Lover at Last

Lover at LastQhuinn had thought he always wanted a female to mate with and to have a young, but it was difficult when he had feelings for his best friend. His feelings were getting more powerful especially when he realized that those feelings had turned to love. Qhuinn was going to take a chance and show Blay how he truly felt.

Lover at Last is the eleventh book to the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward. So I liked the book because it was with Blay and Qhuinn and their struggle with being together. What I found distracting was all the other stories that were being told. This is nothing new to the series but there are times I wish that the the books were a little more focused in on one story per book. I wanted more with Blay and Qhuinn especially as the last several books had been leading up to this moment. Though the book was good.

I liked Qhuinn’s character. He was a good warrior but he couldn’t win the inner struggle that he had inside him. Qhuinn loved Blay but it was too late as Blay found someone to be with. Though we know that Ward wouldn’t let that happen especially as Blay truly loved Qhuinn and only him. Now Blay’s character was always quiet and steady. He loved Qhuinn for many years and your heart broke for him. I was okay with Saxton being with Blay because I knew that it would not be forever. Blay becomes a little cold in the book but it was understandable as he was trying to distance himself from Qhuinn. So the whole distancing from each other will not work obviously which will bring a happy ending. This was an ending I really liked. It was sweet and a little corny but I couldn’t help but like it.

Alright so one of the stories in the book that I didn’t mind was when Layala was around and how her pregnancy was progressing and the problems that occurred. I wanted everything to be right with Layala and not so she and Qhuinn could have a happy ending together, because that wasn’t going to happen, but so she can have someone to truly love. Though with how the story is going with Layala I am guessing that she wouldn’t be alone, there will be another in her life and that will not be with Qhuinn. At least that is a guess with the direction Ward seems to be going towards.

I am reading the twelfth book next.

Too Good to Be True

Too Good to Be TrueGrace Emerson had a habit of making up boyfriends to make herself not so lonely. She will make him up again when her ex-fiance starts to date her younger sister. She will get herself into hot water with the lie that will have her rethinking what she wanted, which just might be her neighbor Callahan O’Shea.

Too Good to Be True is a novel by Kristan Higgins. This was another fantastic book from the author. She writes these stories well and makes you feel for these characters.

Grace was a strong character just not when confronting her feelings. She hid behind her fake boyfriends. I liked that she grew up during this book and stopped being a coward around her family. Now Callahan I knew wasn’t a bad guy. He was an ex-con but he had not done the crime. You find out the whole story throughout the plot. I found myself cheering for Grace and Callahan but was waiting for the downfall that would happen between them.

So I was ready to dislike the sister Natalie thinking that she was a home wrecker but I found out that wasn’t the case. She was a good person, a little spoiled and babied. I was a little mad that she went for Andrew even though Grace said it was okay. Andrew however I did dislike especially at the end of the book. He was unbelievable and deserved what he had gotten.

The ending of the book took a turn I didn’t see coming, which I thought was perfect. There was some justice for Grace and she got her happy ending, which I had cheered for since the beginning of the book.

Love in the Afternoon

Love in the afternoonBeatrix Hathaway loved animals no matter what type of animal came her way. She was kind and considerate but odd in society’s eyes. She has a hard time accepting society’s rules so she doesn’t follow them which can land her with troublesome rumors. Beatrix will land herself in trouble when she takes over corresponding for her friend Prudence and with each letter she will fall deeper in love with Captain Christopher Phlean.

Captain Christopher Phlean wanted one woman and thanks to her letters he survived the battles. Christopher will be baffled when he starts to feel things for Beatrix who he had nothing in common and fall out of love with Prudence who seemed different from the letters. He will find out the truth and find that there was one woman he wanted to be with, but first he would have to conqueror his own battles.

Love in the Afternoon is the fifth book to the series Hathaways from Lisa Kleypas. I thought this was a good finish to the series as it wrapped up all the unconventional Hathaways with their own happy marriages and ever growing families. Kleypas brings a little something more with Beatrix’s many animals and Christopher’s haunted reality.

I liked Beatrix and her unconventional ways with her animals. She cared for many and had quite a collection that made her odd to many, but she was one who had a compassionate nature. She had that way with humans as well and Kleypas keeps that up through the entire book with her trying to heal Christopher from all that he had suffered. She wrote to letters to keep him going which did pay off even though it was deceitful. I felt that Christopher was going to be cruel to the person who deceived him with writing those letters as that was how he was acting, but he does not go that route. He will be kind to her and understanding which did make sense because he was half in love with her already. He will have to face his demons and guilt for surviving and not helping more of his men especially his best friend. He will be saved thanks to Beatrix.

There is no real villain that plagues the pages. Prudence is not really a good person as she is a little too vain but she is in the story very shortly. There will be a problem towards the end of the book but all will work itself out in the end leaving everyone with their own happy ending.

This is the last book I have to read from Lisa Kleypas at least for right now but I will be back for more. Maybe trying another series or just go straight for some of her novels.

To Beguile a Beast

To Beguile a BeastSir Alistair Munroe lives in his castle in solitude. His life will be turned upside down when a woman and her children storm his castle. Alistair will be reluctant to have them stay but will let them. He will start to find something to live for after all that he has suffered.

Helen Fitzwilliam has lived a life that has drained her over the years. She lives as a prisoner and finally takes the chance to get away. She will get a job as a housekeeper in Scotland to an impossible man. He will be scarred but Helen will see that he is not the beast he portrays.

To Beguile a Beast is the third book to Legend of the Four Soldiers from Elizabeth Hoyt. I started this book in the early afternoon and I kept at it until the last page. I was easily brought into the story with Helen and Alistair and found myself enjoying their story.

With the characters you learn more and more about them as the story goes on. I wanted Helen to find happiness and get away from the controlling Duke. Her kids were a cute touch in the book giving Alistair a chance to become friendlier and not so voided of emotions. Helen was out of her element but became more resourceful and stronger. Alistair makes a dramatic change as well with becoming more lighthearted with the kids and Helen but he is still a man scared to go out into public because of his appearance. The interesting thing was his injury took place at the battle where Vale and Samuel were and who are still looking for the traitor. Hopefully the fourth book will have answers of the betrayal.

The villain is clearly the Duke of Lister who wants nothing but to get back what he wanted. There is no great battle between the hero or the villain, more like the hero being clever enough to out smart the villain.

The next book is To Desire a Devil which is the fourth and final book of the series.

A Warrior’s Taking

A Warrior's TakingBrogan Mac Lochlainn has heard of the magical stone that holds great power and he now needs this as he is in charge of the protection of the clan. Brogan will travel far into the future to find that stone at Ravenfield and will find unexpected help.

Sarah Granger is the governess to her two charges and protector. On a chance walk of the beach she will find a man on the sand. Sarah will be weary of the stranger knowing there is more to his story, but will find herself melting whenever he is near.

I have tried the second book of this series Warrior by Margo Maguire and after been blown away with the plot and characters there was no doubt I would love this book, and I did. A Warrior’s Taking was a great first book to the series and started this quest of the stone out right.

Now once again it took me a moment to get into it because the magic is not something I always read about but it was well down by Maguire. I loved reading about Brogan and Sarah’s story because I already knew the outcome thanks to the ending of the second book. Brogan is the tough warrior, the older brother and has the task being put on himself. He doesn’t understand much of these people but he will find himself helping Sarah find a future. Sarah was a character that was strong to the fault and tried to protect her charges knowing that danger could fall on her doorstep.

The mystery of this magic and the enemies that follow Brogan will have an impact in the story and of course follow into the second one. I did like the idea of time traveling and how they go about finding what they need to save them.

A Warrior’s Taking is a love story that literally travels through time and a really great two part book series.

The Key

Duncan Dunbar did not want a wife definitely not an English one but here he was getting married. He was happy to see that his wife was beautiful but annoyed as she made demands. He started to see things change and Duncan was resistant until he found himself wanting to change.

Iliana Wildwood was used to running a household but she was exhausted issuing orders for her new home. Nothing was clean or kept the way it should have been but to save her mother she would stay here. Iliana soon found herself wanting her husband and hoping for a happy marriage but there would be trials of trouble blocking their happiness. She would need to work together with her husband to save them.

As the second book, The Key, it was enjoyable to read as Lynsay Sands engages the reader with her characters and plot. Since reading the book out of order I already knew the outcome of the battle but it was enjoyable to read about what happened in detail.

Iliana was a surprise which I liked as she was shy at first but not with orders. She was what they needed to get them into shape. Duncan was used to his own way and avoided change but gave in for the love of his woman.

The betrayal of the book was subtle and if I hadn’t read the third book I wouldn’t have known right away. Sands makes one villain very clear in the book as he is the one  the woman are running from.

Sands creates these books in a series but could be read and understood on their own. I recommend reading the series in chronological order.