A Fool’s Gold Christmas

A Fool's Gold ChristmasEvie Stryker has been the unwanted daughter never really having a relationship with her mother or her brothers. She has learned to do things on her own but now her family is invading her life and giving her something more which Evie doesn’t know if she wants.

Dante Jefferson followed his friend Rafe to Fool’s Gold and is working there now calling it his home. He doesn’t mind the town except that above his office is a ballet studio where Evie, his friends younger sister worked. He will find its Evie that will be distracting him more.

The tenth book, A Fool’s Gold Christmas, by Susan Mallery was good. Evie to me was like her brothers in that she was stubborn but she had more of a right too be. You find out more with her growing up and wonder why she even lets them talk to her. There will be a happy ending for Evie and she will have more in life with family and love. Dante will of course be part of that love but it is a hard path he has to take and he does a big mistake towards the end. Now Dante is a player which was interesting to read but there is another side to him that he hides well. I was cheering at the end for these two broken souls to find that happiness they needed.

Now when Mallery started off the book it was two months after Evie was back up on her feet after the accident. I felt that the story was shorter than the others and that the story was in mid motion, it was still good maybe not my favorite but it had that heartbreatking/heartwarming side to it. The next book is Just One Kiss.

Taming Natasha by Nora Roberts

Taming Natasha by Nora Roberts is a great first book to the series of The Stanislaski Family. Romance readers will love to read how Natasha and Spence will come to terms and find more than comfort in each others arms.

Natasha Stanislaski is the oldest daughter with three other siblings. She once was a ballet dancer but now she owns a toy store. Spence Kimball is a famous composer now turned teacher. Each have been burned by the ones they thought they loved. Now they will find love in each others arms but will Natasha be able to let go of her past to invite love again.

I wanted to keep reading. Nora Roberts I find goes very quickly. I keep turning the pages wanting to know what is going to happen. The first book of the series was not a disappointment.

I love Natasha’s character and how solumn she is but still very warm. Spence is practical but filled with love. The Stanislaski family is perfect. A real warm loving family that will do anything for each other.

I liked how Roberts created the family to be Russian and kept it going with the broken English.

Taming Natasha a fantastic first book to the series The Stanislaski Family. Romance readers will fall for Spence and Natasha’s love story.