The Bad Boy of Bluebonnet

The Bad Boy of BluebonnetEmily Allard-Smith needed help with her house. She kept hearing noises and everyone kept telling her it could be haunted. Emily will get some help from a handyman, Jericho, to find out the real problem of her possible ghost. Though when the ghost issue was solved Emily will find that she didn’t want Jericho to leave.

Jericho Lozada was starting over in a new town as a handyman. He will get several jobs but the one he likes most is with Emily. He starts to really feel things for her and will realize it is not just feelings of lust.

The Bad Boy of Bluebonnet is the 4.5 novella of Bluebonnet series by Jessica Clare. I thought this was a fun addition to the series. It was very quick, which it should be since it is a novella. The novella was well balanced with the plot especially as you already knew details about the characters from previous books.

So this book is with a lot of sex that Emily and Jericho have. That is how things start but feelings start to happen and they are wondering if they can take the next step to a relationship. I liked Jericho. At first when he first was mentioned in the series I wasn’t sure if he would be a bad influence, but he wasn’t. He just wanted to work. Emily needed to live a little. She was stuck in her bed and breakfast trying to make things right. I liked that she did not stop trying.

The haunted bed and breakfast was not as it seemed. I was wondering if it would take a different turn but I had a hunch that it wouldn’t because this novella was not a thriller. Everything was kept light and with some steamy scenes.

Well this looks to be the last of the series but you never know, more stories could be added to the series.

Whispers At Midnight

Whispers at MidnightCarly Linton was back in her the home where she moved to when she was a little kid. With the help of her friend they were opening a bed and breakfast for the town but a burglar will make things difficult for them. Carly will soon find out that the burglar was after her.

Matt Converse was sheriff in the small town. He had many responsibilities which included protecting his town, his sisters and now the woman that he had known twelve years ago. Matt will make it his mission to protect Carly and find the person who was after her.

Whispers at Midnight is a novel by Karen Robards. First off loved this book. I was pulled into the plot and could not put it down. I started this book right after dinner and did not stop reading until I reached the last page. There was a desire to find out the person who was after Carly and who killed those other two woman.

Matt is an interesting character. He is the sheriff and a big brother so he is over protective but he is sometimes a little too obtuse. Carly was a girl in love with the bad boy and was heartbroken. She gets the chance at heartbreak again when she lets him in. Together they had a certain sarcasm which played out between them. It was their way of talking it seemed but it fit as they were both too afraid to take that next step. They will get it right, it just takes some danger, a little jealousy and some honesty.

Alright the mystery of the man was not obvious when I was reading it. At first I kept thinking who would be after Carly and how were they connected. Well you find out it was the institution where children lived when they had nowhere else to go. That was the obvious connection but the thought of what happened stayed with me. I kept thinking about what could have happened and I didn’t really have a clue that is until the mystery was solved. I was shocked with what happened, it was pretty disturbing. Robards writes out those surprises well and it will keep you on your toes throughout the story.

Half Moon Hill

Half Moon Hill (Destiny, #6)Anna Roma was picking up the pieces of her life by starting her own bed and breakfast in her home town. She will work long and hard on fixing up the house but will be getting some help by an unsuspecting person, Duke Dawson.

Duke Dawson needed some space from people and found the cabin. It was his own small place to reflect with what happened with the accident he went through. Duke was not expecting Anna in his life but she will be there making him see life a little differently.

Half Moon Hill is the sixth book to Destiny series by Toni Blake. I thought that this book was another great one in the series. I still have to read the second book to finish the series completely. I haven’t gotten it yet but I figure I will get it eventually.

I remember reading the fifth book and really not liking Anna. I figured that she would change in the sixth book and she did. It was a good thing otherwise it was going to be difficult for me to enjoy this book. She is not as cold as she was and is now finding her place in this town. She is taking charge of her future by creating this bed and breakfast. It really was a relief that she was nicer because I couldn’t stand how she was with Amy and how she almost stole Logan away. Now Duke is the other side of this equation and I found him fascinating. He was a big biker dude but he has gone through a tough time and was recouping.

The idea of this journal was interesting as it certainly parallels some aspects of Anna and Duke. The part of not taking a chance was clearly when Anna found herself to be brave and tell Duke how she actually felt which was sweet. Though with those words a happy ending is not to be given that is until Duke can let go and move on as well.

I don’t know if more will come with this series but I would definitely be willing to read more. I will be going after more of her books regardless.

Vacation or Survivor?

Out of this World was not what I was expecting. Knowing that this book is from Jill Shalvis I should have known it would not be the average story and in this case it dealt with another dimension altogether.

Rachel Bond is a free spirit and doesn’t take responsibility seriously that is until she inherits a bed and breakfast from her great aunt. Rachel is going there for the weekend with her best friends brother. She expects it will be simple but once they get to this isolated B&B in Alaska nothing is what it seems along with the sudden interest she has for Kellan.

Kellan McInty took his sisters place to help Rachel. He wanted to spend time with her, always but she never noticed. Traveling to Alaska will let Kellan be shown in a new light for Rachel but it is not that easy. Kellan will soon understand that something very different is going on.

Jill Shalvis is an author who is a creative writer with her witty and at times strange plots with lots of sexual desire. I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It was quirky and you didn’t know what was going on but learned as the story was being told.

The sexual desire of Rachel and Kellan was very exposlivs and exciting to read. I was sad to think it was all because of the situation but Shalvis gives an ending you will be happy with.

Now how Shalvis wrote the book was fun to read. I liked the first person point of view with Rachel but she also gave it from Kellan. The switch of point of views was clear and not confusing.

Out of this World was fun and quirky novel to read and will get you into the mood to want to read more of Jill Shalvis.

The Accidental Vampires

Victor Argeneau couldn’t believe any immortal would put an ad for a lifemate in a newspaper but it had happened. Victor and his friend DJ traveled to the small town to find out that they were not the only ones to answer the ad. Of course Victor wasn’t here on pleasure but for business with the council. With four other immortals Victor must find out what is going on with this woman. And problems occur when they are started to be attacked.

Elvi Black as she is called is a vampire for now five years. She became one in her sixties but now she looks like a twenty five year old woman. In this town she is loved and cared for but now things are changing. New vampires are here to court her and she is finding out that she can eat food as well something she gave up five years ago. Elvi finds it ridicules with all the attention from her suitors but the only one she wants is Victor. But there are other things to worry about especially with arrows being shot at her and being locked in a shed.

The seventh book of the Argeneau Family series was very engaging to read. I liked how Sands is getting all the oldest immortals to find their lifemates or a second chance. Elvi’s character was very naive and almost to a point of annoying I will say. There is a misunderstanding at the end which involved Elvi and she is all very forgiving where most would be a little more outraged for being attacked.

Victor’s character was entertaining as well as he was stuffy at first but let himself go when he finds his lifemate with Elvi. Sands gives humor to the book with the other suitors and makes you think they are all lifemates but there are subtle hints about what is true or not.

The other side story is with Mabel, Elvi’s best friend, and DJ. They are lifemates as well and find each other in the book. They were very funny to read as DJ was very persistent and Mabel scared due to her age.

I learned something new in the series that if a person is changed at sixty years old they are transformed into a twenty five to thirty year old. As reading the series I did not realize that happened but it made sense as Sands described the nanos to put the person at the physical peak. I liked that it gave Elvi and Mabel the chance to find love once again.

The eighth book of the Argeneau Family series will have Thomas searching for his own lifemate.