Big Sky Secrets

Big Sky SecretsLandry Sutton was a self made tycoon and was ready to sell his land to his brother but staying in the country was looking like something he might want to do. His change of heart happens when Ria Manning steps into his sight. He finds himself drawn to this woman and unwilling to stay away.

Ria Manning had finally started to settle into this country lifestyle after the tragedies that followed closely together for her. Ria will like the country expect for when buffalo roam into her field and brought the cowboy Landry Sutton into her life.

Big Sky Secrets is the sixth book from Parable, Montana series by Linda Lael Miller. I have read books one through five and have enjoyed them. They are sweet and heartwarming and the sixth book was no exception which made it enjoyable to read.

In the previous book Landry is introduced and he seems like a pretty rough guy around the edges. He is like that still but there is a softness about him when secrets are revealed. There was also humor that comes out from him which made him likeable. Ria was a woman living day to day. She is serious from the tragedies that had occurred but I like that she opened up and went towards a different path that ended up with Landry at her side. I liked the addition of Quinn, Ria’s niece, who let Ria show a different side to herself. Now things will be revealed in the story that will be hard but a happy ending will be given for Ria and Landry.


Rajmund Gregor is a powerful vampire and unofficially is in charge of New York as his master is slowly becoming weaker and weaker. Rajmund will be summoned by his Sire back to Buffalo, New York to help find out where these missing girls have gone to and more importantly if vampires are the ones responsible. Rajmund will take on the task but will find himself being helped by Sarah who is not all she says she is.

Sarah Stratton is on a new job in Buffalo, New York as a professor. She should feel great but that is not the case as Sarah is not sleeping well with nightmares of a girl named Regina screaming for help. Sarah has been down this road and thought it was over, she will find that its starting all over again but she can’t let anyone know. This includes her best friend and the new vampire in her life, Rajmund.

RajmundD B Reynolds third book to the Vampires in America series is Rajmund and it was fantastic like the last two books. I have to say that I was a little surprised to find Cyn and Raphael interacting in the book as well as Sarah and Rajmund which I did not mind at all as I love Cyn and Raphael’s characters. I thought their story would be over but it looks like they will be continuing throughout the series which would be fantastic.

The main characters are Sarah and Rajmund. Sarah was unique with her dreams as they were real woman who were scared and in trouble. Sarah though was not the hero you would expect. She was scared of those dreams and ran away from them. She still is cowering from these dreams but has a little more backbone as you go through the book making her character grow. Rajmund was running from his self as well. He did not like who he had been and vowed never to be that way again. He was a hard man who took responsibility very seriously. In the beginning Reynolds gives this couple a flirtation and lustful feelings it grows almost cold and untouchable throughout the book. There was lust and attractive but it was like it was never the right timing. Of course as the reader you pleaded with the characters to find a way to make that happen. Reynolds will not disappoint but it’s a close call as it happens right at the end.

 Now what got me glaring at the book was the very last page right before the dreaded to be continued and that was the shock of what was happening to Raphael with all the blood and pain. Reynolds does not give us any answers on that situation but I am sure the answers will be given in the fourth book Sophia at least I hope.