New Orleans

New OrleansRose Thayer was the maid of honor for her best friend.  She arrived in New Orleans expecting the usual wedding events but she will find herself being sent to the bachelor party as a stripper to find out if the groom will cheat.

New Orleans is the first book to the series Sex, Lies & Wedding Cake by Cat Johnson. Alright, I liked the novella for the most part but I felt that the author could have a lot done more. The transitions between the scenes were too quick, and it seemed that I was missing pieces. I wanted more to the story, for her to flush out the characters. I wanted to know more about Rose and Tim, but all we got was a strange situation and sex. Still there were funny moments, I just wanted more.

I am going to continue with the other two books of the series as I am curious about what will happen next.


Keely Branscom was always a wild child from her small town especially as she posed in a centerfold. Leaving the guy she loved who never noticed truly wanted her Keely left her small town for LA. Ten years later she runs into the man she loved only to find that the feelings are not dead only were suppressed.

Noah Garfield wanted Keely at sixteen but as the responsible one he didn’t take advantage of her. She walked out of his life and ten years later he finds her by a strip joint in Reno. Wanting to save Keely from her wild life he takes her to stay with him. Never knowing that Keely has a job and its not in the stripping department. The two will be thrown together for the weekend and find out what was missing but when feelings are not truly confirmed heartache will follow.

Vicki Lewis Thompson delivers Nortoious which is the second book of the series Garfield. I rechecked out the book noticing that after reading from the series Son’s of Chance another story followed (which is why the same cover for Cowboys Like Us is being used). The plot of the story was funny with the two characters and what they encounter for the weekend in Vegas. I found myself laughing and wanting more as Thompson really engages the reader.  In the story there is also a lot and a lot of sex. It doesn’t happen right away but when it comes down to it the two characters heat up the pages. There are some very erotic scenes Thompson writes which will leave the writer wanting more.

If you want something steamy check out Notorious.