Desire Becomes Her

Desire Becomes HerGillian Dashwood had enjoyed her first marriage in the beginning but her husband had changed and he became a different man, a man that she did not love especially as he offered her up to pay a wager. Gillian will find freedom when her husband will be murdered and she is suspected but never accused. She survives the rumors but two years later the rumors are there and someone knows what had happened about her husbands wager that night. She will find help from Lucien Joslyn who is a friend of her uncle’s. Together they will find out what happened that night and more.

Desire Becomes Her is the sixth to the series Becomes Her by Shirlee Busbee. I absolutely loved this book. I liked the previous one but it didn’t grab me. I was grabbed right away into the plot with the sixth book and only wanted more which propelled me to continue with the book. I kept flipping the pages wanting to know who was the murderer.

I liked Gillian and how strong she had to make herself become especially with her first husband. She built a tough exterior especially with the rumors but Luc will break through them. His seductive ways will help him in that task. Within the last book you got to know him but now you get to read about his character and yes he is charming and seductive but you liked him because he wasn’t a bad man. I was cheering for Gillian and Luc to find a way to be with each other and of course they do. I also liked that they were a team especially when it came down to finding the murder but Luc still kept things from Gillian and she was the same way. That will not stop love from blooming and when trust happens their happy ending is not far behind.

There was more mystery within the novel which got my interest because there was something to solve. I will say that I did not guess the villain but it made sense once they were revealed.

As I am done with the series it is time to move on to another author.

Rapture Becomes Her

Rapture Becomes HerEmily Townsend took it upon herself to save her family from ruin and she started smuggling goods where she was the leader. She will find herself entering dangerous waters especially when her men bring back a man who appeared to have almost drowned.

Barnaby, the new Viscount Joslyn, had been almost killed by drowning. He will do whatever he can to find out who had tried to kill him. He will find help from the woman who had helped save him. Together they will find out the villains.

Rapture Becomes Her is the fifth book to the series Becomes Her by Shirlee Busbee. Throughout reading this series I have liked these books and I will say that I liked the book but it wasn’t my favorite among the others. There was nothing wrong with the book. The writing was well done and I liked the characters of Emily and Barnaby. I thought the idea of the smuggling ring was interesting plot especially with how Emily played into the smuggling.

This story had several villains that drifted around the book that were some for Emily and some for Barnaby. Well needless to say our hero’s were able to get rid of their villains with the help of each other and others around them.

I will be reading the sixth book next which is the last book of the series.

Passion Becomes Her

Passion Becomes HerAsher Cordell has lived a life of crime to help support his family. He will be be ready to walk the straight and arrow but he will do one last theft which will have him finding Juliana in the same study searching Ormsby desk. He is intrigued with why Juliana was searching in the study and when asked to help he does not hesitate.

Juliana Greeley was desperate to find her sisters letters in Ormsby study. She will not get the chance as he had followed her into the room but Asher who had already been in there saved her by hiding her. She will enlist the help of Asher to find the letters which will lead them down a dangerous path.

Passion Becomes Her is the fourth book from the series Becomes Her by Shirlee Busbee. Another great book from the author.

I was right about the gentleman from the previous book who had abducted Isabel being the main character in this book. You know got to know his identity and more about this thief who was not a terrible man, he did what he had to do for his family. Juliana was very much the same way as she was doing what she could for her family who was being blackmailed, really her younger sister who was being blackmailed. She was brave to take upon the task but will find help from her old friend, Asher. Between these two characters there will be plenty of passion that is explosive with them and love will quickly blossom between as they band together to stop the blackmailer.

The villain is obliviously the blackmailer, who is Ormsby. He is a vile man who only wants what he wants and will do whatever he needs to get what he wants. There will be more to him but it is not to make him look good, in fact he will be viewed even worse if that was possible. I liked the twist that Busbee gives which will lead to another twist in the book that will bring forward a realization of a truth that had been hidden.

I will be reading the fifth book next.

Surrender Becomes Her

Surrender Becomes HerMarcus Sherbrook was a trustworthy man and was almost the perfect man except for the incident when his ward had fled and ran to India with a man she married. Now his ex-ward, Miss Isabel Dunham was back after a decade of being away from England. Marcus will find out that she is being blackmailed and he will do anything to help her.

Surrender Becomes Her is the third book to the series Becomes Her by Shirlee Busbee. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. I was pulled in but I will admit that it was not right away. It took me several more pages to get to know these characters, even though you already knew Marcus, but once you really got to know them I was hooked and wanted to continue on until the end.

Marcus was a gentleman and a man you could trust. He was a good man that wanted to do right and was not a passive one as he knew how to fight. I liked that even though Isabel vexed him he was there to help her no matter what. Then there was Isabel who was holding a secret that she carried. I figured out the secret pretty early on or at least guessed the right secret. Isabel was a strong woman and would do anything to protect those she loved. I liked that she stayed true and did the best she could with the life that she had chosen for herself.

The villain was clearly Whitley who wanted to blackmail Isabel but there were more involved on another quest for the French, there was more to the story. I liked that the gentleman who was never named was not much of a traitor as the other man. My guess is the man’s identity will be resolved in the fourth book, Passion Becomes Her, which I will be reading next.

Seduction Becomes Her

Seduction Becomes HerDaphne Beaumont was struggling to keep her family together when a sizable inheritance comes to her brother. Their future seemed to be looking up. Daphne will have a problem when she gets stuck in a cave and a man will come to her rescue and will have to marry as they were stuck together for two nights. At first she is outraged but will find that Charles Weston was an intriguing man.

Charles Weston had come to Cornwall to track down a murderer. He will be sidetracked when he will find himself being married after two nights stuck in a cave with her. He is not heartbroken about the decision and will be intrigued by his new wife and will make it his mission to show her that they could make it work.

Seduction Becomes Her is the second book to the series Becomes Her by Shirlee Busbee. I had read the first book to the series a while back and thoroughly enjoyed the story. The second book was also very entertaining. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series which I have already checked out of my library.

Daphne was a strong woman with a lot of responsibility on her shoulders. She will get help from Charles who will end up marrying her but I like that she keeps him at a distance for a little. Of course you are happy for their chemistry which is explosive when they take that second step. From the first book Charles seemed like an enemy but turned out like to be a good man. You continue to see him as a good man in the second book. He is charming and very good in his seductive ways but an all around good man. Though he was a man who was tormented with what he had done and what he needed to do about his brother Raoul who was still out there.

Busbee is continuing the theme of supernatural. Like the first book Nell had vivid nightmares of people being murdered over the years since her accident. Daphne will not have dreams but will see ghost who will be helpful in surviving a dangerous threat that will be after her. I liked how the ghost interacted throughout the book and that Busbee gave the setting of the old house with secret passages which helped create the scene.

The villain is obviously Raoul who had survived and continued to murder. He is a vile men who will keep going if he was not stopped. There will not be a happy ending for Raoul as it should be with villains.

I am continuing the series with the third book.

Scandal Becomes Her

Nell Anslow has been damaged for ten years after a riding accident. She is known as an heiress and men are trying to find a way to carry her off to marriage. Nell found herself in that dilemma until she was able to find a way to escape to a cottage but Nell will find herself not alone in the morning and soon she will find herself engaged to a man she knows nothing about.

Julian, Earl of Wyndham swore marriage off after his first wife. She made him miserable and he had no need to do that again. But when he found himself in a new marriage to this woman, Nell, he was not so unhappy. He could start seeing a life with Nell as she was not the normal quiet woman and made him laugh. But marriage would be hard as they are trying to a way to get to know each other and to avoid the family problems.

Scandal Becomes Her caught me right in the beginning. I actually really liked the book. It started as a regency novel but it took a different turn and into the paranormal. Nell finds that she is able to see into this killer but she doesn’t know it is real. These visions had been thought of dreams, nightmares, and nothing more. I liked how Shirlee Busbee blended paranormal as it was not the focal point but an added addition which gave the novel something unexpected.

Busbee’s playfulness in the character of Julian was surprising and gave the novel a fun outlook on the novel even with the dangerous accidents which follow the characters. Nell was not much of a surprise in her character but what happened to her with her dreams gave her much more intrigue and I wanted to know more about what did happened to her.

Shirlee Busbee’s first novel of the series Becomes Her was well written and I am left wanting to know more after reading Scandal Becomes Her. There are so far five novels to the series, Scandal Becomes Her, Seduction Becomes Her, Surrender Becomes Her, Passion Becomes Her, and Rapture Becomes Her.

It makes me wonder though if Busbee will bring in the paranormal through the rest of her novels.