Earls Just Want to Have Fun

Earls Just Want to Have FunMarlowe was one of the best thieves in London. Though Marlowe will soon discover that she might not be who she was, she might be a lady. A Bow Street Runner and an Earl will take her and prepare her to meet her possible parents. Marlowe will be scared to step into this strange new world of well dressed ladies and gentleman but more scared that she was not the little girl and she was to be sent back to the gutters.

Earls Just Want to Have Fun is the first book to the series Covent Gardens Cubs by Shana Galen. I have not read anything from Galen before and if her books are like this I will definitely be trying them. I really liked this book. It was very entertaining to read. A kidnapping story is in noway original but with how Galen wrote the story and her characters she made me want to continue the story.

Marlowe’s character was interesting. She was the perfect thief but due to some memories she wondered if her past was not how she was told. I liked that Marlowe will try to be more as she knows the life she leads will get her killed. Max’s character, who was the Earl, was a little stuck up but as you got to know him better throughout the book he is not that stuck up. After that I did like him and thought he was doing his best to help while trying not to be attracted to Marlowe which of course he found difficult.

The villain is clearly Satin who is the leader of thieves. He is ruthless and vindictive, and he was the reason Marlowe became who she was. I liked how Galen deals with Satin at the end.

So, there are two more book in the series which will feature Max’s siblings. One is already out while the other is coming in March.

Sometimes A Rogue

Sometimes a RogueMiss Sarah Clarke-Townsend was taking a walk with her very pregnant sister when several men started to follow them. Sarah heard that they were after her sister and there was no way she was going to let that happen. Sarah convinced the men that she was the Duchess that they were looking for. Now all she had to do was find a way out of their clutches which was looking to be very difficult.

Rob Carmichael was a disgrace to his family when he turned to become a Bow Street Runner. He was good at his job and that will come in handy when his good friends sister-in-law was taken. He will search for this woman and get her to safety but their adventure would not be over.

Sometimes A Rogue is the fifth book to the series Lost Lords by Mary Jo Putney. I liked this book, it was something cute to read and I went through it pretty fast.

The character Sarah was quiet and shy at times but in a time of crisis she became a different person. She was brave and determined to keep her sister safe no matter the cost. Rob was honorable even though he said he wasn’t. He was a smart man and got the job done, whatever his case may be. The two of them traveling through Ireland does spark something between them and a fire is lit that brings passion. Their kind of love were not their first as they had loved and lost before. I kind of liked that. They both shared that loss which made them realize how precious love could be.

Worth Any Price

worth any priceNick Gentry was born into a well standing family but it quickly was lost when his parents died. He became a rebellious child falling into the wrong crowd leading him to be one of the better thief takers of the area. Nick will find himself being turned to a new man as a Bow Street Runner thanks to his brother-in-law. The one thing that Nick will find missing is a woman he could call his own and he finds that with Charlotte.

Miss Charlotte “Lottie” Howard has runaway from her intended fiancee as she can not bear to have him touch her or order her around like she was his property. Lottie will think she is safe but will find herself being found by a Bow Street Runner who will have his own solution to her problem of her intended.

Worth Any Price is the third book to Bow Street Runners series from Lisa Kleypas. This is the last book to the series and wraps it up nicely giving Nick a second chance at a life.

I was fascinated with this man who was a thief but nobleman at the same time. He was not as cruel or vindictive as you might think, but that is because his past in the prison still haunts him at what he had seen. He was a character that I wanted to have a second chance at to finding love and moving on with his life. He is hesitant at returning to his old life with a title but with Charlotte he will have a good chance at succeeding. Now Charlotte’s character was not foolish or really naive instead she was a brave woman fleeing from a life she knows would eventually kill her spirit. She is a brave woman as well for pairing up with Nick who she will find appealing but dangerous at the same time.

The villain is the aged suitor who has been pursuing Charlotte for most of her life. He was a little perverse and demanding but I almost want to say that her parents were the true villain letting her be traded with this man for wealth.

As I have now finished this series I am going on to Lisa Kleypas series Hathaways.

Lady Sophia’s Lover

lady sophia's loverLady Sophia wanted to get close to the man, Sir Ross Cannon, as he was responsible for taking the last thing in her life she loved. Sophia would resort to seduction but will find herself falling in love.

Sir Ross Cannon was used to finding criminals and putting them away, and living a solitude life. That will all change when he hires Sophia as his assistant. He will fight the attraction but not hard as he will be leading her to his bed. Ross will however know that she is not being truthful and will be in search to find what she is hiding.

Lady Sophia’s Lover is the second book to Bow Street Runners series from Lisa Kleypas. I had to wait a day to read this book as my book clubs choice had to come first since I was going there to discuss but now I am back with Lisa Kleypas and this story like the first was a book I loved reading.

Sir Ross Cannon who is in charge of the runners will have his chance in the spotlight and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed his story. He was a man who followed by the rules and seemed cold almost voided of emotion. It was because of his first wives death but Sophia will awaken what had been sleeping inside him. He might have been a little rough around the edges at times but it never seemed that way with Sophia. He treated her with respect, lust and of course love. Though it was hard because she kept things from him. Sophia hid her revenge from Ross as she was out to get him, to hurt him. Now there will be that turning point that has Sophia changing her mind about all that she thought about her revenge and what was true. It will certainly help that between them a passion comes alive.

I enjoyed the twists that Kleypas placed in the book. Incidentally they both related to Sophia. One about her need for revenge which I didn’t really see coming until she uncovered her hatred. That comes forward pretty quickly in the book so it wasn’t a big twist but it certainly changed things. Now the other big one is someone who will be uncovered. They will come forward and reveal their identity that was surprising but secretly I was hoping this plot twist would happen.

I have one more book to get through for the Bow Street Runners series then I am off to another one of her series.

Wedded in Sin

Wedded in SinPenny Shoemaker has been given many obstacles to last a lifetime. The first starting with her parents murder, her home taken away and an unexpected brother. She will find help from a group of woman and a determined man who will help put her life back.

Samuel Morrison is a second son who drifts through his life finding his purpose now that he is on his own. He will find that with Penny who is in need of help. He will be involved with a mystery of villains who want what they think they can obtain without consequences.

Wedded in Sin is the second book to Jade Lee’s Bridal Favors series. Penny Shoemaker intrigued me as a character as she held more and was not one to be messed with as she was tough and not to give up. I liked how resilient Penny was made to be but I also liked there was a softer side that was shown. Samuel was a character as he was a dreamer walking through life. It was interesting that he was the second son. Usually the hero is an established rogue or of high class like a Duke or an Earl, not usually a second son. I liked that he found a his purpose through helping Penny and it was a perfect solution. Once again I felt that the story drifted more towards the heroine but as I loved Penny’s character I was okay with that. Bridal Favors is a series I will look out for in the future.

Never Trust a Rogue

With a simple IOU Lindsay would be free of Wrayford’s attention. It would show he was a gambler and not the man for her but something goes wrong when Thane Parker, the Earl of Mansfied gets a hand on the note.

Thane Parker blackmails Lindsay in to a betrothal but what she does not understand is Thane will collect. As he chases the strangler he has to protect Lindsay as she could be the next victim. But with her stubborn ways she will put herself right into the mist of trouble.

I liked the adventure Olivia Drake sends Lindsay into with Never Trust A Rogue. As a sequel the plot and characters will hold your attention.

The villain looked to be one but then Drake shows a whole new angle which you did not see coming.

As the second book to the series Heiress in London it was intriguing to read as you wanted to uncover what was really going on and how these characters played a part in the unraveling.

The last book will conclude with the youngest sister taking her turn at love and adventure.

Seduced At Midnight by Jacquie D’Alessandro

Continuing on with Jacquie D’Alessandro I picked up a book, Seduced At Midnight. I did not know it was a series as I started to read but it is in fact the third book of the series Mayhem in Mayfair.

Lady Julianne Bradley is destined to marry according to her parents. Whoever they chose. Julianne does not want any man from the ton. Her dream, her wish is to be with a man she can never have. A Bow Street Runner is the only one who caught her attention.

Gideon Mayne is a Bow Street Runner. He does his job well which at this moment is to find a murder and thief. His job now requires him to guard the one woman he can never have. She is an Earl’s daughter and out of his class but on this mission he will find himself getting closer to his dream.

I was happy I read it out of order regardless because you already know that the first two women have happy endings and are continued through the series. This book makes me want to pick up the first two books as the last one wraps up the series perfectly.

I liked the friendship between these four friends and how the four men are connected through the women. They create their own friendship which was sweet to read.

Lady Julianne was a riot to read about. I loved that she was more proactive with what she wanted but still was vulnerable and Gideon was vulnerable with his feelings but honor stopped him most of the time.

The parents of Julianne’s are frustrating to read about. They are so cold and cruel. D’Alessandro does a good job getting you to hate her parents.

The part of the ghost was a good twist as there was none only a thief that seemed like a ghost to those around. I liked the ending how the story had concluded with the continual wit D’Alessandro carried through the entire book.