Sunrise with a Notorious Lord

Sunrise with a Notorious LordChristopher Courtland, Earl of Vanewright, or known as Vane does not want to be married by anyone who his mother wants. Vane will be curious about the one woman, Isabel, who seems to be able to resist him.

Miss Isabel Thorne was in London to give her sister a season. She will be torn to help her sister find a husband as the man their patron wanted for Delia was the man Isabel wanted.

Sunrise with a Notorious Lord is the fourth book to Lords of Vice by Alexandra Hawkins. I had picked up Hawkins book on a whim and found it pretty good. I wasn’t blown away in the beginning but started to like it more as the story went on and you found out more with these characters.

Vane is a man who wants to do his own thing and doesn’t like his mother interfering which I thought was amusing at times. I liked that the rake in him was starting to reform as the idea of Isabel at his side did not have him running away. Isabel’s mission was to take care of her family. I liked that she finally got something of herself. Though they are a long way from a happy ending as there are secrets Isabel has and will sabotage the budding relationship. I am happy to say that the sabotage doesn’t interfere too much with the happy ending. I thought the sabotage was done well and felt bad for Vane and Isabel but because of that they were able to get to know each other.

I felt there was more to this story that I was missing. It wasn’t anything that disrupted from the books story, it was more like the background of Vane and his friends. I wanted to know more about how this group came together and more about his friends.

I have no love loss for Delia, Isabel’s sister. First the girl is too immature and was caught more than once kissing Isabel’s almost betrothed and seems to be kissing another that Isabel truly wants. From all of that I was inclined to dislike her but then in the story she seems to be okay and a decent person. I guess her character confused me, but I would say overall I wasn’t a fan of Delia.

Thanks to the intrigue of these friends who formed the group of Lords of Vice I will be looking out for the beginning books of Alexandra Hawkins series.

Season for Temptation

Season for Temptation (Holiday Pleasures, #1)Julia Herington was happy for her sister, Louisa, but there will be a problem with her new soon to be brother in law has her heart beating for him. She wants him but will have to stay away as she knew that James was not for her.

Viscount Matheson, James, found his betrothed and thought she would be perfect for his wife to be. Everything would be perfect if Louisa’s sister, Julia, wasn’t so appealing to him.

Season for Temptation is the first book from Theresa Romain’s series Season. I was honestly not sure if I would like this book at first. I didn’t want the story to be with having these sisters come to hate each other over a guy. It didn’t end up like that thanks to Louisa as she knew her own mind, and thanks to that I really did like the book.

So I did think at times Julia was a little silly. The thing is I couldn’t help but like her character. She was lively and animated with pretty much always with a smile on her face. You wanted her to find a man to love which happened to be James. Now James was a good man and would go through with his betrothal as it was the right thing to do even though it was Julia that he loved. My heart broke for them because to be together they had to hurt other people, but Romain will give them a chance to find happiness.

I liked Louisa’s character as she was a soft spoken person who did not like going into London and having to play a role, but there is fire. I am interested in how she will change or come out of her shell when having to deal with Xavier in the next book which I will be reading next.

The Trouble with Being a Duke

The Trouble with Being a DukeAnthony Hurst, Duke of Kingsborough, is hosting the annual ball that has not been seen in his house for the last five years. He will be obligated to dance with potential brides but only one will stop him in his tracks. He will pursue her and end in an embrace that is until she runs out on him. He will look for her and find her fairly easily but she will not leap into his arms. Their happy ending will take some persuading.

Isabella Chilcott was meant for another but she wanted a night to forget what was needed to be done. She will find that night at the Kingsborough ball and in the arms of the Duke himself. She knows that the fairytale cannot last and she will flee before she wants more. She thought that night with the Duke would be the last she saw of him but he will be persistent and she will have to decide to follow her honor or her heart.

The Trouble with Being a Duke is the first book to Sophie Barnes series Kingsborough Ball. Overall I liked this book. At first that was not the case as I was almost indifferent, I just wasn’t getting into the story. I guess the beginning didn’t really capture my attention but as I kept turning the pages of the book I was pulled into the story of Isabella and Anthony.

The couple were very different in status and it would be unthinkable of a Duke marrying so low beneath but Anthony will fight through what society thinks and pursue the woman he has come to love. So as I am a sucker for romances Anthony was an ideal man for wanting Isabella despite her ranking. Isabella I liked for the sole reason was that she was honorable. She was going to marry a man she didn’t love to help her parents. Even when she started to have feelings for Anthony she would still do her duty to her family, but not too worry as this is a romance novel and a happy ending will come for the characters.

There are bumps in the road that happen, one is status but the other is the villain aka mean girl. Lady Harriett is a definite mean girl who wants Anthony and will do what she can to ruin Isabella. Barnes will not let Harriett prevail. Barnes also gives a little twist that is something that you could have guessed thanks to some clues.

I will be back for more from Sophie Barnes.

To Catch a Countess

After revisiting the second book to the Douglas Trilogy series I was quick to start turning the pages of the third and final book, To Catch a Countess, of the series.

Victoria Douglas is looking forward to be the wife of Alexander once she gets over her embarrassment with being the last to know. But that is not the only thing Victoria is thriving to accomplish as a reading problem has created her to be self conscious and thought to be stupid. She will strive to become smarter to please her husband but soon will find that she is not the only one who wants to please him. Victoria will fight the love she carries but will only fall on deaf ears.

Alexander Emerson wanted to redeem himself for what his family had done to the Douglas’s. He agreed to a betrothal with Victoria but soon found that she was not one to sit and take orders. Alexander knew he would tame her and did as he seduced her again and again. But life is all not easy especially as Alexander found he loved his wife and obstacles kept pushing them apart making him act rashly.

First all I want it stated that I was very much entranced with the story Patricia Grasso wrote. She has a way to tell a story and to interweave those tormenting scenes of love that you don’t want to read but can’t get enough of especially of the young heroine Victoria. I loved Victoria’s character she was something different and Grasso really played out her innocence in the book which was sweet. So saying all that I was shocked how much cruelty laid in these pages. Alexander for me is the most despicable character so far of Grasso’s hero’s and is almost villain like. He hurts her with every action and every word all because he is too prideful to listen to her. Grasso has often had Aunt Roxie say to her nieces to watch what a man does not what he says, well in this case it seems that our hero doesn’t care if he hurts the woman he loves.

What I didn’t understand was how the family acted at times as no one really defended Victoria until the very end. The fiery tendencies the sisters had were almost gone since their marriages. I didn’t like how meek they were almost. Finally at the end it does improve.

Grasso does write a happy ending but waits until the very end. I appreciated that Grasso didn’t make him the villain he seemed to be portraying, but honestly at the end of the book I hoped that Victoria would make Alexander suffer. She does but really she took him back rather quickly.

Nevertheless as I stated I really liked this book and will be venturing on to Patricia Grasso’s next set of books with the Karanov.

Desert Eden

Heather Devereux is sailing away to meet and marry her French husband. She follows her families wishes but has no liking to her betrothed and longs for adventure. Soon she will find herself with all the adventure she will be able to handle as the ship is taken over by foreign warriors and Heather and her cousin are taken captive. Heather will find herself in a strange land, no family, and a slave to a Ottoman Prince. She will fight with all her strength but will soon find the adventure she has craved with the Prince.

Prince Khalid Beg is known as the “Sultan’s Beast”. His fierce fighting abilities and scar has proven his name and those around him cower in fear. But soon Khalid will find one woman who does not look upon his face in disgust. Thanks to his men he is given a new slave who is the answer for his revenge. He will use Heather and humiliate her in order to teach her obedience but when he is about to be rid of his slave Khalid will rethink getting rid of this woman.

The third book of the Deveraux series is Desert Eden and it was a whole new adventure from Patricia Grasso. So far the sisters of the Deveraux series have been fantastic. Grasso keeps them strong and not wilting flowers when they have to fight. Heather continues the theme of disobedience even more than her sisters making the story very entertaining to read.

Prince Khalid was a character that developed well. You disliked his cruel behavior of Heather in the beginning but throughout the book he changed. She developed that change really well. I liked that she built in the past for both Heather and Khalid that brought them closer together healing each other. Grasso keeps most of the book series with attacks on the sultan or Heather’s dreams but there are comical times especially with Heather’s tactics of disobedience.

The side characters of course were well developed. I especially liked Khalid’s mother. I disliked her but as she was kept in the picture she became a much stronger character and one you wanted to read about. At first I thought she was going to play a villain but that thought had been wrong. The main villain you will know but there are surprises on who are the other villains.

Richard Devereux will now have his chance next in Love in a Mist. 

Twice Fallen

For curiosity sake I went in search of Emma Wildes as I saw the second book from the series Ladies in Waiting was available to check out. Remembering that I did enjoy the first book I wanted to read it right away but first reread One Whisper Away just to refresh my memory. Its been about a year since reading the book and with so many books its sometimes hard to keep track. Once I refreshed my memory I sat back and started Twice Fallen.

Lady Lillian Bourne was cautious of most things she did which would result in another scandal. It was something she did not want to endure, but then again being trapped in a library with a stranger had an appeal to it. Lilly will come face to face with Lord Damien who will help assist her out of her jam as well making her very aware of his presence and one she wouldn’t forget.

Lord Damien Northfield is a retired spy but not for long. He will be helping out a friend with a problem that is if he can keep focus with Lilly wandering around. She was a woman that intrigued him and one he wanted to know more in every way. Damien will lead Lilly to his path every chance he gets but things will get tricky when she is a target.

Twice Fallen was a charming, delightful and sensual sequel for the Ladies in Waiting series. Emma Wildes will keep your attention with the two captivating characters of Damien and Lilly. Lilly I couldn’t wait to read about as she was a contradiction at times with being protective and quiet while standing up to her brother. Damien of course was the knight in shinning armor. The spy business gave him more allure and intrigue to the plot.

Now their story is not the only one being told. James, the cousin of Lilly, will also take a leading role along with the woman he loves Regina. The two side characters, James and Regina, could have easily had their own story as Wildes creates them to be very engaging. James is the ultimate gentleman but has a sensual side especially with a woman like Regina. Now Regina was a brazen woman well at least on the outside. I liked how Wildes gave Regina the back story to have molded her in the woman she is. You feel for the hurt and sensual woman.

Throughout the story the idea of the villain is the person who is blackmailing certain people. Wildes gives the reader an idea who the villain is but it is only revealed at the end when disaster almost hits.

I am definitely interested in how many more books Wildes will continue with this series Ladies in Waiting especially now that the Dowager of Eddington is on the job of matchmaking.

Under Disguise Is A Challenge

Lady In Disguise was a short novel with plenty of characterization and an interesting plot. This was not a favorite but it pulls enough intrigue to keep you reading on how the characters will fare in the novel. From this one novel I am not put off from the author because you always have to try a second round.

Lady Victoria Courtney is in love with Richard but her chances of actually being with him is very slim as he doesn’t care or notice her. When Victoria happens to pass an actress a plan is vised as Victoria will take the actresses part and become the mistress of Henry. This will get her closer to Richard.

Richard, Marquis of Lansdon had a pack which his mother made and he would in no ways fulfill. He would pick which ever girl and it seemed clear it was Charlotte but all is questioned as he encounters Henry’s mistress which he has to watch over.

All fared well towards the end but it was a struggle and Diamond does give a sweet ending even though it was not thought to happen.