Devil’s Bride

Starting a new series is sometimes hard as you don’t know whether or not this book will fit to your liking. Luckily Devil’s Bride which was recommended to me and was one that did not fail.

The Duke of St. Ives or between known as Devil is on a mission which takes a step back when he stumbles on a woman leaning over a body. A body that is his younger cousins who is now barely living. With the help of the woman they make Tolly’s death peaceful but now Devil has a few more problems. One is who killed his cousin and what is he to do with this woman that he has now sworn to be his wife.

Honoria Wetherby is a governess with a mission. She readies young ladies for their coming out. Honoria was built for this life and uses her knowledge to help others out. Honoria’s plans were going well until she stumbled upon a boy. She tried to help him along with the assistance of a man but the boy was lost to them. Honoria will find herself staying overnight with a man she doesn’t even know his true identity. She will be infuriated to know he is the Duke and then tells her she will be his wife. Honoria will not sit quietly but the mystery to help uncover the murderer will keep her there.

Stephanie Laurens is an author I can definitely see myself reading more. The series Cynster started off great with Devil. They are a family that you could easily fall in love with like Julia’s Quinn Bridgerton series.

Now at first I will have to say it was a little hard to adjust with all new members of the family. The thing that will confuse me the most is their names and then the other ones they use. I have to say though the names of Devil, Demon, Scandal are pretty funny and I’m sure they will live up to them.

For the two characters Honoria and Devil you will love their stubbornness. She doesn’t want to get married as tragedy has made her scared to open herself up to the possibility. He wants her and will do anything to have her and to protect her. He was a rake but an up standing rake who wanted this woman for more than a roll in the hay. Cynster men’s role is to protect woman and to take care of them but Honoria will give them a run for their money.

Now the bad guy I had guessed early on but I didn’t know why. I thought it was jealousy but there was more thought put into it.

I already looked at the list of books contributed to the series and I have high hopes but I wonder if all these all family members of the Cynsters or will Lauren’s be branching out and accommodating new members to sustain the growing series?

Nevertheless I am looking forward to finding out more of the Cynster family and reading of their adventures and the woman who snag them.

A Quick Bite

Going after a long series like the Argeneau Family by Lynsay Sands is something I’m looking forward too. With many books already in the series you don’t have to wait for the next book which you are longing to read. I have already tried The Rogue Hunter, the tenth book of the series and I decided to try the very first book. A Quick Bite was the first novel which started the whole series that is right now seventeen novels and growing.

Lissianna Argeneau is the youngest daughter of her family. She is loved by them and mostly happy but Lissianna is she has a problem. Lissianna has a phobia of blood, not so bad if you are mortal but she is not. Her family will try to help her but they go about it the wrong way when they kidnap a man, a doctor.

Dr. Gregory Hewitt thought it was time for a vacation but he didn’t think it would be going into a trunk and then tied to a bed. Gregory didn’t think it could get worst until he started to hear he was the present or dinner, but all things looked up when the woman Lissianna shows up at his bedside. Gregory will find out the real reason he needs to help this woman but what he will find out about her will make him want to run.

Reading the first book of the series gave insight into what and who the immortals are which you were missing from the other book I read. Here you were given the details which were the basis of the series. The plot was simple and straight forward with no real enemy, well there is one but that is not the focal point. The focal point is all about Lissianna and Gregory coming to terms with what they mean to each other.

I like how the phobia for Lissianna is blood it was quirky and gave humor to the story. Gregory’s character was lighthearted as well as he was able to accept immortals with a little help.

After reading the first novel I am interested in continuing Sands series to find out more of the Argeneau family especially of the Uncle Lucian.

Causing Havoc

As I was looking through several authors I have read I noticed that I had not put down the first three books of the SBC Fighters series from Lori Foster. I had no idea why as I had read the books before but since I was in the mood to read them again I picked up the first book of the series, Causing Havoc.

Dean “Havoc” Connor is a fighter for SBC and he is known for his unpredictability in the ring which is why it should not have surprised anyone the next move he made. Dean took a short vacation to meet up with the family that he had been pulled away from. Dean will have a chance to get to know Cam and Jacki and what happened years ago to pull them apart. But that will not be the only thing to occupy Dean’s mind as Eve will be part of his plan in this small town.

As usual whenever I finish a Lori Foster book I just want more which is of course why I already have the next book to the series picked out, Simon Says. The first book of Fosters series sets the mood to what the SBC Fighters series will become.

Foster creates these dynamic, multidimensional characters who you will fall in love with like the tough fighter, shy/assertive sisters, and a gusty best friend. She also creates the villain to be cruel and in a disguise which you will feel sorry for but at the same time despise.

As I already know the SBC Fighters series is a captivating series which you will want to devour every page and word. It only gets better as the series progresses.

Heiress in Love

There is no room for love in the matters of marriage. That is what Jane, Lady Roxdale heard all her life and lived it through her first marriage. Now he was gone but all that she held dear would be taken away by the rogue’s new lord. Jane knew she needed to marry the rake to save her home and Luke the boy she loved as her own but could Jane love a rake.

Constantine Black is now Lord Roxdale as the former had died. The widow he feels lust for but it would be better if she left. Of course due to the Will, Constantine is stuck with a boy and a crumbling manor. Constantine will decide on marriage on a business matter but love will find its way.

As a first novel to a series it was a good start. Heiress in Love by Christina Brooke invites the reader into how marriages are contracted through the ministry and how love plays no part. I thought it was interesting as Jane’s benefactor was cold but his heart was truly in the right place.

Brooke also creates Constantine to be a fantastic rogue as he really is not one and he has a lot more heartache over the loss of trust.

Brooke also sets up the next books with the introductions of Rosamund and Cecily as they will be the next main characters.

It looks like the series Ministry of Marriage will not be all about protocol and contracts.

Courting Catherine by Nora Roberts

The first book of the series Calhoun Women is Courting Catherine by Nora Roberts. This is a fantastic book to read. Romance book lovers will devour the story of Trent and Catherine “C.C.” Calhoun.

Trent St. James III is in the hotel business and is looking towards the Towers for his next investment. Getting  there he is all about business but things will be leading a new direction when he continually butts heads with Catherine or known as C.C. who is the fiery mechanic and one of the owners of Towers.

This is a series that made me smile as the contrast between Trent and C.C. was very clear but it was perfect. Everything made sense but the characters were not easily gotten together.

Through the interaction of the book I love all the sisters and their aunt. Each character has a unique detail that makes them different and Roberts does a great job distinguishing those unique attributes.

As an avid romance book reader I love reading about the endless love and the passion that is igniting to a love affair which is why I loved reading this book. The two characters were on their way to a great love affair but were always stopped. Throughout the book there was no sex involved. With romance it comes natural but it was fun to read that two attracted people were going towards that way didn’t. There was romance and passion which filled the pages and gave you an insight with the characters without sex to sizzle the pages.

In the plot Roberts gives a delightful and witty performance that leaves you smiling while reading the book.

I found the first book to be a page turning and a great plot to start the series with. You got an inside look at the feisty sisters who are all different but share a home and their lives to the Towers.

Sea Swept by Nora Roberts

Sea Swept by Nora Roberts is the first book of the Chesapeake Bay saga.

Cameron tough guy all around. He is a racer, a lover of women and has traveled all around Europe but now he has to come home to see his father in a coma. As he passes away he is there with his two brothers and a little boy. Cameron has to make a home for Seth, a ten year old, that is being rumored to be his father’s real child. But those are rumors and Cameron wants them gone. With the help of his brothers they will find a way to help Seth.

From the moment I opened and started to read the book I was blown away. Cameron who this book is focused on is the oldest brother and right from the first page you know exactly what type of man he is.

The whole brother dynamic is fantastic to read. I love how each have lived on their own but are coming back together to raise this little hellion.

The book holds the mystery of who Seth’s father is and I am guessing that won’t be discovered until the last book when it will all be about Seth. I am intrigued to want to read the rest of the books because Roberts gives clues about Seth’s past and what really happened with their father. But she still leaves enough out to keep you reading.