Whispers At Midnight

Whispers at MidnightCarly Linton was back in her the home where she moved to when she was a little kid. With the help of her friend they were opening a bed and breakfast for the town but a burglar will make things difficult for them. Carly will soon find out that the burglar was after her.

Matt Converse was sheriff in the small town. He had many responsibilities which included protecting his town, his sisters and now the woman that he had known twelve years ago. Matt will make it his mission to protect Carly and find the person who was after her.

Whispers at Midnight is a novel by Karen Robards. First off loved this book. I was pulled into the plot and could not put it down. I started this book right after dinner and did not stop reading until I reached the last page. There was a desire to find out the person who was after Carly and who killed those other two woman.

Matt is an interesting character. He is the sheriff and a big brother so he is over protective but he is sometimes a little too obtuse. Carly was a girl in love with the bad boy and was heartbroken. She gets the chance at heartbreak again when she lets him in. Together they had a certain sarcasm which played out between them. It was their way of talking it seemed but it fit as they were both too afraid to take that next step. They will get it right, it just takes some danger, a little jealousy and some honesty.

Alright the mystery of the man was not obvious when I was reading it. At first I kept thinking who would be after Carly and how were they connected. Well you find out it was the institution where children lived when they had nowhere else to go. That was the obvious connection but the thought of what happened stayed with me. I kept thinking about what could have happened and I didn’t really have a clue that is until the mystery was solved. I was shocked with what happened, it was pretty disturbing. Robards writes out those surprises well and it will keep you on your toes throughout the story.

The Trouble With Harry by Katie MacAlister

Reading the last book of the series Noble was fun since one of the characters from the first book was back, Harry. Katie MacAlister enlists Harry character to make a comeback in the third and final book, The Trouble With Harry.

Harry is a wealth lord in good health looking for a wife. Nothing seems wrong with that except Harry’s five children who do not want to change. These five children will be a challenge to Plum who will take Harry’s offer of marriage. The trouble is Harry and Plum are not at all honest with each other and the secrets will come out but not in the way either wanted. But will the secrets be what separates them or keeps them together.

Bringing Harry back was a blast to read. I loved his five little hellions and Plum’s ability to give them love and help them.

I thougth MacAlister did a good job in the last book. It was funny with a lot of wit but there was also suspense. I love that Harry is insistently attracted to Plum and both have a good hearts to work out their difficulties.

It was also fun to read about Nick, Noble’s oldest boy who was now a man.

The Noble Series was a fun modern version of the victorian period with a lot of wit and funny scenes that will leave you happy with the results.