Saint Anything

Saint AnythingSydney, and her family, were dealing with the aftermath of Peyton, her brothers, mistake which destroys a life. Sydney knows that she has to play the perfect daughter, to fade into the background but she will then meet the Chatham family who really sees her.

Saint Anything is a novel by Sarah Dessen. I really loved this book. I have not read anything from Dessen for about five years. Its not that I don’t like her writing because I do. I thought Lock & Key was amazing. I think that Dessen is a wonderful storyteller. I think why I didn’t go rushing back to the author is the fact it is for young adults. Though why I should go back is because she gets you with the emotional turmoil that she writes well. Its not just teen angst, its deeper and you feel what those characters are feeling, and I felt for the character of Sydney. Though this was not doom and gloom, it was a journey she takes to rediscovery and Dessen did it right.

So the character of Sydney I loved. She was a daughter who was loved but she was almost pushed to the side. The parents only concentrated on their troubled son and didn’t see the daughter who needed them. They will get it together but it takes a lot for them to truly understand. I was happy the parents got their act together before something very bad happened to Sydney. I liked that Sydney started to live life for herself which was thanks to the Chatham family. This family I loved. They were dysfunctional but worked in the best ways. There were three characters of the family that stood out which was Mrs. Chatham, Mac, and Layla. The mom was courageous with all that she had to go through. Layla was kind and a vibrant young woman who made Sydney believe she could be more. Then there was Mac who was definitely the love interest. I liked that it was innocent and not a heartbreaking love, but a hopeful one.

Then there was the ending which was predictable, though I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Days of Rakes and Roses

Days of Rakes and RosesLady Lydia Rothermere loved one man, Simon, and thought she had gotten over him but when she sees him again ten years later all the feelings come back. The problem is that Lydia is already engaged.

Simon Metcalf has loved one woman for over ten years but was forced to leave her. He will be back thanks to her brother and will do everything he can to make sure she becomes his wife.

Days of Rakes and Roses is a novella, 1.5, in the series Sons of Sin by Anna Campbell. I really liked this novella. I thought it was a sweet love story.

Lydia’s character ten years ago had been a young woman in love but scared to go against her father. She grows up to be a demure woman and all the life was almost drained out of her because she was playing the good society miss. I liked that her brother dragged Simon back to shake things up and to make his sister happy. Simon’s character was a man who was in love but scared because if he pursued that love his family would be ruined, along with the girl. I liked that Campbell moved the story ten years later because the characters were more mature and the love that they felt was not just puppy love.

I am reading the fourth book next which is with Jamie Fairbrother.

Big Sky Secrets

Big Sky SecretsLandry Sutton was a self made tycoon and was ready to sell his land to his brother but staying in the country was looking like something he might want to do. His change of heart happens when Ria Manning steps into his sight. He finds himself drawn to this woman and unwilling to stay away.

Ria Manning had finally started to settle into this country lifestyle after the tragedies that followed closely together for her. Ria will like the country expect for when buffalo roam into her field and brought the cowboy Landry Sutton into her life.

Big Sky Secrets is the sixth book from Parable, Montana series by Linda Lael Miller. I have read books one through five and have enjoyed them. They are sweet and heartwarming and the sixth book was no exception which made it enjoyable to read.

In the previous book Landry is introduced and he seems like a pretty rough guy around the edges. He is like that still but there is a softness about him when secrets are revealed. There was also humor that comes out from him which made him likeable. Ria was a woman living day to day. She is serious from the tragedies that had occurred but I like that she opened up and went towards a different path that ended up with Landry at her side. I liked the addition of Quinn, Ria’s niece, who let Ria show a different side to herself. Now things will be revealed in the story that will be hard but a happy ending will be given for Ria and Landry.

How to Marry a Marquis

How to Marry a MarquisElizabeth Hotchkiss needed to marry but her options were limited. Soon she finds a book at her employers house that looks to be like a guide to find a husband. She will be finding a person willing to let her practice on, the new estate manager James Sidwell.

James Sidwell, the Marquis of Riverdale, is playing the role of estate manager to help his Aunt find the blackmailer. James will be side tracked with Elizabeth determining if she was the blackmailer but soon finds that she is temptation, not a threat.

How to Marry a Marquis is the second book to the series Agents for the Crown. This was a fun second and last book to this series from Julia Quinn. James was what I expected. He had humor and was a good man for coming to the aid of his Aunt. There is a little deception that happens but it is not done maliciously towards Elizabeth. Now Elizabeth is someone who is doing her best for her siblings with very little means. Quinn weaves into the book with humor that will make you smile as you read the book.

I did like that all was not what it seemed. There was a little surprise at the end which helps give a conclusion to the blackmailer problem, so all worked out for the best. How to Marry a Marquis was another good book from Julia Quinn.

Mistress by Midnight

Mistress by MidnightMerryn Fenner had revenge on her mind since Garrick Northesk killed her brother in a duel. She will be getting her chance but a problem will occur when her thoughts start to drift romantically towards Garrick.

Garrick Northesk wanted to make amends for the past for the sisters who he ruined by killing their brother. Garrick will though have a secret he must hold on to as too many people would be hurt over the news.

Mistress of Midnight was more than I had thought when I first started reading, but it seems that all the books from the series Scandalous Women of the Ton have that element. Nicola Cornick does a good job writing Merryn’s and Garrick’s character and how their past and present are connected without them knowing all the details.

First of all I loved this book. There was anguish and guilt from both characters that had driven them to do penance for years. You don’t understand for what reasons right away but Cornick will slowly give us clues until the very end when you will know everything.

The love story within the story is not an easy thing. There are certainly steamy scenes in the story but the path is not an easy one. Of course once you get to that point Cornick romances Merryn and Garrick’s relationship.

What I have found out throughout the series is that Mr. Churchward, the lawyer, has always been there in the background helping someway. He does the same with Merryn to help her find the truth without telling her.

Now that I am done with the series leaving me now to go on a search for another series from Nicola Cornick.

Heart of the Dragon by Gena Showalter

For me when I come upon an author which I like I have a tendency to go through and read every book they have written.  It is sometimes a challenge for me to see how many I can read from that author in a certain amount of time.  Showalter’s next series I am trying is Atlantis and the first book is called Heart of the Dragon.

Searching for her missing brother, Grace Carlyle never dreamed she would discover a secret world populated by mythological monsters-or to find herself facing a sword-wielding being whose looks put mortal men to shame.

But there he was, Darius en Kragin, one of a race of shape-shifting warriors bound to guard the gates of Atlantis, and kill all travelors who stayed within its borders.

Now Grace’s life was in his hands, and Darius had to choose between his centuries-old vow and the woman who had slipped beneath his defenses and stolen the heart of Atlantis’s fiercest dragon.

As a first book of a series goes it left me intrigued about the rest of the books.  I think Showalter does a good job creating a plot that grabs and holds your attention throughout the book.  The concept of Atlantis is interesting to read as it is guarded by these different types of monsters.  Its a new take on Atlantis.

The characters were well developed.  Grace was very quirky and fun to read about.  She was strong within the jungle and at the face of danger but has a fun and sensual side to herself which is pulled out by Darius.

Darius I liked because as the keeper and King he is supposed to be ruthless and is but he still has a conscious.  It might be buried deep down inside of him but it is there.  He also hides his emotions from his men but that is until Grace gets into the picture.

Heart of the Dragon a great first book to the series filled with wit, intrigue, sensual scenes, humor and adventure.

MacGregors: Grant Campbell

Nora Roberts brings the MacGregors back to the page in One Man’s Art, but with the extended family of the Campbells.

The Plot of One Man’s Art:

Grant Campbell is loved by his sister and returns her love but he hides.  He is a very isolated person and likes it that way.  No one knows what his work is.  Grant is an artist and designs his own comic strip but remains unknown.  Crowds are not something he loves or uninvited guests but he might just give an exception towards this particular one.  A woman, Genevieve “Gennie” Grandeau, who was very much weather beaten from the downpour of rain.  Being rude to her was the only way to stop him from taking her in his arms.  But he knew better to think about that.  His best solution was to get rid of those thoughts for Genevieve.

Genevieve Grandeau is a flamboyant artist and is well known but now she needs a break, not from art but from life.  Seven months ago she had a tragedy that left her without her sister and blames herself still.  Going away is a way to find herself and let her work without distraction, so when she winds up with a stalled car and a grumpy host Genevieve was not thrilled.  Of course when she gets to know him, Genevieve wants to know more.

The two of them start a rough relationship but Genevieve wants it to work, but is torn.  Grant is not very open about his feelings and both are two stubborn except when one finally gets the courage to truly commit.

The fourth book of the series MacGregors was funny and enjoyable to read.  I think I liked the first three a little better due to the fact they are the real MacGregors but this was very entertaining to read.  Something a little different and the MacGregors were still a part of the story.  The next book of the series is going back in time when Daniel MacGregor will find Anne and make her his wife.