her optomism with starting over and her take charge attitude which she is trying to find in herself.

The character of Jake is clever where you don’t really know him yet except that he is a fantasy bad boy to Sofie. He is left as a mystery to the reader and to Sofie who sees him as she does not know him either.

Carrington starts off the series of Sofie Metropolis right with her quick wit and a humorous mystery plot.

Practice Makes Perfect by Julie James

Julie James is definitely an author to look out for.  Her plot and characters are witty, determined, funny, and believe in sabotage and deceiving but with the best attentions.

“Payton Kendall and J.D. Jameson are lawyers who know the meaning of objection.  A feminist to the bone, Payton has fought hard to succeed in a profession dominated by men.  Born wealthy, privileged, and cocky, J.D. has fought hard to ignore her.  Face-to-face, they’re perfectly civil.  They have to be.  For eight years they have kept a safe distance and tolerated each other as coworkers for one reason only: to make partner at the firm.

But all bets are off when they’re asked to join forces on a major case.  Though apprehensive at first, they begin to appreciate each other’s dedication to the law-and the sparks between them quickly turn into attraction.  But the increasingly hot connection does not last them will be named partner.  Now it’s an all-out war.  And the battle between the sexes is bound to make these lawyers hot under the collar…”

I loved the sexual tension that Payton and J.D. had between the two.  Both of them had it from the very beginning but wouldn’t acknowledge it.  So now as the tension of the partnership rises the tension is even worse and finally the two start working towards a similar goal.  But their sexual tension is not the only thing that is there.  Each of them have their own prejudices against each other with how they grew up but are they really so different?  The two will find they will be able to relate to each other as they grow closer through the case.

I loved this book.  It was a fast pace modern romance which kept you turning the pages.  The book has its up and downs, and some surprising results as the end of the book concludes.  “Practice Makes Perfect” gives an ending you are happy for.

The Sunday List of Dreams by Kris Radish

A 58 year old woman, three grown children, an ex husband, retirement, and now her house is talking to her.

Connie is having her own problems with all the things that are happening to her or rather that are not happening.  For the longest time she has made list which have been dreams of hers but those were always but to the side.  Now on the verge of retirement Connie decides to do something, with the help of a talking house and her best friend Fannie, Connie discovers what has been lost; her oldest daughter.  Jessica keeps herself distant and Connie has been hurt by it but as she cleans will she finally understand what job her daughter is doing.  Jessica is the part owner of a sex shop.  At first Connie is shocked then she decides to take a trip to see her daughter.

Going to New York is the best thing that Connie will set out doing, next to recreating herself and finding that daughter that has been lost to her.

I liked this book and its crazy plot of the sex toy shop but it was all cute to read.  A little strange at first I will give you.  If you like those light hearted, a little comedy, a mother daughter adventure then this book will be for you.  It will tug at your heart a little and make you want to follow your dreams.