VincentVincent Kuxim was the lieutenant of the Lord of Mexico. Everyone knew that he would be the next Lord of Mexico but Vincent was biding his time. Then he will have a bounty hunter come to his home and ask for his help. Vincent will help because it was a favor to Raphael. On their journey Vincent will quickly discover things that make him want to over throw his sire the Lord of Mexico.

Lana Arnold was hired to find a vampire and she needed the help of Vincent. Together they travel around Mexico to find the vampire but they will come to an obstacle when Vincent is taken. That will lead to them to some disturbing facts about the Lord of Mexico.

Vincent is the eighth book to the series Vampires in America by D.B. Reynolds. I really loved the book. Vincent and Lana actually reminded me of Cyn and Raphael. Although, Vincent was a little more free with the smiles towards Lana as he liked to tease her a lot. Vincent’s character was intriguing. He was carefree and loved women but he had a blood thirsty attitude when he needed to protect those who were being mistreated. Lana misunderstood him but she learns differently. Lana’s character was a bounty hunter which was cool. She was very good at her job. I also liked that she fought the attraction with Vincent. She of course givens in but it does take some time.

The mystery behind the European vampire is still a mystery but it is intriguing and I want to know more. Enrique, Lord of Mexico was basically an ass. He thought he was all powerful, which he was though he underestimated Vincent’s power. The fight scene was well done and I liked the little twist at the end. I thought the scenes with the mistreated vampires had me cheering for Vincent as he protected those who could not.

I am reading Deception next.

Perfect Storm

Liking the last three book of the series Edge of Honor I figured I would like A Perfect Storm.

Arizona Storm has had a tough life, one she wants to be able to handle. Her way is to find trouble and stop it but she needs Spencer’s help. She is wary of him as she does feel things when she looks at him, but she is not ready to let him in. Of course curiosity sets in and Arizona will take the plunge while they will be in the midst of danger.

Spencer Lark a dangerous bounty hunter has tangled before with Arizona and finds himself agreeing to help her once again. He doesn’t like that she is endangering herself but knows that she would do it without his help. Having her close puts Spencer in a spell as every time he sees her he wants her. He holds back to that possibility until neither can’t take it anymore.

After I read the book I found myself loving the characters that Lori Foster created. I often love reading her books. This series however has characters that are more complex and in the fourth book I could not put it down.

I loved the story of Arizona and how grown up/naive she really was. She was only twenty one but with the experience of someone twice her age. You want her to find happiness with Spencer but also peace. I liked how Foster built Arizona’s character up through the entire book as there was no dull moment.

Spencer was something else. In all Foster’s books there is the strong man, the man who would do anything to protect the damsel in distress. Its the oldest story but Spencer will be challenged as Arizona is not a weeping willow. She will take the punches that is given to her. Spencer though is also withdrawn from real connection but of course Foster will make sure that is drawn out in the book.

The villain was obvious but there is a twist at the end that was not necessarily seen and surprised me. I liked that Foster had given that twist on the bad guy as it gave more intrigue and mystery.

Now finishing the fourth book I have to wonder if their will be another book from Foster which of course I hope that there is. Perhaps with Quin who will grow up and help in his own way?

Getting Lucky with Bounty Hunters

The way in which Lorie O’Clare describes Marc King bounty hunter you will want your own after you finish Get Lucky. She will drive you into overdrive with the steamy scenes and the intense way in which Marc and London succumb to each other. The high risk situation will leave each other in their arms only wanting more.

Marc King needed some down time and a month at a ski lodge sounded good. When Marc got a look at London who worked there it sounded even better. With only one glance Marc knew he wanted to be with her.

London Brooke was a good employee and followed the rules but when Marc comes into the lodge she wanted to throw them out the window and does. London opens up to him but she is hiding the one thing in her past which haunts her. When she finds out what Marc does it is almost ironic. Now trouble is knocking at London’s door literally as packages of her parents are being sent to her along with cryptic messages. This means trouble London knows without a doubt. She knows Marc will help her but will be surprised that he is in trouble with the same problem. Together they are going to help each other fight for the ones they love.

I really liked this story. The intense feelings and passion was not too over the top and kept the story flowing. I like how London is more than appears to be. The fact she has criminals for parents and Marc’s were cops/bounty hunters was priceless. A perfect Romeo and Juliet story.

Having Marc’s family in the business was a good side story and brings in a good sense of who Marc is and how protective he is of people he loves. I liked the suspense of these packages. The one thing that threw me was the mad scientist. It was a little strange, it worked but a little weird.

Get Lucky is the second book of the series Bounty Hunters.

Private Eye Sofie Metropolis

Getting dumped on the day of your wedding not great. Getting revenge on the engagement ring by throwing it into the garbage disposal better. At least that is what Sofie Metropolis did but now what. Sofie is a good Greek girl but as far as things to do she needs something. Then came private eye work. She thought of herself as a sleuth detective.

On one of her cases catching a cheating spouse would be easy but it turns quickly into attempted murder and one Sofie is caught in the middle of. With the help of Jake the bounty hunter Sofie will find her way out of trouble and solving the case without too much danger.

Browsing through the aisles of the library I came upon this author and thought I would pick up her book. Sofie Metropolis sounded like it would be funny to read. Carrington delivers a quirky set of characters which surround Sofie. I like her optomism with starting over and her take charge attitude which she is trying to find in herself.

The character of Jake is clever where you don’t really know him yet except that he is a fantasy bad boy to Sofie. He is left as a mystery to the reader and to Sofie who sees him as she does not know him either.

Carrington starts off the series of Sofie Metropolis right with her quick wit and a humorous mystery plot.

Captive Star by Nora Roberts

The second book to the series The Stars of Mithra is Captive Star. This book by Nora Roberts leaves off right as M.J. is rudely pushed inside her apartment and taken by a bounty hunter.

M.J. O’Leary is a hard working women who owns her own pub. Jack Dakota is a bounty hunter. They are mixed when Dakota needs to take in M.J. but that would be too simple. M.J. did not do the crime. She is now being hunted down all because she has possession of a blue diamond that Bailey gave her. With Jack’s help they will avoid the men following them and hopefully find Bailey and Grace.

I was thrilled to read the mysterious scene you read about in the first book comes forward in the second. Roberts shows where M.J.’s story starts off with her run with the diamond.

I like how Roberts creates M.J. to be tough. She doesn’t show her vulnerabilitiy to anyone. She also confuses Jack by not falling for his excuses. It was nice not to read of a weepy weak women. Instead M.J. is strong and doesn’t let things go.

This series is thrilling to read and I can’t wait to see what Grace has to deal with and who is the client behind these murders.

Kitty’s House of Horrors by Carrie Vaughan

Kitty Norville, an average woman with a husband, friends and family.  Everything is normal except for the fact that she gets a little furry, along with her husband and few friends.  Kitty is a werewolf, but a werewolf DJ making her voice heard among all the supernatural creatures.

“Talk radio host and werewolf Kitty Norville has agreed has agreed to appear on TV’s first all -supernatural reality show.  She’s expecting cheesy competitions and manufactrued drama starring shapeshifters, vampires, and psychics.  But what begins as publicity stunt will turn into a fight for her life.

The cast members, including Kitty, arrive at the remote mountain lodge where teh show is set.  As soon as filming starts, violence erupts and Kitty suspects that the show is a cover for a nefarious plot.  Then the cameras stop rolling, cast members start dying, and Kitty realizes she and her monster housemates are irronically the ultimate prize in a very different game.  Stranded with no power, no phones, and no way to know who can be trusted, she must find a way to defeat the evil closing in…before it kills them all.”

As I read the back of the book the first thought was the reality show “survivor”.  Through this day and age there are reality shows that are coming back and new ones being made.  It is a mad dash for the next one but to have it in book form I thought the author Carrie Vaughan was creative.  It was a concept that I really haven’t read about, especially with supernatural in the mix.

As the series continued Kitty and Ben have been married for one year now and Cormac, the bounty hunter, is now up for parole.  Instead of being there for Ben and Cormac, Kitty is off to an isolated mountain range for her own reality tv show that is going to be more intense than survivor, it will be survival.

Kitty Norville Series

1. Kitty and the Midnight Hour

2. Kitty Goes to Washington

3. Kitty Takes a Holiday

4. Kitty and the Silver Bullet

5. Kitty and the Dead Man’s Hand

6. Kitty Raises Hell

7. Kitty’s House of Horrors

This series I started before my blog started so I only have posted on the seventh book “Kitty’s House of Horrors” but this series is a worth while to read.  A new take on the supernatural world with a heroine DJ.

“The Secret Life of Bryan” by Lori Foster

Another book down of the Visitation series and yes I know that I have posted one earlier today.  It was a slow work day.

“Jaded bounty hunter Bryan Kelly is head-over-hormones in lust with a woman…and what she does to his senses is criminal.”

Reading that little quote I had a feeling it was going to be amusing especially since Bryan Kelly was already mentioned in the last book.  He helped take down Bruno, read the first book to know Bruno.

So the story goes Bryan, the bounty hunter, is portraying his preacher twin brother Bruce.  Bruce was previously attacked by someone looking to hurt the women he looks out for.  He runs a safe house for ex-prostitutes.  In the very first chapter we meet the woman Shay Sommers who is a millionaire getting bad press for her charity all because a girl who was pregnant almost died.  Shay will run into Bryan but he will not see her as Shay Sommers, he will see her as Shay a prostitute.  She decides to play along since she is trying to help women get off the street.  Thought this would be a better way to help connect with the women.  Now as the story goes on both Bryan and Shay find it hard to stay away from each other, while this is happening danger is surrounding the safe house.  Someone is trying to get to the women, will Bryan be able to protect all of them?

The story is light hearted and you will find yourself loving Shay’s character and all her need to help the women.  The story also keeps Bruce involved with the story line.  The dynamic between the brothers is funny as they are together.

The next story will be of Bruce and him finding love in Visitation.