Rules for a Proper Governess

Rules for a Proper GovernessSinclair McBride was a skilled barrister and took his job seriously. He had little time for anything but his job, even his children. His children were known to run wild and go through governess’s. Sinclair will find a solution has fallen into his lap when Bertie agreed to be the governess.

Roberta Bertie Frasier was from the gutters of England and was a thief. She will quickly find herself going from thief to governess as she will be hired by Sinclair McBride, a man she had tried to steal from. Though Bertie will find that she wouldn’t just be a governess but also the woman for Sinclair.

Rules for a Proper Governess is the seventh book to the series Mackenzies/Highland Pleasures. I really loved this book. I was swept right into the story.

Bertie’s character was lovable. She had a goodness about her even though she was a thief. She wanted to be better, always tried to help and cared greatly. Sinclair was a man that was drifting through life but he will get an awakening when Bertie comes into his life. I liked that he started to loosen up and had become the man he used to be.

The lust between the two of them was steamy and very passionate, and there was a lot of sex. I don’t think those scenes overwhelmed the book but they were very present. It made sense with Sinclair as he had been a man that had run wild. He let himself live again with Bertie.

I loved the children, Andrew and Cat. They were adorable and starved for attention for their father. They will get along with Bertie because she takes the time to get to know them. If Jennifer Ashley keeps writing the series I hope she will will write some stories on the children of these McBrides and Mackenzies.

I have only one more to read which is The Mackenzie Clan Gathering.

How to Woo a Reluctant Lady

How to Woo a Reluctant LadyLady Minerva Sharpe loved Giles Masters since she was a little girl but fell out of love at nineteen with him, or at least that was what she told herself. Minerva will find that she will get a chance to be with the man when she sets a plan in place to become engaged to a rake which would be unacceptable in her grandmothers eyes. The problem happens when she finds that Giles really wants to marry her.

Giles Masters was a barrister and very good at his job along with his other job being a spy. Giles will know that it is time to settle down and when he finds a add in the paper for Minerva he knows that she would be the perfect wife. He had feelings for her since he kissed her senseless nine years ago. He will now get the chance but will have to hide his past from his clever wife.

How to Woo a Reluctant Lady is the third book to the series Hellions of Halstead Hall by Sabrina Jeffries. Well I have really liked the previous two books but I have to say that Minerva might be my favorite, at least so far.

Minerva is a very witty person and I love that she is an author despite her family’s annoyance. She was also strong willed and clever especially when trying to find out more on Giles. I also liked that she did not back down when she needed to know what was happening. Now Giles is a mystery. I enjoyed finding out more about him throughout the book. He was a very talented barrister and believed in the law which I thought was interesting as he was doing another job that needed him to lie. That other job was being a spy for the government.

The interaction between Giles and Minerva is interesting. They both want each other but are afraid to trust one another and to admit there are strong feelings towards each other. Well even though there was not complete trust there was plenty of fire between them.

The villain is not so much a villain, more like a coward. You find out the the person they thought to be connected was not the person, only a bystander who had witnessed a person coming to the cottage. The family eliminates one suspect but get another clue.

I am reading the fourth book next which will be focusing on Gabe.

Child’s Play by Cindy Harris

Never reading anything from Cindy Harris I took her book and opened up the pages only to be charmed by the story.

The Plot of Child’s Play:

Rose Sinclair mourned only one thing when her philandering husband died-that she had no children.  But a visit from her spouse’s mistress shocks her to the core when the woman arrives with three children in tow-and claims that they are now Rose’s responsibility! Torn between sympathy and outrage, Rose learns that one of the children claims another man is his father, Sir Steven Nollbrook, a successful barrister.  Yet Steven insists that the child isn’t his-and Rose is haunted by the pain she glimpses in his arresting eyes.  Building a family isn’t child’s play, but as Rose discovery Steven’s secret, she vows to show him that love can be as simple as A,B,C.

This was a very charming tale of two people finding love and a family all at the same time.  The end of the book gave a little surprise that only makes sense as you find out about their characters.  The book has some steamy scense and as a whole it will leave you smiling.