Bridgertons: Happily Ever After

The Bridgertons Happily Ever AfterThere is one series that I will always reference when talking about a family which are the Bridgertons. I was captivated with the series needing to read the entire series which also got me to buy the series.  Now I have found out that there is another book out with the Bridgertons which is The Bridgertons: Happily Ever After. When I saw the book at the bookstore I bought it knowing that I would love it before I even started to read it. This book gives us a second epilogue to all eight stories. The second epilogue for each story are around thirty pages.

I was pretty thrilled with each second epilogue as they followed through with how the Bridgerton’s acted and it gave us a little more detail at those characters happy ending. One that stuck with me was Francesca who finally got her baby, the one she longed for, but really all of the short endings were very enjoyable and brought a smile to my face. Then there is Violets story (the mother of all the Bridgerton children) which I liked but I knew that her happy ending with her husband would not go on forever so I wasn’t looking forward to that. I was happy with the outcome as it showed Violet to be that strong woman who was there for her children and her children were there for her.

For those who love the Bridgerton’s I would recommend that this book is a must to read.

The Duke and I by Julia Quinn

I am still relatively new to this author I have read the series Two Dukes of Wyndham and found her an author I wanted to read more. I have seen her name by Amanda Quick but just never took the chance. The first book to the series Bridgerton is worth the read. The Duke and I is the first of the eight book series.

Daphne Bridgerton is plagued by her mothers ever need to parade her around to find a suitor. Daphne wants a husband and a family but none had captured her attention. All will change when Simon Basset who will recently become a Duke helps her out of a problem. Sparks fly but are quickly masked on both their parts.

With a deal done out of conveniance both will find themselves together and getting closer to love.

The characters are funny and smart and have more depth than you think. I started to read and immediately was enchanted by the family Bridgerton. Simon Basset was not a boring character either.

Julia Quinn kept the characters going with Simon’s past haunting him and Daphne’s over protective family hounding her every step.

Quinn creates that family to be lovable but very meddlesome to the point of annoyance but it is all done out of love. You can’t help but love her older brothers which you get acquainted with.

The mysterous gossip writer also will make a play in this book. She writes and sees all but her identity is unknown. Something tells me she will be playing throughout all eight books.

The Duke and I is a great start to the siblings of the Bridgerton series.