Emerald Enchantment

It took my library longer than I wanted but finally I was able to get the rest of the series Deveraux in my hands (book 2-6). After reading the first book with Brigette I needed to know what would happen with Kathryn and the rest of the family.

Kathryn Devereux O’Neil is widowed and with child. She has no desire to marry as there are two men who are telling her she will marry. Kathryn will choose the lesser of two evils in Hugh, and she will even find love but it will be tested.

Hugh O’Neil wants what is rightfully his and he will take it along with the widow Kathryn. Hugh will soon discover that Kathryn is everything he wanted in a wife but it will be ripped from his grasp and will have to fight to win her back.

Emerald Enchantment is the title of the second book from Patricia Grasso. From the sound of the title the book sounded as if there would be love and romance, but this is not a all assuming love story. There is tragedy, betrayal, abuse, love, and finally trust. I also noticed that Grasso gives a certain theme for the sisters so far and that is obedience to those giving them orders are most of the time ignored.

For me I was quickly drawn into the story and completed it in one sitting as I needed to know how it was to end. To be honest I was thinking it would be a tragic ending for the characters at least emotionally but I am happy to say Grasso pulls out a happy ending. Of course this happy ending only happens at the last moment and very last chapter.

So the story is a love hate one. You love the characters and the plot gets to you but hate all the injustices Kathyrn has to endure. She is certainly fiery and will fight even when cornered. I liked her determination in the book even when she is facing her tormentor. I have to admit through the story I was hoping for her to get a break.

Hugh is a fierce warrior who knows what he wants and goes for it. He is fun to read about even as he acts like a male chauvinistic at times, but Grasso redeems herself with writing as Hugh expresses his feelings.

The villain was a typical villain but he was really only in the beginning and end of the story which I thought was a little strange. His name is brought up through conversation but he is almost an after thought until he makes his play.

Heather will be the next sister in the series and she will have not drowned as everyone had thought.


I have been looking at the book, Quicksilver, on the shelves for a month wondering if I was going to pick up the book. Anything by Amanda Quick I will read but with series I hate the waiting process especially if there is a inclusive ending. Fortunately with Quick’s books there are always endings which will leave you satisfied but even with no cliff hanger it is sometimes torture to wait for those books to arrive.

But with Amanda Quick she is worth the wait. Quicksilver is the second book to the Looking Glass Trilogy and it is riveting to read.

Virginia Dean is in a dilmena when she wakes up next to a dead body but trouble does not end there as she can’t remember how she got to be in the bed. Virginia will be saved the a man she met once but would never forget.

Owen Sweetwater hunts down killers and he is hunting one now only to find Virginia Dean in the mist of a very big problem. Owen helps out Virginia and asks for her assistance. He knows she has true power and he needs that help with finding a killer.

The arcane society took more of a step back and let those who still have paranormal powers take the stage. I liked the characters of Virginia Dean and Owen Sweetwater. They are written well and intriguing as they use their powers and how their lives are intertwined. Virginia’s powers seeing through the mirrors is haunting and you want to know more. I liked also Owen and how his family is explored through the story. There is wit that is hinted through the story.

The plot is like many of the arcane society but there is something about the characters that makes you want to read and see how their fates with end.

I like how Amanda Quick (really Jayne Ann Krentz) has several identities and how they are cross refrenced through the series she writes. It was clever of Krentz to create series that travels through the past, present and future. I have yet to really get into the future series but I guess at times I am still stuck in the past as the Victorian Period is just where I love to read.

Quicksilver was fast and thrilling to read and a great addition to the arcane society books.

Rising Tides by Nora Roberts

I found a great thrill to pick up and read the second book of the Chesapeake Bay series, Rising Tides by Nora Roberts.

Cam and Anna are now married and left for their honeymoon. Philip and Ethan are left with Seth for just a little while. They start a routine to help Seth the best they can but things are now changing for Ethan. Seeing his father from the dead he is trying to figure out what he needs to do to help. That help will be from Grace a woman he has loved for a long time but can’t seem to say it until he isn’t given a choice.

Reading the first one I was off in a hurry to get the second one. The brothers dynamic is perfect. The second book I got fell back into immediately the moment I opened up the book. This time Ethan is the main character but still all the brothers are there.

The past comes out for Ethan and Seth finally. It was a little surprise of how far they were both traumatized in their past. Roberts gives little details again on Seth’s mother and you finally get to read with her in the book. I can’t wait for when she is in the picture and the brothers conquer the problem.

I love to read how Roberts makes each brother with a sorted past because that is how they have bonded. I still want to know all of Seth’s past but Roberts still does not reveal. She keeps you reading until the very end and wanting to read the next.