It’s in His Kiss

It's In His KissBecca Thorpe needed a change of pace from her life. She found a small town and was determined to make it work. She will find a routine but it will be interrupted when the man she lusted after wanted her back. It will get complicated when he becomes her boss and her past catches up to her.

Sam Brody was a boatbuilder and good at his job but needed help with the everyday business. He will fight Becca from helping since as her boss he would not be able to be with her the way he wanted.

It’s in His Kiss is the tenth book from Jill Shalvis. I thought this was another great book from the series Lucky Harbor which is a series I can always count on for a heartwarming story. I haven’t read anything from Shalvis since last July. With her I wait until I can read several of her books in a row since I find her writing enjoyable, which is what I am doing now. I have the 10th, 11th, 12th and 12.5 next to read.

So Becca is a gifted piano player but left due to panic attacks when she would play, though that is only one reason she had to get away from her old life. You felt for Becca because even before she shared her past you knew it was something horrible that happened to her. Now even though she had to endure a lot in her life she was a very optimistic person. Because of her cheerful disposition you like Becca right away and hope that she gets her happy ending with Sam who was in serious need of someone to love him. Sam had a hard life with his dad and still was having a hard one which made life hard to get close to someone. He does get close to Becca and it really isn’t a struggle for him but he does put up his own barriers that block his own happiness. Don’t worry Shalvis will make sure the couple find that happy ending even through the obstacles.

I am continuing the series with the eleventh book.

Inner Harbor by Nora Roberts

The third book in the series Chesapeake Bay is Inner Harbor and is best yet.

With Cam and Ethan attached to a women it is Philip’s turn but he will be blindsided when Dr. Sybill Griffen comes into the picture. He falls for her quick but she is hiding something. She came telling everyone she was writing another book but her observations are all about the Quinns and the newest member, Seth.

I was on the edge of my seat while reading this novel. It wrapped up everything and left it at a happy ending but getting there was tough.

Dr. Sybill Griffen was a nice addition to the books. She was clinical but with a good heart and I liked how she was worked into the book. Her character allowed Roberts to tell the reader the information she knows which was exciting to read about.

All the characters are changing and developing with each book as they are coming closer to finding out all the truth. The third book though I have to say held the most suspense. All the facts will come out and you find out all about Seth and who Sybill is and how she is connected.

The Chesapeake Bay series is a worthwhile series to read. The last book will be about Seth as he will be all grown up.

Sea Swept by Nora Roberts

Sea Swept by Nora Roberts is the first book of the Chesapeake Bay saga.

Cameron tough guy all around. He is a racer, a lover of women and has traveled all around Europe but now he has to come home to see his father in a coma. As he passes away he is there with his two brothers and a little boy. Cameron has to make a home for Seth, a ten year old, that is being rumored to be his father’s real child. But those are rumors and Cameron wants them gone. With the help of his brothers they will find a way to help Seth.

From the moment I opened and started to read the book I was blown away. Cameron who this book is focused on is the oldest brother and right from the first page you know exactly what type of man he is.

The whole brother dynamic is fantastic to read. I love how each have lived on their own but are coming back together to raise this little hellion.

The book holds the mystery of who Seth’s father is and I am guessing that won’t be discovered until the last book when it will all be about Seth. I am intrigued to want to read the rest of the books because Roberts gives clues about Seth’s past and what really happened with their father. But she still leaves enough out to keep you reading.