UndressedColin Rosemoor is a very good man but has some problems with not knowing always when to quit gambling, which will lead to his ruin. Colin was out for revenge but there was little he could do about it that is until he meets Brenna.

Brenna Maclachlan had been taken from her crib when she was a infant and was raised in Scotland. Twenty six years later her real parents will find her and want her back in England where she belonged. Brenna will return with them but knows that England will never be her home that is until she meets Colin and her feelings start to change.

Undressed is the third book to the series Undone by Love or Ashton/Rosemoor by Kristina Cook. I really love these books. This was another great one to read. I had not been expecting the beginning of the book where Brenna is taken by two people from Scotland who wanted an heir. They had taken the wrong twin but they kept Brenna and raised her as their own. In turn she because a very capable woman who could manage her keep and help her tenants. Brenna will be brave and go to England to have a season but she fully expected to come back to her home.

I liked Brenna’s character because she was independent. She looked out for herself and others. She had a passion and a curiosity but some times did not use her judgment to the best of her abilities. Colin’s character was a gentleman and to be thrown out of his club it destroyed him. His reputation was in ruins but he was out to get revenge against those who wanted to see him ruin. I liked that he didn’t just sit and do nothing but Colin’s character was a little of a “woe as me” kind of guy at times. He will get it together and with the help of Brenna who he doesn’t always deserve. Colin will become a better man but it takes him losing the one thing he truly wanted/loved to become that man.

I wasn’t a fan of her parents I will have to say. I get that what they wanted was their daughter back to them but they did it the wrong way. They threw her into society thinking that she would just get by. Brenna was not like them. If she had not been taken then she would have been like any normal debutante and had been married already.

Their were two villains. One had been Sinclair who had made himself known in the previous books but the other one was a surprise. I knew something was up with the character but I wasn’t really sure. You know they were a pretty nice person though things change. I kind of wanted more done to these two villains as they got away with doing some wrong deeds, well their reputation was ruined which will cause many doors to be shut on them.

So I have one more book to this series which looks to be a prequel to the series.

Betrayed and Hunted

BBetrayed (Vampires in America,  #5.5)etrayed

Raphael is one of the most powerful Vampire Lords out there and with one wrong move a war could breakout. Raphael will have to make choices about territorial lines and whether some allies will be strengthened or weakened but there will be an attempt on his life. They will have to find the traitor and stop him.

So I screwed up and read the sixth book first before Betrayed which means I know what has happened as Reynolds talks about the assassination attempt on Raphael. Now we know that it will take a lot to kill this vampire and hopeful the author will not want to kill off Raphael as he is one of the characters I love reading about. I thought that this novella added a good amount of detail considering it was a novella and it was a good intro to the sixth book and the problems that were going to occur.

HunteHunted (Vampires in America, #6.5)d

The Vampire Lord of the Midwest has fallen to his death and the new territory is up for grabs. Only the strongest vampire will be able to hold on to this territory. Aden will be wanting the job and by helping the Vampire Lords he will have a chance at the territory but first he will have to get rid of the competition and the one who wants vengeance against the Lords.

I am reading Hunted in the correct order this time. Once I finished Betrayed I started to read Hunted as it comes right after the sixth book. I liked this book as it gives us a good idea of who Aden is but I have a feeling there is much more to this vampire and I can’t wait to find out. So the act of revenge was pretty simple and it was a woman scorned, Magada who was an lawyer for Lucas. She has been angry as he assigned away from him and she wanted him to suffer. She will make the wrong move when Raphael’s mate will be in danger. It doesn’t go well for the lawyer.

So the next book I am reading of D B Reynolds is obviously the last book to the series which I own is Aden. I am excited to read his story to find out more about this man and because it is located in Chicago. I have been waiting for Chicago to be part of the series as I am an Illinois resident. Chicago was where I went a lot as a kid for museums and watching professional football, baseball, basketball and hockey live from the stadium. I am wondering what type of detail she will put in for this book to reference the city. I will find out soon as I am reading the seventh book next.

To Charm a Prince by Patricia Grasso

Tormenting love scenes, torturous characters, surprises that didn’t leave a smile on your face and some that did, eternal romance, and endless ups and downs, but amazing to read.

“She is Samantha Douglas, second daughter of a scandalously impoverished earl, a quiet, unassuming miss who is literally swept off her feet at her first London ball by a dashing, mysteries stranger who awakens the passionate woman inside…

He is Prince Rudolf Kazanov, heir to the Russian throne, who has fled his homeland with his English mother and young daughter-and most of the Kazanov fortune.  Though hard and cynical when it comes to matters of loyalty and love, he is enchanted by Samantha’s delicate beauty and sweet innocence.  And as passion draws her into his world, they race to outwit his enemies, hoping with all their hearts that their story will end happily ever after…”

Samantha our lead is seduced into thinking the Prince likes her but she knows that no one will ever really love her, a cripple.  So she is not surprised he does not call upon her when he said he would.  Six months later Samantha is getting ready for her soon to be marriage to Alexander Campbell whom she doesn’t love but is marrying to end a feud.  But her chance of marriage to him is alerted as Rudolf is back and gets Samantha mixed in with his own problems that are dealing with him and his brother, Vladimir.

After surviving the abduction both Rudolf and Samantha journey off to Scotland to keep Vladimir away.  Upon this journey Samantha soon finds she is losing a battle for her heart but that is not all she is losing.  Samantha loses her reputation, her family, her virginity but along the road she gains Rudolf and three strays.  In Scotland for both Rudolf and Samantha everything is bliss, only thing Rudolf wouldn’t due is remarry again because of his first wife, but when they are summoned back to England the old Rudolf disappears.  He has changed to a new person especially when Samantha finds herself pregnant and refuses to marry.  She doesn’t want to trap Rudolf in a loveless marriage.

But Rudolf gets his way along with the families help and gets her to the alter but his first wife interrupts the ceremony.  Of course Rudolf does end up marrying Samantha a few days later, but he had to order her to do it.  But their marriage is anything but bliss.  Rudolf continues to order her around and goes out at night without her to balls and the Times writes about it.  The next day Samantha has to read all about it.  But there is all a motive in all of this torture.

As I was reading this book I feel in love with the two characters of Rudolf and Samantha.  They were very realistic with how they fought at their relationship, but they care for each other.  Rudolf can’t show his feelings and is treating her cruelly to keep her away.  He has a secret that would make Samantha leave him.  I wanted to yell at Rudolf for treating her with such crudeness and to cry with Samantha as her heart breaks.  If the book didn’t end with a happy conclusion I know I would have been very angry, so thankfully there was a fantastic ending.

Overall this was a fantastic, wonderful book to read.   Any good book should get a reaction from the reader and it did.  My reaction to this book had my heart  fluttering and pounding in frustration and anticipation to what would happen next.