The Bad Boy of Bluebonnet

The Bad Boy of BluebonnetEmily Allard-Smith needed help with her house. She kept hearing noises and everyone kept telling her it could be haunted. Emily will get some help from a handyman, Jericho, to find out the real problem of her possible ghost. Though when the ghost issue was solved Emily will find that she didn’t want Jericho to leave.

Jericho Lozada was starting over in a new town as a handyman. He will get several jobs but the one he likes most is with Emily. He starts to really feel things for her and will realize it is not just feelings of lust.

The Bad Boy of Bluebonnet is the 4.5 novella of Bluebonnet series by Jessica Clare. I thought this was a fun addition to the series. It was very quick, which it should be since it is a novella. The novella was well balanced with the plot especially as you already knew details about the characters from previous books.

So this book is with a lot of sex that Emily and Jericho have. That is how things start but feelings start to happen and they are wondering if they can take the next step to a relationship. I liked Jericho. At first when he first was mentioned in the series I wasn’t sure if he would be a bad influence, but he wasn’t. He just wanted to work. Emily needed to live a little. She was stuck in her bed and breakfast trying to make things right. I liked that she did not stop trying.

The haunted bed and breakfast was not as it seemed. I was wondering if it would take a different turn but I had a hunch that it wouldn’t because this novella was not a thriller. Everything was kept light and with some steamy scenes.

Well this looks to be the last of the series but you never know, more stories could be added to the series.

The Virgin’s Guide to Misbehaving

The Virgin's Guide to MisbehavingElise Markham has always been shy thanks to a birthmark that she had been born with. She had it fixed but she was always self conscious. She will then meet a man who was unlike anyone she ever met and she will take a chance with. She wanted to live her life and Rome would help her accomplish that.

Rome Lozada had needed a job desperately and had gotten lucky getting one in Bluebonnet. He knew not to screw it up but it looked like that could happen when he started seeing his bosses sister, Elise. Rome knew that nothing with Elise would be permanent but he wanted a chance to be with her for how ever long they had together.

The Virgin’s Guide to Misbehaving is the fourth book to the series Bluebonnet by Jessica Clare. I really liked this book. This book is steamy, though that is pretty much like all Jessica Clare books, but she also writes her characters well.

Elise’s character had been introduced in the third book and her character intrigued me. I had no idea why she was so shy but I wanted to know. You find out that Elisa had a port wine color birthmark that had covered most of her cheek but she had it removed. She was, however, still self conscious and not sure of herself. This is where Rome will come into play because he will help Elise live a little. Rome’s character is a good man who believed in the wrong people, his parents. Because of that mistake he had time in prison. Added with the fact that he is a biker and has tattoos people perception of him are rather judgmental. Elise did not judge him as she knew what it felt like to be judged.

So one thing that Clare has both characters doing was thinking the worst of the situation. They immediately jump to the conclusion that they are no good thanks to their past. Though they’ll get it right in the end.

I am reading what looks like the last book of the series next.

Legend of Jane

Hot Summer NightsLuanne needed money fast after a disastrous boyfriend bled her dry of her funds. She found a way by dressing in a crazy outfit and creating a video blog called Legend of Jane. Her blog will get her doing crazy things and with one incident with cow tipping will lead her to a man that will like all of her.

Legend of Jane is part of the Bluebonnet series by Jessica Clare. It is another novella which is 2.5 in the series. The novella was cute. It wasn’t anything mind blowing or amazing but it was cute.

Luanne was wacky with the things that she was doing for her video blog, but her method was right. People want to see outrage and strange things online. I liked that she wasn’t exactly like that in her normal day. Jane was only her job. Then there is Hank who is the officer that doesn’t put one foot out of line. Now I thought that the romance was a little forced but again that happens in novellas.

There were three other stories which I did read. Though I went into this book just for Jessica Clare’s story.

The Billionaire of Bluebonnet

The Billionaire of BluebonnetTravis Jesson’s grandmother just passed away. It was his job to take care of the house and her pet. Travis will be startled that the pet is a pig named Gregory. This was too much to handle as Travis’s life was too chaotic. He will find help from Risa Moore who was his grandmothers companion. He will feel immediately lust for Risa and know that he wants more, though he will have to find the time in his life.

The Billionaire of Bluebonnet is a novella from the series Bluebonnet by Jessica Clare. This novella is 1.5 in the series. I liked this novella and it was a very fast read. There might not be a lot to the novella but I felt that it got the point across. I will admit it was a little cheesy with how they were acting and if it was a novel the romance could have been a slower build up, but overall I liked the story.

I liked Travis’s character. He was a good man whose life was all about work. He was very driven when it came to his job but there was a softer side to him, it was just buried deep within him. Risa’s character will pull that other side out of him. She was unsure about herself but she was confident at the same time. So when the two of them get together it will certainly get steamy. Now the book isn’t all about the sex between them as there is a humorous side with Gregory the pig. I thought it was a cute addition that helped Travis open up.

I have read some of the series already (book 1, 2, and 3) so all I have to read is 2.5, 4, and 4.5. I will be reading the 2.5 novella next.

The Expert’s Guide to Driving a Man Wild

The Experts Guide to Driving a man wildBrenna is a free spirit and is determined to live life with little to no attachment, whether that is relationships or material objects. She will meet her match when it comes to Grant. She likes to rattle him and loosen him up but when she volunteers to play the fake girlfriend she will notice there is a lot of sex appeal to him. She does not want a relationship but the more time she is with Grant it starts to turn into one. That will have Brenna running scared.

Grant is a man who likes order and everyone to follow the rules. Brenna was a pain in his side as it seems to be her one job was to rattle him. But when he is faced with his matchmaking mother he will be surprised when Brenna pretends to be his girlfriend. He will be even more surprised by the passion that flares between them. He will want more with Brenna but he will find that she is not willing to give her heart to him.

The Expert’s Guide to Driving a Man Wild is the third book to Bluebonnet series by Jessica Clare. I liked the book as Jessica Clare writes steamy, yes, but also characters who can be lighthearted, funny, serious and troubled. I was pulled into the book right away as Brenna was going about doing her job with destroying certain parts so Colt’s dad would have something to fix. It was a fun beginning and Jessica Clare keeps it going throughout the rest of the book.

I liked Brenna as she was truly a free spirit but her loose way of living was starting to drive me crazy in the book. She was getting too out of control and I didn’t like what that was doing to Grant. Then you get to know why Brenna is the way she is and it all makes sense. She is still a little too flighty but combined with Grant’s control they do make a good match. Okay now the character of Grant who is the opposite of Brenna in most everything. He is and will always be in control but with Brenna the control slips through his fingers. It is good for him to loosen up but when you find out what he had gone through it does make sense for his behavior. With these secrets they carried they were actually perfect for each other as these secrets defined who they didn’t want to be.

This is one passion filled, lots of sizzle kind of book because basically Grant and Brenna are having sex and lots of sex on many pages of this book. So this is not a new theme in the series as the previous books had a lot of sex between them. I am going to assume that trend will continue with the fourth book, which stars Elise and obviously Rome, that came out this June. I want to read their story but will let the series grow a little more first.

The Care and Feeding of an Alpha Male

The Care and Feeding of an Alpha MaleBeth Ann Williamson was done with her ex-fiance but no one in the town believed her. She was getting tried of it and when she finds herself stranded she will be bold and ask for a one night stand with Colt Waggoner. No one would believe that she would associate herself with him and she is even more surprised with the passion that flares between them.

Colt Waggoner was ex-military and hated that he had to quit due to injury. He will be even more pissed when he has to rescue the towns princess, Beth Ann. Colt will be shocked that she did not act scared and even more when she asks for a one night stand. Colt will go for it only to be shocked that he wants more.

The Care and Feeding of an Alpha Male is the second book to the series Bluebonnet by Jessica Clare. With the first book read I knew I had found an author I wanted to read more. So I got the second book just to keep going with the series and I really liked it. The second was just as good as the first book.

Beth Ann is not your typical spoiled rich girl. She is determined to make it on her own. I liked the strength she had for herself. She needed to prove that she could do it. Colt was a man who was rough around the edges but was someone you could count on. He makes a mistake and lies to Beth Ann, it was innocent but I knew it would blow up to be a bigger deal as Beth Ann is all about trust.

Once again there is tons and tons of sex in the book. It is fun and steamy between these two characters who were enemies turned lovers. I liked them together as it was sweet and felt real. Now there are obstacles which are namely in the form of one man, Allan. He was a bastard really especially as you find out what he was doing. But he will not stop that ultimate happy ending for Beth Ann and Colt which was a perfect ending for them.

The next story is with Grant who is the third friend of the group and it will more than likely be with Brenna as there is a tension between these two characters. I am going to try and get the book as quickly as I can since I can’t wait to read Grant’s story.

The Girl’s Guide to (Man) Hunting

The Girl's Guide to Man HuntingMiranda Hill will soon be plotting against the man who had broken her trust now that he is back in town. She will seduce him and when he is in a compromising position she will take photos and post them online. She wants him to feel just like she did especially as this small town made her feel horrible with their assumptions and rumors.

Dane Croft was done with woman as he had been burned. The reputation he had was deserved but he was not a home wrecker. Dane will start up a business with his best friends back in his home town. He will be surprised to see Miranda at the class and even more as the passion they felt did not disappear.

The Girl’s Guide to (Man) Hunting is the first book to the series Bluebonnet by Jessica Clare. I liked this novel. It was a very fast read for me and Jessica Clare entertained me with her plot as this was all about revenge for Miranda and she had her sights set on Dane thanks to what happened with them nine years ago and a camera.

Miranda was an interesting character. She had gone through nine years of hell with the stares and whispers from her hometown, yet she stayed. She is moving on with her life now and gets a chance to get back at the man who ruined her. I was cheering for her but for most of the time it didn’t seem right. I didn’t feel that Dane was the bad guy that Miranda thought him to be. The question is now, who took the pictures? It wasn’t hard to figure out and I liked the certain justice that was made in the end. I liked Dane as Clare writes him to have grown up since high school. He learned his lessons and became a new man. He was still a man who enjoyed the good things in life but his life was  now more simple with wanting to work in survival.

So this book, holy cow! There is a lot of sex that is going on with Dane and Miranda. When they were with each other it was nothing but heated glances and lots of passion. Passion that would sizzle and sizzle until it burned.

Now with the ending I wasn’t sure how it would end. Obviously I knew it would have a happy ending but I wasn’t sure how the ending would happen. With how Clare concluded the book it was sweet and funny with how Dane had to fight for Miranda and it left me smiling.

I have the second book which I will be reading next. The second book will be with Beth Ann and Colt which in the first book you could practically hear the sizzle between them.