Courting Catherine by Nora Roberts

The first book of the series Calhoun Women is Courting Catherine by Nora Roberts. This is a fantastic book to read. Romance book lovers will devour the story of Trent and Catherine “C.C.” Calhoun.

Trent St. James III is in the hotel business and is looking towards the Towers for his next investment. Getting  there he is all about business but things will be leading a new direction when he continually butts heads with Catherine or known as C.C. who is the fiery mechanic and one of the owners of Towers.

This is a series that made me smile as the contrast between Trent and C.C. was very clear but it was perfect. Everything made sense but the characters were not easily gotten together.

Through the interaction of the book I love all the sisters and their aunt. Each character has a unique detail that makes them different and Roberts does a great job distinguishing those unique attributes.

As an avid romance book reader I love reading about the endless love and the passion that is igniting to a love affair which is why I loved reading this book. The two characters were on their way to a great love affair but were always stopped. Throughout the book there was no sex involved. With romance it comes natural but it was fun to read that two attracted people were going towards that way didn’t. There was romance and passion which filled the pages and gave you an insight with the characters without sex to sizzle the pages.

In the plot Roberts gives a delightful and witty performance that leaves you smiling while reading the book.

I found the first book to be a page turning and a great plot to start the series with. You got an inside look at the feisty sisters who are all different but share a home and their lives to the Towers.

MacGregors: Ian

The seventh book by Nora Roberts brings back the past with Ian MacGregor and him finding love in this short story, In From The Cold, of the Historical Christmas collection.

The Plot of In From The Cold:

“Christmas was Allanna Flynn’s favorite time of year-but when injured Minuteman Ian MacGregor sought refuge in her New England home, Allana found herself caught in a war of hearts with the handsome rebel.  Could this become the season of peace on earth…and goodwill to one special man?”

I liked the story.  Ian is brought back from the last book, Rebellion.  He was the baby of Coll and Maggie who was born towards the end of that book.  I liked that we got to know more about the family of MacGregors as twenty years passed.

In From The Cold was something that was short, quick to read and enjoyable.