Pleasure Games

Juno Ashmore is a glassblower who is in desperate need of money. Her friend will convince her to enter in a contest to win the heart of a billionaire. With her being on the show she will automatically get fifty thousand dollars. Juno will be excited for the show but will want to back out when she meets the bachelor.

Heathcliff Forester had arranged an opportunity to get the woman he had loved back in his life. He will do all that he can to get Juno to understand he had never stopped loving her.

Pleasure Games is a novella within the series Games by Jessica Clare. I liked this novella but I was wondering if I wouldn’t. This was a version of the Bachelor if you could not guess. So, Heathcliff was doing all he could to get Juno back and he rigged the dating show to make sure that she would come to him. I didn’t like the lying but Heathcliff was doing it because he truly loved her, so I pretty much forgave him for the lying to Juno. Heathcliff was very suave but I liked to see a vulnerability when he was scared of losing Juno. Now Juno’s character was a girl who didn’t like handouts and had a problem with running away when she got scared. I wanted to laugh at Juno’s emotions at times because it felt real. She was fighting her attraction and claimed that she didn’t want Heathcliff but every time he talked to another woman she got jealous.

I was happy with the ending as Jessica Clare wraps up everything in a predictable way but nevertheless I wanted that ending.

I am reading Partner Games next which will complete the Games series.

Rainshadow Road

Rainshadow RoadLucy Marinn thought life was good with her boyfriend as she finally had something for herself but she will be wrong as her sister gets her hands on him too. Lucy has been second string whenever it came to her sister who almost died as a child but Lucy will have enough as her sister went too far. Lucy will find help from Sam.

Sam Nolan was a confirmed bachelor and was set in his ways. He was forced to take interest in a woman but it wasn’t long before he wanted Lucy just who she was. Sam was not looking for a relationship but he will find that maybe changing his way wouldn’t be bad.

Rainshadow Road is the second book to Friday Harbor series by Lisa Kleypas. I had started with the third book and was caught up in the book. There is something of Kleypas writing that pulls you into the story and makes you just want to read the book. Rainshadow Road was very enjoyable to read.

Lucy I felt for as her relationship she had with her parents and sister was not ideal. After all that she went through I liked that she found something with Sam. You wanted to cheer for her to have that relationship work with Sam, the confirmed bachelor. I also liked the way she worked with glass which in a sense was magical. Now Sam was a good man even though he had commitment issues and was known as a womanizer. He was kind to Lucy and listened to her all the while seducing her into bed. He was blackmailed into meeting Lucy but I liked that he told her what was going on after the third meeting with her. Now the ending was sweet. It gave Lucy a chance to have her dream for her glass and a chance for their relationship to grow.

I liked that this book once again dealt with magic but with Lucy as the person who was behind it. It all steamed from the glass that Lucy worked with and had been taught to appreciate since she was a young girl. This supernatural part is not thrown in your face.

The characters I didn’t like were Kevin and Alice. Kevin the ex boyfriend of both sisters was a tool so I was happy that he didn’t get a happy ending. Now Alice wasn’t my favorite person. I am happy to see that in the end she starts to understand but there is a lot of hurt and betrayal that the sisters at least have to get through. Kleypas didn’t give the sisters a complete happy ending which I liked as it would be too unrealistic.

I have Crystal Cove in my pile next to read. I am interested in how this magic will follow through with Justine.

Definitely Not Mr. Darcy

Chloe Parker is a complete Austen fan. Most days she feels as if she is from a different time period as she longs for those easy days of Austen’s. Chloe will have her chance to live the life with a documentary that will have several women dressing, acting and living the part of the Victorian lady. What Chloe did not know was this was not a documentary but a dating show to find who will win the heart of an English lord.

My cousin lent me the book giving rave reviews as we are both women who love the Victorian time period. Ironically I had seen this book before. The cover intrigued me and I had put it on my list of books but never went to find the book again.

The character of Chloe was wonderful. She was not the youngest heroine but a mature woman playing a game full of girls. Personally I thought all the characters were very intriguing to read about and how they interacted in this mock Victorian time period. The brothers were interesting when you read this book you will find out which one you like the most and I had my favorite. I liked Henry right from the beginning with his quiet ways but he had sarcasm down perfectly.

I had my suspicions with this story on what would happen. You read enough romances and you will have the clues to lead you. I had found out early or at least suspected but the journey was well worth the ride. I am a complete Jane Austen fan and this book was perfect. After reading this book I now know there would be a few things I would miss if I were truly back into the Regency time period.

At the end I had hoped for more but the ending gave you hope and a way back. This was a wonderful first book for the author Karen Doornebos and for those who love Jane Austen.

A Summer to Remember

As I have now read the last book of the Bedwyn Family series I wanted to read more. Rummaging through the books from my parents house I found A Summer to Remember. At the time I did not know it was connected to the Bedwyn Family series which I was happy to discover. A Summer to Remember is the second book to the series.

Kit Butler is a confirmed bachelor but is now the heir and knows that he has to marry, but he doesn’t want to marry the woman he used to love. The woman who gave him up for his brother. Kit will find a woman to help him in Lauren.

Lauren Edgeworth has been left at the alter a year by the man she loved but was not in love with. It hurts that she knows that they are blissfully happy and she knows that will never be her until she makes a deal with Kit. They will pretend to be betrothed and she will get an adventure for the summer instead of her dull life. Then she will break the engagement and leave but it wouldn’t be as easy as it sounds.

By not reading the first book I don’t know all that went on with Lauren’s heartache but you will definitely feel for her throughout this book. Mary Balogh creates Lauren’s character well with the wounded victim who now only wants adventure before she is able to be on her own and continue to be the perfect lady she is. I like that the dull lady was able to find adventure and to let loose with the rake. I am interested in reading the first book as I think even though Lauren gets hurt, just to see how her relationship with her ex-fiancee was dissolved. You of course know by reading the second one that love will come to Lauren and make her whole which is the perfect ending for a lover of romance.

Kit Butler was a perfect character as the rogue. You wanted the charade to be real and for him to tell her the truth as his feelings went from pretend to real. The past which Balogh intertwines within the story developed who the character of Kit was and it made the story that much more enjoyable.

I also liked the Bedwyn family in the story and look forward to reading more about them in the following books. As I have read the eighth book I already know about the eldest but I am interested in knowing about the rest of them and where they will find happiness.

Who’s the next Bachelor?

The was the question that Erin had to come up with. Who’s the next bachelor for their Prince Charming? It was a hard job but Erin loved it but something happens on this trip as they come upon to the broken down castle with Dylan as its innkeeper.

Dylan Chrisholm is the owner of the broken down land and doesn’t want anything to do with the Prince Charming show that is until he sees Erin. Sparks fly as they get close. Dylan and Erin are not ready to take the plunge but it could be coming whether they are ready or not.

The Great Scot is the second book to the series Chrisholm Brothers. Donna Kauffman creates the plot that many have used before but it was twisted with many witty characters, two of which are fighting the attraction.

Kauffman pulls off the hot and heavy scenes that aspire as Erin and Dylan are together but the story of their past pull off the story. The reader will be intrigued about the past and where these characters come from.

The Great Scot is a steamy squeal for the oldest Chrisholm brother.