Gillian’s Island

Gillian's IslandGillian Marlboro is the maid of honor in her sisters wedding. Gillian loves her sister and wishes her the best but it was a lot of work. Gillian was looking forward to relaxing on the boat but things will get dangerous when a storm will have them stranded on the island. Gillian was scared but she had Jamie to help her get through the worst of it.

Jamie Foster was the best man in the wedding. He was envious of his best friend and wanted that happy ending. When he meets Gillian he hopes that there could be more but was insecure as he was very smart and not fun like his frat brothers. Jamie will be surprised when Gillian will want him but he will have other things on his mind, like how to survive.

Gillian’s Island is the second book to Sex, Lies & Wedding Cake series by Cat Johnson. I liked this novella and unlike the first story in the series this one had more detail and I felt that this was a complete story. Now did I love it, no, but it was a good quick read and very steamy.

Gillian’s character was the responsible one and I liked that she stepped out of her comfort zone and took a chance with Jamie. She was the opposite of the wedding party but she was like Jamie at least with being responsible. Jamie was very smart and not that frat boy like his friends. He would be the guy that you would want on a stranded island.

The scenes between Gillian and Jamie were pretty intense and very steamy. Though what else would happen when a group of people were stranded on an island.

I am reading the third and final story of the series next.

Rescue Me

Rescue MeSadie Hollowell was coming back home for a wedding but will find herself staying longer as her dad will find himself in the hospital. Sadie will find other things to do when she is not in the hospital and that is to be with Vince. It was supposed to be causal but Sadie could not help but get her heart involved.

Vince Haven was coming to help out his aunt but will find himself doing more than help. He will find himself the owner of the Gas and Go within days of visiting. Vince will be working on the renovation but will be distracted with Sadie who was only supposed to be a one night stand.

Rescue Me is the second book to Lovett, Texas series from Rachel Gibson. I have only read one book from Gibson and it just happened to be about Sadie’s half sister. I liked the book with Sadie’s southern charm but I will have to say that I had to read several pages to really get into it. It wasn’t an instant love but towards the end I was cheering for Sadie and Vince to find a way to make it work. Of course reading the other book I already knew but it was fun to read how they got to their happy ending.

Now within the story I felt I was missing something with Vince’s relationship that he had with his soon to be brother in law and his sister Autumn. I found out that one of the other books, Any Man of Mine, I got from Rachel Gibson tells the story of Sam and Autumn which I will be reading once I get to that particular book in my pile.

You Don’t Know Jack

You Don't Know JackThe second book to Erin McCarthy’s series New York Girlfriends is You Don’t Know Jack.

Jamie Peters is a free spirit and tends to pick her guys who are down on their luck but from what the psychic told her she would find her soul mate when she has an accident that included food. She will find her soul mate in Jack but he is not who she believes him to be.

Jonathon “Jack” Davidson knew better than to lie to Jamie but he knew she would never talk to him or give him a chance if she found out who he was. The truth will come out quickly and Jack will have to find a way to get Jamie back even if it meant begging.

The sequel was humorous like the first and there was a little more mystery especially with the hippie looking guy who was watching Jamie. The mystery man is revealed and he stays in the plot but at first I thought he was villain with how McCarthy was staging him to be. I liked the other outcome than what I was thinking.

Now Jamie and Jack steamed up the pages throughout the entire book. I liked that it wasn’t an easy affair to start and there was an endless banter back and forth about whether Jamie could give Jack a chance, but it was not annoying. It felt real as its something Jamie’s character would do. Jack was persistent which I liked and what gave him a great quality was how he treated his grandfather.

The series is now over but I still have my eye on her other series I started Fast Track which I am looking forward to continuing.