Ink: A Love Story on 7th and Main

Emmie Elliot walked back into her hometown determined to sell her grandmother’s bookstore, but she could not take that step. She decided to keep the store open and was going to take on a tenant, which was when she would be meet Miles Oxford “Ox”, who was a tattoo artist in need of space to rent. They made the rules to keep everything platonic right before they opened but those rules were meant to be broken.

Ink: A Love Story on 7th and Main is the first book to the book 7th and Main by Elizabeth Hunter. I was recently recommend to read this book and I am glad I did, I loved this book. It was right up my alley. I am a lover of books and have a tattoo, in fact it is a book tattoo. I loved the concept of a bookstore with a tattoo artist. By the way I really love the cover of the book.

Emmie was a great character. She seemed buttoned up, but she had a many layers and you were at times cheering for her to not give up. The attraction between them was steamy and pretty perfect. Now Ox was a pretty fantastic character although he could be dense when it came to doing the right thing with Emmie and it was those little thing which kept them from getting truly close right away.

I am looking forward to reading Hooked which is the second book to the series.

Once in a Lifetime

Once in a Lifetime (Lucky Harbor #9)Ben McDaniel is back in his hometown, Lucky Harbor, where he needed to rest. He had been through his own tragedies and needed a place that was safe. He wondered if coming back home was where he needed to be but he will find something to intrigue him, Aubrey Wellington.

Aubrey Wellington has a lot to be sorry for and she has made a list of those people she had done wrong. One by one she will cross them off her list as she made amends to what she had done. Aubrey will do what she can with her list and the hardest one will be with Ben as she is falling in love with him.

Once in a Lifetime is the ninth book to the Lucky Harbor series. I thought that this was a another cute book from Jill Shlavis series that was fun to read with a very sentimental value. Now as like a lot of her characters in this series they are flawed which makes them realistic and that is something I love. I want my characters to be realistic as you can relate to them more. There is part of me that wants something different from these books as they are all kind of the same but that is the style of the series.

So the character of Aubrey was really fantastic. She had a reputation for trouble but that did not mean she was a bad person. She was righting her wrong and it seemed that all the things she had done were provoked because the other person was lying or being too strict on her. Of course that is not always right but I wouldn’t say that she was a horrible person. I liked that she was making amends with her list and that list will turn things around for her at least towards the end. Now there is Ben who was a little broken and he is finding himself back in Lucky Harbor. I liked Ben for the most part, he was a little persistent when it came to Aubrey and her list which might not have been the best tactic. He was curious about what was going on and you kind of wanted him to mind his own business, but overall he was really a good guy and got it right at the end.

The Next Always

The Next AlwaysBeckett Montgomery along with his brothers and mother are restoring the historical inn that has seen plenty over the years. Beckett is the architect of the project and all he does is work on the Inn that is until he starts hanging out with the woman he has wanted since he was fifteen years old.

Clare Brewster has known love and has survived her own tragedy when her husband was killed overseas. With three little boys there was not much time for anything. She will start a relationship with Beckett all thanks to her curiosity with how the facelift of the inn was going.

The Next Always is the first book from Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy by Nora Roberts. I can rely on Roberts to give me a book that tells a story. This is a prime example as she goes into detail of the town, the Inn, then of the characters who all are described with their own flaws and background story so it feels like you know them and that they are realistic.

Beckett is kind and a loving man who has his urges which all seemed to be pointed toward Clare who was starting to accept his attention. I loved his interaction with the kids which was done perfectly. He was knight in shinning armor for Clare who needed it even though she didn’t want to admit it. Clare was a good woman and mother who was trying to get by. She gets swept up by Beckett. Of course having three kids gets difficult having a life which gives the book humor as the kids are interrupting things.

I had liked the book from the start as it was a good story then Roberts throws in a small supernatural twist with a ghost that inhabits the Inn which plays a part later in the book to help Clare. I figure the mystery of the ghost will be something that will be kept up through all three books. I am intrigued with who the woman is and why can only some see her or at least sense her thanks to the scent of honeysuckle. Then the story gets a little more meat to it with a problem that will be happening to Clare, and Beckett will be helping her along with his brothers and her friends. The intensity of the dilemma escalates rapidly once the person was identify as a problem.

I have the second and third book of the series which I will be reading next.

Reckless by Amanda Quick

Gabriel was too be her knight or that is what she thought at sixteen when he tried to help her sister but everything went wrong. Now eight years later Phoebe finds a chance to meet her knight once again and ask for his hand in this quest. Will Phoebe get her knights love or will she be carried away by another. Or will her family get in the way of this quest and her love.

Amanda Quick’s Reckless was fun to read as the main character lives in her world of medieval knights and quests. I like how all the characters are connected somehow and intertwined into the story.

It is interesting to see how the villain of the story is after the same thing but looks can be deceiving because there is more to the quest of finding this simple book.

Tall, Dark, and Texan by Jodi Thomas

“Teagen McMurray would ride to hell and back to protect his land.  He’d certainly never felt that way about a woman.  At least not until Jessie Barton showed up with her three little girsl, desperate for a place to stay.  Suddenly he finds himself proposing marriage, telling himself it is only to protect her and her children…

Jessie had no place to go except Whispering Mountain-and to Teagen, the one person who couldn’t deny her, thanks to the correspondence he shared with her dead husband.  But what will happen when the man she’s loved through his letters discovers her tangle of lies?”

Jodi Thomas brings her third book of Whispering Mountain, Tall, Dark, and Texan.  Wow is all I can say.  Each book I read of this gets better and better.  I love the basic plot of the characters.  That Teagen is a man who likes to trust and Jessie is a woman who will be honest unless she is protecting the ones she loves.  I love that she is the actual pen pal of Teagen’s and not her husbands.  I also like that Teagen will teach Jessie what it is to have a pleasurable sexual experience but Jessie will teach him what it is like to love.

The three girls are a pleasant addition to this witty family of Texan men.  Then we have the character of Drummond Roak who is back and is planning to take Sage as his woman.  I have a feeling that the fourth book will give Drummond that chance.

Tall, Dark, and Texan is a charming, humoress, and touching third book of the series.

MacGregors: The MacGregor Grooms

The tenth book of the MacGregor series brings us now to the other eligible men of the MacGregor clan, the grandsons.  Mac was married off in the last but now the time has come for D.C., Duncan and Ian to find their way to the altar with a little help from The MacGregor in The MacGregor Grooms.

The Plot of The MacGregor Grooms:

D.C and Layna will find love but through a different way of setting up.  The MacGregor, the grandfather of the clan, Daniel is telling D.C. that Layna is definitely not the one he should marry.  D.C. agrees until he finds he can’t live without her.

Duncan and Cat find love on the sea very much like Duncan’s parents with the nudge of Daniel and even Duncan’s mother.  Duncan soon finds that Cat is going to be the only woman for him and his wandering days are going to be over.

Ian and Naomi were going to be together.  Ian knew that he wanted her, to be with him, to be his wife.  He did not need to hear that bit of information from his grandfather, even though Daniel did play a part in the matchmaking.  Ian was going to have Naomi even if she didn’t think she was good enough.

Nora Roberts brings us more MacGregors in these three stories of the grandsons from The MacGregor Grooms. The book was charming, funny, and very enjoyable to read.  Daniel’s matchmaking skills will never stop and get rusty.

Tempted by Lori Foster

Tempted is a collection of the series The Sawyers.  The three books are “Little Miss Innocent?”, “Annie Get Your Guy”, and “Messing Around with Max”.  After reading all of these books in this series I was laughing and smiling at all of the antics that happened.  I loved the characters, the plots and the steamy scenes, but what was great was how the women acted in the books.  How they threw themselves at the men that they wanted with little regard, very determined women.

“Little Miss Innocent” starts us off with Daniel Sawyer the oldest, who is a doctor.  One night he sees Lace McGee come into the hospital because a dog bit her on her behind.  Daniel knows Lace through his sister Annie, but they have never gotten along.  Lace is a sex therapist.  Lace doesn’t like Daniel too much because he is so straight lace but that will all change when Daniel decides to give in to Lace and her therapeutic ways.

I liked this story to see how Daniel and Lace were able to form their relationship and to see Daniel relax a little since he has always been the one to care for everyone.  His father is around but so out of touch to reality.

“Annie Get Your Guy” is about Annie the little girl of the Sawyers.  She is 25 and after a man, Guy, who she has been in love with forever, and he is about to propose to the wrong girl.  In an unfortunate accident leads Annie to try and get Guy away from Melissa and into her arms.  Guy can’t love Annie since she is his best friends little sister but that doesn’t stop his feelings, and when she starts her seduction of him there is no stopping it.

Guy and Annie are priceless.  They are best friends and perfect together.  I love their chemistry, even Dan who is Annie’s father loves the idea.

“Messing Around with Max” is the last story with Max who until lately was very much the womanizer but now he wants to settle down and find a wife and mother for his four legged girl.  Cleo was Max’s mangy looking dog and he treated her like a princess but no women has been able to get near her until Maddie Montgomery, who has her own views of marriage.  Maddie’s man goal is to gain a couple of notches on her bedpost and that is to be with Max, but she is going to get more than she bargained for.

I really liked how the books all ended.  Everyone found their other half, even Dan is letting loose and finding room in his heart to love another.  The Sawyer family was very funny to read about.