The Heart of Christmas

The Heart of ChristmasEve Harmon was dreading another birthday where she would once again be alone. Though this year she would take a chance on the wild side and have a one night stand with a very complicated man that will change her life.

The Heart of Christmas is the seventh book in the series Whiskey Creek by Brenda Novak. First off I did like this book. Now it has been a while since I picked up a book from Whiskey Creek which was only because I was very angry with the story line that happened with Chey. Now I think I was able to enjoy this book because its wasn’t focused on Chey, though she was there in the book. I do hope that the secret will come out with Chey and that she is the one to tell Dylan so Dylan doesn’t feel all the way betrayed.

Alright enough with my frustration with Chey, back to Eve and Rex. I liked Eve who was a good person and always did the right thing. Eve was not necessarily a perfect person but she made herself out to be like that. I wanted her to get angry especially with Ted who was trying to be nice but to me he was getting annoying. She does stand up and address her feelings which I was happy for. Now the character of Rex was certainly a different type of character from those in Whiskey Creek. Rex was on the run from his past who were some pretty dangerous men. At first I will say that Rex was not a character I really liked. I thought he was too closed off and too cold to Eve. Then you get to know the man and realize there is more to his character than you think. Rex is a pretty complicated character that had a lot to deal with in his life. For Rex it takes him a really long time in the book to finally get that he should have a chance at happiness with someone like Eve.

There is the threat of danger in the book which comes from Rex’s past and I thought it was interesting with how it was handled and especially who had helped.

I decided since this book for me was a success I am going to follow it up with the eighth book in the series which I will be reading next.

Here Comes Trouble

The title reflects perfectly to the character Donna Kauffman has created in Here Comes Trouble.

Brett Hennessey is down on his luck and needed to get away from Vegas and all the gambling. He is a professional gambler but his luck went south that is until he meet Kirby Farrell at the B & B in Vermont.

Kirby Farrell is the owner of the B & B and is also down on her luck that is with customers. But she knows her luck will change as Brett comes to stay. Around ten years younger than her she knows it can’t go anywhere but that doesn’t stop them from a fling. A fling which turns serious as feels get involved and trouble comes knocking on the door.

The dynamics between the two characters were enduring to read. The action which followed Brett was subtle and not in your face. The story Kauffman tells is sweet and really about the characters facing with the fact that feelings are involved.