Sunset in Central Park

Frankie Cole never thought love was for her because of her parents divorce. She threw herself into work as a designer for gardens. That was her true passion. Frankie will notice things start to change between her best friend Matt, who she liked more than she should’ve. She knew that if something happened between them it would not end well, but Matt will keep pursuing and Frankie will start to wonder.

Sunset in Central Park is the second novel to the series From Manhattan with Love by Sarah Morgan. This was a cute book.

I had to get into more of the novel to really love Frankie. It wasn’t right away but once I was there I really liked Frankie’s character. She was definitely shy and kept people at a distance when it turned romantic. I liked that she finally took a chance and really had a talk with her mother which really helped her find love. Matt’s character was the right man for Frankie. He was sweet to Frankie and wanted the best for her. Also wanted her romantically as he had loved her for years. I wanted Matt to take a chance and tell Frankie, subtle didn’t work with her. There are predictable problems but it makes it all the more sweeter when things go right for them.

I am on the list for the third book which will be about Eva who is the hopeless romantic of the group.

Crash Landing

Crash LandingBillionaire Gibb Martin needed a pilot to get back to the states so he could stop his best friend from making a mistake. He will pay Sophia to take him to Florida but there will be a problem when a storm comes upon them.

Sophia Cruz was a good pilot and loved her job. She took on the job which would pay some of her bills but this will be a challenging job as she had to be very close to Gibb who tempted her. But that will take a step back when a storm will leave them stranded on an island.

Crash Landing is the third book to Stop the Wedding series by Lori Wilde. This is the final book to the series and once again I liked it. It was another cute addition that was filled with some sizzle as the other two had.

I liked Sophia and Gibb as they were worlds apart at least on the outside that is what it appeared to be. Gibb was more down to earth than what was expected which I liked. You liked him more for that. Sophia was strong and fierce when in a tough situation.

Now the situation of a couple on an island you knew that it would lead only one way. They will steam up the pages but what happens after the island? A happy ending will come their way but it will take Gibb to get a grip on his feelings. That will only happen thanks to his friend whose wedding he was trying to stop.

As a whole I liked the series. It held my attention, had some humor, some sizzle and a good group of characters.

Goddess of the Hunt

Goddess of the HuntLucy Waltham needs to stop Toby’s proposal but she needed to practice seducing him. She immediately turned to her brothers best friend Jeremy. She only wanted to practice but it turned to much more where she was starting to feel things for Jeremy even though they were polar opposites.

Jeremy Trescott, Earl of Kendall was at his friends house on holiday. He never expected his friends sister to start kissing him in his bedroom. Jeremy pushed her away but now her lips were sketched into his brain and he only wanted more. He wanted Lucy to feel things for him and not Toby.

I am new to Tessa Dare and I wanted to try out the series Spindle Cove but none were available, so I went for another book from the series Toby and Isabel Trilogy, Goddess of the Hunt. I have to say I thought this was a great intro to how Dare writes and draws you into the book. She has a way with the words she uses and how she creates her characters. I was drawn quickly into the book wanting to know how Lucy’s plan of seduction would obviously fail when it comes to Toby but succeeds with the unlikely Jeremy. I thought there was humor between Lucy and Jeremy when it came down to the banter between them but it quickly sizzled with every look Jeremy sent towards Lucy. I loved how awkward but yet bold Lucy became in the book and how Jeremy was cold to most people but turned on the heat when he put his sights on Lucy.

The rest of the characters Dare gives you insight on how they act especially as Toby and Sophia’s story will continue with the other two books of the series. Now with Toby I liked his character but I was annoyed as he was a little too selfish and that he was aware he was hurting Lucy’s feelings. Things will all work out well with the exception at the very end with the little surprise which will continue to the second book in Sophia’s story. I was left intrigued and looking forward to continuing this series.