Considering Kate by Nora Roberts

The sixth and final book of the series The Stanislaski Family was a delight to finish up. The entire series is worth reading from start to finish. Each and every character are worth reading and coming back to.

Brody O’Connell is a single dad construction worker. He runs his own company and has an amazing kid. Kate Kimball is a ballerina and now settling back home with her family and new dance studio. Instantly the two meet and Kate is hit hard. Brody is as well but he has things to consider, first and foremost is his son Jack. Kate understands but will not be dismissed. She is falling in love with both of them and wants to have them in their lives.

As far as romance series goes this was a great one to finish. I love that the last book goes back to Natasha’s youngest and last child, Kate. I love her fun loving character and how strong she comes of and how shy Brody is but there is intensity.

Roberts refreshes the plot with new and old characters in this final story. I love reading how the families of Brody and Kate are complete opposite. Kate’s family always made an appearance which was nice to still hear the family dynamics.

The Stanislaski Family series is a worthwhile series to read. Pick up the first book Taming Natasha and take the journey through all six books to finish with Considering Kate.