A Buckhorn Bachelor

A Buckhorn BachelorAdam Sommerville was not looking for love, he had been happy with his bachelor status. He liked dating but he will start to look towards Isabella, the librarian, and wonder if he wanted more with her.

Isabella Presley had wanted Adam for years but she knew that she never had a chance with him. Then she takes a chance to ask him advice on getting men and she will find his whole attention on her.

A Buckhorn Bachelor is the eighth book of the series Buckhorn Brothers by Lori Foster. I really liked reading this novella. It has been fun reading about the next generation, and of course there was the occasional appearance of an original brother.

Adam was a player but he wasn’t one who went about it the wrong way. He was a kind man who wasn’t ready for commitment, though he was great with kids. I liked that he took a chance and got to know Isabella. Isabella was a character with her southern drawl and outrageous lust for Adam. She was playing a game due to Amber’s insistence but I did like that she would stand up and do what she wanted. She knew her own mind but she had to take a chance.

Now there is a character, Amber, who had been playing matchmaker. I like Amber but I felt a little annoyed by her matchmaking skills. I think she was a little too pushy with Adam and Isabella. Though I am interested in reading Amber’s story who will be with Noel. It will be interesting to read as I would bet Noel will turn the tables on Amber and her matchmaking skills.

Casey by Lori Foster

The last book in the Buckhorn series by Lori Foster (in the collection Enticing) and it was amazing.  I don’t have a favorite brother/Uncle but Casey, the son of Sawyer was wonderful.  He was just like his uncles and dad.

Casey in his youth is chased by girls and the one he resisted was Emma Clark.  He liked her but didn’t know that it was more until she ran away from their home.  Eight years later Casey is a vice executive in his stepgrandfathers company and doesn’t love it.  His life is fine, love his family but he has not settled down.  He keeps dating but not finding the one.  It is late at night as he and a woman, Kristin who he worked with, were driving down the road when he saw a car stalled on the road.  He gets out to help and low and behold is a woman from his past, Emma Clark.  Casey is blown away how she looks.  Immediately he wants her but is not sure if she is with the guy with her.  He has to find out.

Emma sees Casey and all the old feelings are back from when she was a kid.  Of course with her reputation for sleeping around she understood why Casey never took interest in her.  Emma was too unsure of herself  and her family problems still remained.  This was the reason she was back, her father had a stroke and she was worried.

Casey took this time now to get to know Emma.  He wanted to know everything about her and what happened in her past, her family and where she went off too when she ran away.  But Emma is resisting being honest with him, of course she couldn’t resist Casey or his family.  On a side note Damon, Emma’s friend, which was more like a brother was finding his way in town as well with a certain woman, Ceily.

This was a fantastic finish to the series.  I loved how the family grew up, especially all of the nieces and nephews.  It was nice to see all of the brothers happy and now Casey.

Jordan by Lori Foster

The fourth book, “Jordan” of the Buckhorn Series keeps getting better and better.  The brothers and their wives are fantastic!  I love how Lori Foster creates those realistic characters and situations.

This book starts out with Jordan making his way out of the country to a barn that worked as a bar and had girls danced.  He meets Georgia Barnes there as she is on the stage dancing.  Jordan is blown away by her.  And the instant that one of the men gets out of hand Jordan goes in a rage.  He doesn’t want anyone to touch her.  Because of Jordan’s gallant behavior gets the bar into a riot and police are summoned, not to mention an angry brother.  Morgan gets there and is hot tempered but helps Jordan and Georgia.

Within that moment Georgia knew that she was going to be in trouble.  Jordan was too amazing looking and she had no time in her life to have someone like that.  With an ex-husband behind her, striving for money, two children, a on and off mother who is sick, and a job she hates there is no time.  Of course Jordan doesn’t care.  He wants to protect her and the children, even her mom.

I loved this book.  Jordan was a wonderful character to find him getting involved and finding love.  I liked a section when Morgan tells Jordan…”You should give up right now, and save yourself a pound of heartache.  Tell her what it is you want.  Be up front with her….You’re caught.  You might as well accept it.”  Morgan was telling Jordan just to find a way to be with Georgia.  He was destined for her.  I thought this statement was hilarious since it was coming from Morgan, he has turned into such a romantic.

As this was the last book for the brother, still have “Casey” to read which I am looking forward to, I was very happy with what happened.  I thought the plot was fantastic with her begin an exotic dancer.  Georgia’s character is very strong.  Another part that I loved was that Megan, the boys mother, came to visit and see her daughter in laws.  She is a fantastic character.  I also liked how at the end Casey is becoming mysteries with the girl Emma Clark.  I am confused and intrigued to find out what is going to happen.

Gabe by Lori Foster

Going right on to the third brother in Buckhorn, Gabe.  This brother is known by the ladies.  Most of them flock to him regardless if he looked or smiled.  Gabe didn’t want to be like his brothers with getting stuck with a wife and when he met Elizabeth Parks he knew nothing would happen with her.

Elizabeth “Lizzy” Parks, the nickname Gabe gave her to annoy her, was your average women.  But she didn’t really have a style to herself, a lot of frumpy clothing.  She was work, work, work and no fun.  Her work included a thesis on Heroic men and Gabe came into that category when he saved those kids.

Needless to say Gabe was not for this interview and wanted nothing to do with her but curiosity got the better of him.  Soon Gabe found himself making a deal with Lizzy and he started to answer her questions with a little kissing.  Lizzy didn’t have much experience and because of this deal she was getting her part.  Needless to say Gabe finds himself in love but he wonders if he is good enough for Lizzy to even be with her, why would she want someone who is unemployed and doesn’t have goals?

With each book Lori Foster writes I keep reading them.  This story is a fantastic read.  I love how you get to know each brother with each book and how they are finding their loved ones.  One thing I would like is to have the mother visit.  I think she would be a great addition along with her husband.

Morgan by Lori Foster

This is the second book of the series Buckhorn Brothers.  Lori Foster writes another hit with “Morgan”.  The brothers continue with Morgan taking the role of finding a wife.

Morgan Hudson the second oldest brother in the group is the sheriff for this small town and quite the ladies man but when he sees her everything changes.  Setting his sights on Misty Malone was a no no.  Misty was his new sister in law sister which meant she was off limits.  Except he couldn’t stop thinking about her.  He wanted to be with her and to protect her.

Misty thought that Morgan hated her and it was just as well because she did not need him in her life.  She was through with men all together, but Morgan made it difficult to keep him out of her mind with his comments and looks.  Of course her life has been thrown a few curves with her being arrested for stealing money, which she didn’t do!, and being pregnant.  Misty wanted the baby and knew she had to figure out a plan.  That plan did not include Morgan Hudson but he decided to barge into her life and offer a helping hand as well as a little romance.

I loved how Misty decided not to let her getting pregnant and abandon get her down and give up.  She is a strong and determined to make it on her own.  And even though she does accept help Misty keeps true to her own feelings.  With the second book behind me I keep finding that the Hudson brothers fascinate me.  I love their natural characteristics and their family dynamics.

Sawyer by Lori Foster

Four brothers and a 15 year old all living under the same roof.  This would normally smell like the recipe for disaster but the Hudson family make it work.  In the first book of the Buckhorn Series “Sawyer” we meet the brothers, Sawyer, Morgan, Gabe, Jordan, and Casey who is Sawyer’s son.

Sawyer stands alert when his son Casey yells.  There was a woman who drove into the lake and she wasn’t conscious.  Now being Sawyer was a doctor immediately he went to examine her but he is blown away at the physical pull he feels when he gazes upon the victim.  Immediately she is pulled out of the car.  She wakes to say no hospital.  Grudgingly Sawyer accepts and takes her to their home.

The woman, Honey Malone is running scared from those who want to get her and running a fever.  Thankfully this man was a doctor, a gorgeous doctor one she couldn’t keep her eyes off of.  As Honey got better she got to know the brothers better and soon after she started to love them like her own family.  Sawyer and Honey begin a relationship that both tell each other will only be until she is safe.

I loved these new set of brothers.  I found them charismatic and lovable.  They were also very funny as they interacted with each other, very realistic on how brothers who are close would act.  I was surprised that Sawyer was a father of a 15 year old but I loved how Honey took to caring for Casey.  Honey’s character seemed older, more mature than a 25 year old would actually be.

Honey was great for Sawyer Hudson but now would Misty, Honey’s sister, be good for Morgan Hudson?  Find out in the next book “Morgan”.