Under Pressure

under-pressureLeese Phelp had changed his life when he became a bodyguard. Though with his new assignment he will find it difficult to keep his mind on track and not focused on Cat. But as her enemy’s approach them he will make sure to keep Cat safe, whatever the cost.

Catalina “Cat” Nicholson has been looking over her shoulder for a while but she will be getting some help with her own bodyguard. Cat will be grateful for the help but she will not want Leese to be injured because of the men who were after her.

Under Pressure is the first book to the series Body Armor by Lori Foster. So I had been waiting and waiting for this book. I love the two series, SBC Fighters and Ultimate, which had the main characters as professional fighters. Leese was first introduced in the Ultimate series. Now, when I finished the book I certainly liked it but didn’t love it. Lori Foster can write but this time the book just wasn’t my favorite. I really think it was just all happening too fast. I couldn’t feel that solid connection between Leese and Cat even though I was still routing for them.

Leese’s character in the other series was not a great guy, but he was certainly no villain. In this one he was a better man with the job change. With Leese I wanted to know more about him, like his past. We only got a little of it. Cat’s character was a girl who was on the run. She had been in the wrong place at the wrong time. I liked her character but again wanted more about her life. Though I think the mystery of what she had heard kept the intrigue.

I will still be going on with the series as I want to read more about the fighters turned bodyguards.

Forever a Lady

Forever a LadyLady Bernadette Marie Burton gets into trouble with an indiscretion and finds help in a rugged man who looked like a pirate. She will be captivated by this man but she has vowed to never marry again and be owned. Bernadette will come to realize that Matthew is not all that he seems and not that easy to resist.

Matthew Milton lives by his hands and what he can come up with to steal but he doesn’t do it for himself. He has plenty looking for him to keep caring for. Lady Burton was going to be a quick way to get money but one night in her bed and Matthew knew she was the one woman he has been looking for. He knows that chances are slim as she claims to not want to marry again and how could she want an Irish gang leader.

Forever a Lady is the second book of Delilah Marvelle’s series Rumor. I had just read the first book to the series so all the characters are fresh in my mind. This made the plot easy to follow but could be read on its own.

Now I have still yet to read many books from Delilah Marvelle. My first attempt with her was not the greatest and as this is only my fourth book from her I am still trying to find if I really like her books. The plot is intriguing and its different with an Irish gang leader with a Lady. I guess the story was just okay. Now the passion and lust are drawn out and very vivid as with most romance novels I have read. I did enjoy the characters as there was that lust but also a playfulness once they allowed themselves to follow that path.

I will still be on the look out for Delilah Marvelle just wouldn’t be running to the bookshelves.

The First Daughter and A Vampire

Love at Stake is a series that keeps going and I love it. Kerrelyn Sparks keeps this series going with new characters and old ones still very present. The eleventh book to the series is Sexiest Vampire Alive.

Gregori Holstein is a relatively young vampire and completely bottle fed which amuses most of his fellow vampires. Of course now that habit is what will help the vampires create an alliance with the President of the United States, there is just one catch. Gregori will have to play babysitter to the eldest daughter as they go on a dangerous mission. Gregori is willing to help as it will help their cause but feelings of desire make it difficult to stay on task.

Abigail Tucker or known as Abby is the eldest daughter of the President. She stayed out of the limelight by choice as she did not like the attention but then there was her mother. Her mother became too sick and Abby knew it was in her power to find a cure. Abby’s life is dedicated to help her mother and now with the help of a vampire she will be that much closer. The only thing Abby didn’t think would happen is the desire she feels as Gregori gazes upon her.

As I had started the series Gregori was just a funny young vampire who was amusing to read about. As the series progressed you started to like him more and more. Soon I had hoped he would have his own book and now Sparks delivers.

The character of Gregori was perfect. There was enough humor to love him and even though he had done something unethical to Abby you still wanted to love him. Abby’s character was a spitfire once she was able to let go. I loved how Sparks gave her to be the level headed one. It made the book amusing to read as she let her guard down and got caught up in the vampire life.

Now Sexiest Vampire Alive is not filled with only an amusing plot or characters, no, Sparks gives betrayal and heartache within the pages. Gregori betrays Abby in order to help the vampires that will have you screaming no! don’t do it! You knew that there would be trouble once he had done it, and of course it comes at the right moment at the end, but Sparks will not end it with tragedy. There will be a happy ending as with all of her stories.

Love at Stake series is a quirky, fun take on vampires living in the modern world and trying to get by. The next book will be all about the Dr. Phang and for those who have read the series you know what I mean. For those who haven’t it is another very new vampire who is part of Roman’s team.

Nerds Like It Hot

Theo is down. What is going on? Makeup artist Gillian McCormick just saw a murder and has to get away. With the help of an eighty year old woman she is pushed onto a cruise for nerds. Gillian was a nerd herself and gets a makeover and become voluptuous and has to live up to her new attitude. With PI Lex Manchester she was willing to give the diguise a go.

Lex Manchester is PI and now hired to go undercover as a nerd which is not such a stretch. He is blown away at Gillian’s look and has troubles keeping his attention on protecting her. Instead he wants to get to know her a whole lot better.

This is the six book, Nerds Like It Hot, of the series Nerd by Vicki Lewis Thompson. With a handful of characters Thompson keeps the plot light even through all the action which they have to endure. All her characters keeps the dialogue goofy and fun as they proceed in protecting each other on this cruise.

Readers will love the sense of humor which Thompson creates and laugh along as Gillian, Lex, Dante and Cora all try to make it out alive on a cruise for nerds.

Bodyguards in Bed

A genius, a driver and a model all have one thing in common they will need their own bodyguards. In Bodyguards in Bed is a collection of three authors (Lucy Monroe, Jamie Ann Denton and Elisabeth Naughton) with their own short story all about bodyguards.

In each story it almost seems as you are starting with the book in progress as you don’t know some of these characters. As each story could have its own series instead of a separate collection but each story is very well written and engaging with their steamy scenes and the quick thrill.

The three stories in the collection areĀ Who’s Been Sleeping in My Brothers Bed?, Hot Mess, and Acapulco Heat.