How to Catch a Wild Viscount

How to Catch a Wild ViscountCecily Hale has waited for Luke Trenton for four years. Her love never disappeared for this man even though he had changed. Cecily will make sure that Luke knows it is safe for them to be together, that her love for him will never leave.

How to Catch a Wild Viscount is a novella written by Tessa Dare. I liked this book. Although I will have to say it wasn’t in the same category of the Spindle Cove series, which I loved. I thought that the novella could have been given more detail regarding these two characters. A little more back story, though you get the story between them within the novella.

I liked Cecily. At first I wondered if she was just going to be a naive girl but she was a mature woman who knew who she wanted to be with. She had grown up and was compassionate for others around her. Luke was tortured with what he had gone through in the last four years. He had been like a beast when he had to kill others who were out to kill him. He felt that he wasn’t right for Cecily even though he did want her.

There was also a legend that was within the story of a beast that these friends are on the hunt for and that gets Cecily into some trouble. Though she will be rescued by a different kind of beast.

The Bride and the Beast

The Bride and the BeastGwendolyn Wilder will be the most sensible person in her village but that will get her nowhere when the villagers believe that a dragon lives in the abandoned castle. The villagers believe to make the dragon happy a virgin sacrifice is needed and Gwendolyn is volunteered. She knows there is no dragon but she is still afraid of what will come to her when she comes to the castle.

The Bride and the Beast was fantastic. This is a novel by Teresa Medeiros and I couldn’t stop reading the story. Personally I think it is because it reminded me so much of Beauty and the Beast, which was my favorite story when I was a child. There was something enchanting with the story.

I loved Gwendolyn’s character. She was a woman of sense, was brave and tried to do what was right. It was kind of ridicules with the villagers and how they thought sacrificing Gwen would solve anything. I was kind of mad at the sisters who didn’t really fight to help their sister. The two older ones were not great sisters, at least Kitty had some sense even if it was a little. Now the Dragon as he called himself but his true identity was someone who was out for revenge. There was a need for revenge as that was what he had concentrated on for most of his life. There was no room for love for the Dragon but you knew Gwen would be the one to make him change.

There was a little surprise about the person who betrayed the Dragon’s family, which I had wondered about. Though the person who had betrayed the Dragon’s family will not be discovered until close to the very end. I liked that it was concluded and that the Dragon had to work for what he had lost with Gwen.

Lover Eternal

Lover EternalRhage is part of the brotherhood who hunts down the lessers who are out to destroy them. Rhage is unlike his brothers as he is cursed with a beast that will transform him if he becomes enraged or if he doesn’t satisfy his beast with women. He longs for the beast to leave him and for the comfort of just one woman. Rhage will get the chance with Mary Luce but he will have to keep her safe from himself and the lessers.

Mary Luce has lived a hard life with her mother dying of cancer and herself getting cancer once again. She didn’t want to go through the cancer again as it nearly killed her last time. Her mind wouldn’t be on the cancer as she will meet Rhage and get tangled up in the lives of the brotherhood.

Lover Eternal is the second book to the series Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward. I really loved this book. I had to keep putting the book down as I had other things to do but when I picked up the book again I fell right back into the story. There was no confusion or boring moments for me, so reading the book flew by quick.

I like this idea of the brotherhood and with each book you learn more and more about the members who are part of the group. I liked Rhage and was intrigued by him and this curse that he was given. You would think that for a guy having one woman after another would be a good thing but for Rhage it was getting old and he wanted more. That’s when Mary comes into the mix. She will be that something more for Rhage but it wouldn’t be right away. There is jealousy and trust issues on both sides. For me I thought they were both holding back as they were also afraid. Rhage was afraid of his beast and Mary was afraid of the her cancer and having someone she loved watch her die.

The bad guys are still the lessers and some of the recruits are pretty insane. There will be trouble for Bella who is Mary’s neighbor as she will get tangled up with the lessers and it will be up to the brotherhood to protect her but that saving will have to come in the third book. Now as the endings go I was in agony when Rhage made the deal to lose Mary but it would keep her alive. I wanted to shout at the book though things will work itself out in the end as the deal will be rewritten.

I am reading the first three books of the series back to back and so far I am really loving this series. I am reading the third book next with Zsadist and his story intrigues me, I want to find out more and hope that he will be saved.

The Mad, Bad Duke

The Mad, Bad DukeMeagan Tavistock was helping a friend when they went to get a love spell. Meagan was told to keep the talisman by her friend and she soon finds that this talisman will work on the intended. She will be helpless to resist him even though resisting is the furthest thing from her mind, but once the spell wears off where will it leave her.

Alexander, the Grand Duke of Nvengaria, is on a mission given by Prince Damien. He is to watch the King of England but will soon be distracted when a love spell occurs and Meagan soon comes into his life. Alexander will find that he will also be discovering the other side of himself as the love spell triggers it.

The Mad, Bad Duke is the second book to the series Nvengaria by Jennifer Ashley. I wanted to remind myself what this series was about so re-read the first book. I had remembered the characters of Penelope and Damien but I didn’t remember all the details, so re-reading helped to get me back into this world of magic that the surrounds these characters. Ashley follows the same path from the first book to the second one. Magic plays a strong hand in the book as well as the creatures logosh who are magical but also thought as wild creatures.

The character Meagan is strong and fierce within the book but you could not tell that at first glance. She is more on the quiet side but will not shrink away from glares or gossip especially when it involves the man she loves, Alexander. I loved that what started this all was a love spell that was for a friend of hers. We find out more of the truth about the witch and find out who she paired up in the past with the same type of love spell. I was so happy that Meagan got the man she loved in the end. Alexander was fantastic but there was a hidden side, a more dangerous side if not controlled. It was interesting to read how he got that control and learn to cope.

What I found interesting was the logosh. Ashley does not call it shapeshifting but basically that is what happens as the logosh can look human but turn into a different form. It was an interesting way of writing about these creatures that was well done.