The Reunion Lie

The Reunion LieZoe Montgomery needed to make a splash at her reunion as she wanted to show these girls who were her tormenters in high school that she was doing great. Zoe did have a lot of things going for her in her life but since she wasn’t with anyone she was thought of a failure. She will ask for help from a random stranger and she will be surprised that he will help.

Dan Forrester was not looking for anyone as he had been broken and betrayed by two woman he had thought he loved. He will be surprised when he agrees to play a role at least for the night. After that the thought of more with Zoe was appealing but he did not want to get too close to be betrayed once again.

The Reunion Lie is a book from Lucy King. I liked the book. It was quick and enjoyable with these characters who have their own problems they have to work through on their own but having someone to by your side always helps.

Zoe is a smart and well accomplished woman. I felt for her as all the bullying was described that had happened to her. Those girls were pretty terrible and I wished they had gotten some punishment when they were younger but it didn’t look like it happened. Her request of fake boyfriend started out innocent enough but those things never stay peaceful. There are many bumps in the road that go along with Zoe’s lie but it leads to more. So I thought that Dan was right to not trust easily but he was one who acted first and thought later. He blamed Zoe outright for what she did but when he has a second to actually think he will know that he was too harsh. He was not one that you would take back as he kept pushing his past as a blockade. I don’t know if I would take him back but he does apologize nicely and the last and final one seemed sincere so Dan was forgiven.

I liked Lucy King and her writing. I would definitely be up for reading another book from her.

A Tale for the Time Being

A Tale fro the Time BeingA Tale for the Time Being is a novel by Ruth Ozeki which was selected for my March book club. I will say that this was a book that I would never have selected for myself like most of the books I have read for by book club. I would have walked right past the book and gone onto a romance that I wanted.

So the idea of this book was that a sixteen year Japanese girl, Nao, who grew up in California had to move back to Japan at 15 years old because her father was laid off. Once they move back the family goes through a crisis but they all deal with it on their own. Mainly it is suicide that is happening. The father has tried and going to try again and Nao is telling us that by the end of her story she will take the plunge as well. We know what is going on through Nao diary that she is writing. The interesting part is that we know about the diary as it is washed up along the shore of Canada and this woman Ruth picks it up and starts to read.

First off this was a very good book and I am happy to have read it. Now saying all that there are things that disturbed me which were all that was happening to Nao. She was tortured by these bullies in her school and I mean every single person. I don’t know how she didn’t flee from school after a week of that torment. It is unbelievable how the whole school attacked her and even the substitute teacher. You wanted all those people to be punished but if the adults are in on it who do you turn too? Her mother was no real help and her father was too far gone to really do anything. I will say that the father did try to help at one point but even then it wasn’t enough.

Then there is the character of Ruth, our author, who reads the diary and feels that she needs to save Nao even though rationally we know that these things in the diary have happened but then there are the dreams. My favorite is when Ruth will meet and Nao’s father in her dream and change what he was going to do and Nao’s path. This will lead them to have a chance to live.

Another amazing part of the book was the character Jiko, the great grandmother, who was a feminist nun and a Buddhist whose words were inspiring. When she spent time with her great granddaughter it made all the difference. There were still those bullies for Nao but she was a little stronger to a point. There are so many other parts to the book that I haven’t even mentioned as it is a story that can keep you discussing parts to the book over and over as new things will keep popping up.

Now from how the ending happened you are still left in the dark of what happened to Nao and her family. There is a letter from Nao’s father that tells the read what has happened and they are all good things, so I figured that is what I am going to believe as I want this family to have a happy ending.

A Tale for the Time Being was worth reading.

Here I Go Again

Here I Go AgainMelissa “Lissy” had it all in high school and married the man she loved but then it all comes crashing down years later. Her husband doesn’t want her and she looses all her assets. She will soon learned that everyone from her class was doing better than her. She wonders what she did wrong and will find that she has a way to go back and to change things.

Here I Go Again by Jen Lancaster is a novel that was picked out by my book club. Before we read the book I went in search of another of hers, Bitter is the New Black. I eventually liked the book but I couldn’t get into it right away. I had to adjust to the very sarcastic way of writing. This book prepared me for the novel and I was able to enjoy it more because I knew her writing now.

The novel reminded me of 13 Going on Thirty the movie with Jennifer Garner. The book book was cute, fun, full of mean girls, redemption with a lot of mistakes before getting it right.

The character Melissa was the mean girl who ruled the school. Every school had one like her. I didn’t want to like the character because she was so selfish but there were funny parts with all her attitude and pop cultural references. She takes a while to learn her lesson and it really does take her until about the end of the book because only then she will truly act without thinking of herself. That is her redeeming quality at the end of the book and makes you actually like her.

Throughout the book Melissa stays the mean girl or changes one thing in the past and alters the future making everyone around her miserable. You felt sorry for all those around her especially for the boy next door who had one bad fate in one version.

The ending is happy for all as they are with who they need to be to have a happy future. The boy who I loved in the book will have his happy ending along with Melissa and there will be a surprise that left me smiling as I finished.

Take a time out in “The Penalty Box” with Deirdre Martin

Thumbs up for The Penalty Box. Deirdre Martin creates another book in the series New York Blades which will touch your heart as a nerd and ex-hockey player will find love.

Katie was always considered heavy and was teased always in school but school is out. As Katie begins to write her novel she comes back home for some research. She ends up going to her reunion and is surprised by the many people who are actually nice and admit they were mean to her expect her nemesis Liz. But that is not all that happened that night because Paul finally noticed her.

Paul, an ex hockey player taken away from the game before it was time. He hated it and settled for coaching but it was not in the league he wanted. Coming back to his home town was not what was expected especially when he finds a much prettier Katie.

The two start dating but it is rocky as he already slept with Liz again and he is the coach for the little league of Katie’s nephew and Liz’s son.

With stories that are about bullying for me they are so much more powerful. It should be discussed because it happens to many. I loved how Martin creates Katie to be stronger but inside she is still hurting.

This story was a roller coaster. There were great highs and the lowest of the lows. I didn’t know how the story would end up but I hoped with a happy ending.

All the characters from bad to good guys were very realistically written and entertaining to read. I loved the story on Tuck, the nephew because it seemed so real.

The Penalty Box will pull at your heart strings and make you believe in second chances.

Wanting Something More by Kathy Love

The third and final book of the Stepp Sisters series was fantastic to read.  Kathy Love brings Marty back only to be confronted with a changed man from her past.

You have got to be kidding me!  On a night like this, when most sane people are home to escape a blinding snowstorm, I happen to run into Millbrook’s biggest jerk, Nathanial Peck, the boy who broke my heart at my junior prom.  The one who kissed me on a dare and let his buddies laugh at me.  Well, eat dirt, Nathanial Peck, because you might have noticed me on the covers of a few magazines under the heading: Supermodel.  I live in New York City now.  I will be leaving as soon as the weather clears.  And frankly, if it were a choice between kissing you or braving downed electrical wires, I’d have to think about it.

It’s official: I’ve regressed.  It’s just that I can’t stand the Cult of Nathanial Peck that has come over this town.  Okay, so he is Chief of Police.  So he did make sure I got home safely.  So he didn’t try anything funny with me.  So that old smirk has been replaced by a sexy, sad smile…No.  People just do not change that much.  Somewhere inside Nate is the same leering, conniving womanizer I remember.  And I intend to prove it…

Kathy Love has captured all that I like in novels.  She has got me fighting for these realistic fictional characters.  She tells a fantastic story and it gets under your skin.

The characters are all fantastic and it was nice to see that even though love is blooming fast trust still has to be earned.

Kathy Love finishes the Stepp Sisters with finding love and second chances.

Wanting What You Get by Kathy Love

Enjoying the first book of Kathy Love’s book I knew I had to read the second book of the Stepp Sisters series.  Wanting What You Get brings back the characters in this fun loving story of Ellie getting her chance in love.

Is he flirting with me?  I must be imagining things.  Millbrook, Maine, the man I’ve secretly been in love with since seventh grade, flirt with me?  He’s the town golden boy, and I’m, well, the local librarian.  The Stepp sister who stayed close to home.  The one who bakes brownies…then eats them all.  My thighs make that whick-whick sound in pantyhose.  He can’t possibly be flirting with me.  So why is he giving me that melt-you-where-you-stand look?  Why is he pulling me close?  And what is he whispering in my ear…

Sorry, could you repeat that?  Now I’m hearing things, because I swear Mason just asked me if I’d like to…well, he wasn’t asking for a book recommendation, let’s put it that way.  Oh my, my, my.  Okay, Ellie, stop blushing like a teenaged girl.  I’m sure he didn’t mean it.  Maybe I should just alphabetize something.  Be the good girl everyone expects.  Eat another brownie.  Forget this ever happened.  So why is it I can’t stop, myself from saying, “Yes…”

The second book was just as good as the first.  I found myself flying through the book.  The characters are again engaging and the plot is relatistic.  I was again relating with Ellie and her predictment.

Actually through the book I was frustrated with Mason and his treatment of Ellie.  You hoped that it would be alright but still it was at times hard with his behavior.

Kathy Love sold me on the first book now the second one.  She brings a certain joy to the books with the wit of the characters and real life situations.