Gillian’s Island

Gillian's IslandGillian Marlboro is the maid of honor in her sisters wedding. Gillian loves her sister and wishes her the best but it was a lot of work. Gillian was looking forward to relaxing on the boat but things will get dangerous when a storm will have them stranded on the island. Gillian was scared but she had Jamie to help her get through the worst of it.

Jamie Foster was the best man in the wedding. He was envious of his best friend and wanted that happy ending. When he meets Gillian he hopes that there could be more but was insecure as he was very smart and not fun like his frat brothers. Jamie will be surprised when Gillian will want him but he will have other things on his mind, like how to survive.

Gillian’s Island is the second book to Sex, Lies & Wedding Cake series by Cat Johnson. I liked this novella and unlike the first story in the series this one had more detail and I felt that this was a complete story. Now did I love it, no, but it was a good quick read and very steamy.

Gillian’s character was the responsible one and I liked that she stepped out of her comfort zone and took a chance with Jamie. She was the opposite of the wedding party but she was like Jamie at least with being responsible. Jamie was very smart and not that frat boy like his friends. He would be the guy that you would want on a stranded island.

The scenes between Gillian and Jamie were pretty intense and very steamy. Though what else would happen when a group of people were stranded on an island.

I am reading the third and final story of the series next.

How to Lose a Bride in One Night

How to Lose a Bride in One NightAnnalise Hadley expected her wedding day to be something of what dreams were made of which is why she does not expect what happened. Finding herself suffocated by a pillow and thrown over the railing of the boat left Annalise with nothing but she struggled to stay alive. She will be rescued by a man who aggravates her but drives her to passion at the same time. Although she wouldn’t have her happy ending until her past is resolved.

Owen, the youngest brother to the current Earl of Winningham, is not just a gentleman but a lord thanks to his Scotland side. He will be surprised when he stumbles upon a young woman who was washed up on shore and looked like she would die. Owen does his duty and helps her but after that noble act he finds it is harder to get her out of his life.

How to Lose a Bride in One Night is the third book to the Forgotten Princesses from Sophie Jordan. First off I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It started off like a dream for Annalise but soon a nightmare that she had to survive and she does survive. She is helped by Owen who was talked about in the novella, The Earl in My Bed, and I am happy to know more about him. He is a very dangerous man who has fought and killed many. He was a broken man and in someways Annalise was broken as well but they were healed by each other. There were obstacles between them especially as Annalise kept who she was and what really happened to her that night. The truth had to come out and it does but much later in the book when the two were heading towards a happy ending, the news broke that up. Of course hope is not lost as Owen and Annalise will get their happy ending.

The villain was clearly the husband of Annalise who was particularly cruel and I am not sorry with what happens to him which was a perfect finish to him.

Now another sister was not mentioned anywhere in the book so I wonder if the series is over. I have a feeling it is but as there are more books from Sophie Jordan out there I will certainly be continuing with her books.

Carolina Home

Carolina HomeMatt Fletcher knew all about commitment and how to take care of family. He excelled at it but he will be thrown by his sixteen year old son’s teacher, Allison, as she will be wanting to take care of him. He knows that she is too young and he didn’t do relationships but Matt found it was easier with her and wanted to take that step.

Allison Carter is new to Dare Island but wanted to make this teaching job work. She loved what she did and wanted to help her students. She will find interest in one of her students father and soon they begin a relationship that was to be noncommittal. Allison will try to keep things light but it doesn’t take long for true feelings to come for Matt.

Carolina Home is the first book from Virginia Kantra’s series Dare Island. Virginia Kantra is a new author I am trying out and it looks like the series Dare Island is a fairly new series as this book just came out in 2012, the second book in 2013 and the third one came out in March of 2014. I already know that I will be looking out for the two books as I loved this book. The story was simple but it was compelling to read. I think it was the family dynamic that sucked me into their lives. Matt was the good son who was willing to help his family no matter what but not his own love life. He didn’t want that ever again. Of course that will all change when he meets Allison. I liked that her character seemed so grounded and was not the stuck up rich kid she could have become.

There is plenty of passion that is filled between the pages when Matt and Allison get together but what gets to you is how they grow to really care for each other. For Matt its a second chance and for Allison its a new experience that she wants to hold on to. There is a point where Matt will do something stupid and things will get rocky but all will be resolved leaving them to a happy ending. Of course that happy ending does get a little sappy but I really wouldn’t have changed it.

Now I said that the family dynamic got to me and it did. All the family members of the Fletchers were warm and caring. Tess and Tom were the parents/grandparents who were loving people. Meg comes into the scene who will be in the next book which I can’t wait to read. She is the daughter of Tom and Tess and she comes off bossy but is a good person. Luke, the son of Tess and Tom, comes into the book as well and drops a bombshell on the family. He brings with him a ten year old daughter, Taylor. Taylor was a good character because she brought in a dilemma that had to be solved with this family. There is a mystery behind her and why she is scared. I have a feeling of what happened with all the clues Virginia Kantra gives you in the book but I bet we wouldn’t find out until the third book when Luke will be the main character. Lastly there is Josh who was just like his dad in a lot of things but I liked that he came out of his shell more and acted like a teenager throughout the book.

It is nice that the second and third book are available and hopefully my library will be adding more of Virginia Kantra’s books to their collection otherwise I will have to look elsewhere so I could find out what happened in Meg’s story and Luke’s story.

Against the Mark

Against the MarkHaley Warren knew that her father’s death wasn’t accidental after all she learned. Haley will get some help to investigate the truth which leaves her to discover more. More on her parents marriage, the woman her father left them for, but the real danger will be who will soon be after her and Tyler.

Tyler Brodie was helping out Ellie when he took the job to help investigate with Haley. He had a hard time keeping his mind on the job as his thoughts went to Haley who was not to be touched. Tyler will protect Haley from the danger with his life.

Against the Mark is Kat Martin’s ninth book from Raines of Wind Canyon series. This is a very easy series to get wrapped up into. The characters are easy to like and the plot is very easy to understand. Raines of Wind Canyon series tends to have those really tough guys and very attractive women who need help that only they can provide.

Tyler and Haley fit the requirement but there was more to the story than boy saves girl. There is the instant lust and sexual relationship that will follow these two but there is also mystery, the mystery of what happened to Haley’s father. It looked to be a simple accident and digging further there is more to the story. I liked that Martin goes through the plot with the intention of finding the killer. There is a little surprise with who a bad guy was which I didn’t expect to read. Safe to say the bad guy will fall and Haley and Tyler will have that happy ending we all wanted.

I can’t wait to read the next installment of the series.

MacGregors: The MacGregor Grooms

The tenth book of the MacGregor series brings us now to the other eligible men of the MacGregor clan, the grandsons.  Mac was married off in the last but now the time has come for D.C., Duncan and Ian to find their way to the altar with a little help from The MacGregor in The MacGregor Grooms.

The Plot of The MacGregor Grooms:

D.C and Layna will find love but through a different way of setting up.  The MacGregor, the grandfather of the clan, Daniel is telling D.C. that Layna is definitely not the one he should marry.  D.C. agrees until he finds he can’t live without her.

Duncan and Cat find love on the sea very much like Duncan’s parents with the nudge of Daniel and even Duncan’s mother.  Duncan soon finds that Cat is going to be the only woman for him and his wandering days are going to be over.

Ian and Naomi were going to be together.  Ian knew that he wanted her, to be with him, to be his wife.  He did not need to hear that bit of information from his grandfather, even though Daniel did play a part in the matchmaking.  Ian was going to have Naomi even if she didn’t think she was good enough.

Nora Roberts brings us more MacGregors in these three stories of the grandsons from The MacGregor Grooms. The book was charming, funny, and very enjoyable to read.  Daniel’s matchmaking skills will never stop and get rusty.