Tempted at Midnight

Tempted at MidnightLady Emily Stapleford wanted romance and love just like her friends had found in their marriage. No suitors were coming to her side except for the American Logan Jennsen who put her father in debt. She wants nothing to do with him but soon will find her thoughts changing about the man she knew very little about especially as he helps her.

Logan Jennsen was curious about Emily Stapleford. At first he thought she was a spoiled little girl but that will change when he finds more about her. Logan will want to be close to her and will but will soon find that her life might be in danger thanks to him.

Tempted at Midnight is the fourth and final book in the series Mayhem in Mayfair by Jacquie D’Alessandro. As the last book in the series I was very entertained like all the rest of the books. D’Alessandro writes characters that I like and want to read about.

Logan was a mystery and one you wanted to solve especially with what happened back in America and how he changed his fate. I liked how D’Alessandro created Logan’s past and how it came back to haunt him, thus causing a problem which the hero and heroine must solve. Now Emily was a Lady through and through yet a poor one at the moment. I liked that she was a good person and not the spoiled person that Logan thought her to be. She was kind especially to her younger brother. Then passion will soon ignite with each kiss between Logan and Emily. The two of them can’t help but to be attracted to each other but fight it every step of the way.

The villain is the man in Logan’s past. You find out little by little each time Logan talks about his past. It was interesting to learn more and more about Logan as the book went on. D’Alessandro wrote a mystery around Logan and I wanted to know all that had happened to him back in America. She won’t disappoint you and the past will be revealed along with the villain who wants to see Logan dead.

Alright so the ending was a little corny as it was all wrapped up with a very happy ending for all four women, but I loved it regardless.

Romancing the Duke

Romancing the Duke (Castles Ever After, #1)Izzy Goodnight has grown up in the land of fairytales thanks to her fathers published stories that has created a large following. Despite the popularity of the stories she will be left with nothing and have to go on her own. She will find herself with a castle but it will be Duke of Rothbury’s castle who was still claiming ownership.

Ransom Vane, Duke of Rothbury, did not like the interruption that this woman came with as she entered into his castle. He will try his hardest to get rid of her but she will want to stay and he will find himself starting to care.

Romancing the Duke is the first book the series Castles Ever After by Tessa Dare. I have been a fan of Tessa Dare’s writing since I started her books. My favorite have to be from Spindle Cove series but her others are very good and very entertaining. Romancing the Duke was a book that you couldn’t help but smile while reading.

Izzy’s character is a hopeless romantic which wasn’t surprising with the Goodnight Tales. I loved that the people loved those stories so much that they created it to be real or at least real enough that it was a part of their lives.  I will say that Izzy’s character was silly in an innocent way but was also a good person who was given a tough situation. Ransom was a hard man especially with after all he had been through. I felt for him and wanted him to have something true with Izzy but he didn’t make it easy. He needed Izzy and her strange ways to help him out of his life he had created for himself.

Tessa Dare writes her characters well as you will always enjoy them. She also has a knack for writing steamy scenes between the characters. The fire between them is undeniable as every scene is steaming off the pages.

I can’t wait to read the next book to the series which comes out in December of this year.

Almost Perfect

Almost PerfectLiz Sutton is back in her hometown to help the nieces she never knew. She will be thrown when she sees the love of her life who had hurt her all those years ago. She will do her best to stay away but it will be hard to do as he will soon be wanting to meet his son.

Ethan Hendrix had made his hometown his home once again a couple years ago and life had been okay but it will get strange when the woman he loved in high school is back. He will find that she was hiding more than he could ever believe.

Almost Perfect is the second book from Susan Mallery series Fool’s Gold. I started this book and soon found that I could not put it down no matter what I did. So I sat and read. The second book in my opinion was better than the first because there was so much emotion into the story that had you connecting to the main character of Liz. Almost Perfect was an up and down heartbreaking and heartwarming story. Now even though this story has been told many times in books over the years it was very engaging, and that really just has to do with character development which Susan Mallery did really well.

Now the characters there were ones you love which was Liz without a doubt. I loved her ability to survive and fight but with a rational head on her shoulders. Her story kept you wanting her to have that happy ending that she deserved. The other characters were not always ones you liked. Pia was on the list for what she had done in high school and how she treated Liz. Of course Pia will be forgiven but not right away, but she is a different person. There were many single minded people who were cruel to Liz because they only saw the side where she took Ethan’s child away from him, they didn’t know the other side where Ethan was too ashamed to be in love with this woman. Ethan was one of the characters who you wanted to shake or pull his hair and shout at him to fess up and actually admit to the woman you love her. To stop hiding behind the image and take a chance. Now for all the romance readers Susan Mallery will give a happy ending but it was a very close call leaving it to the very last few pages of the story.

Finding Perfect is the next book I will be reading which will be featuring Pia. Seeing that she has changed I think I will like her story.

Single White Vampire

After reading the second book of the series I couldn’t wait so I quickly picked up the third book and read it the same day.

Lucern Argeneau is a lonely and surly vampire with most people. He finds these new ways annoying and something he doesn’t want to do. This all changes when he will be forced to endure the public as he goes to the romance conference for authors. He is nominated for his series but what gets under his skin is his new publisher. He believes woman should listen to their man and not be the take charge type but suddenly that doesn’t look to bad to him.

Kate Leever is charged with getting Lucern out in the public for her work. She is determined and will get him to do what she wants. Kate though did not expect to be attracted to the surly man. He was annoying and would not give an inch but she can’t help wanting to get closer to him. She gets close but soon finds that she can’t be with him unless there is love.

The third book to the Argeneau Family series is Single White Vampire. Lynsay Sands grabs you from the beginning and wouldn’t let go.

The character of Lucern was old fashioned and stuck in his ways that is until Kate bullied her way in and left him speechless. I liked that Sands did not make this a quick love story as it would not fit their characters.

She also gives the two characters ample time to have that desire which is buried but shoots out in flames when they come together. I liked that Kate makes her decision at the end and it forces Lucern to make the choice. Having Lucern as a romance writer all about vampires was a funny twist.

The family is still around and ever growing with finding their life mate. Marguerite is also still playing matchmaker. She is becoming one of my favorite characters of the series.

Bastien will be next in the series.

Breakfast in Bed

The two book series Breakfast in Bed are two shorter novels which are a delight to read for any romance reader. Sandra Brown creates these three friends and splits them up only to see how there lives change with a single action.

Breakfast in Bed

Sloane owns a bed and breakfast that is going down hill but she has to make it work especially in the off season. But now that is not her only worry as her best friend’s, Alicia Russell, fiance is coming to stay at the inn to finish his book. Carter and Sloane are instantly attracted but they know it is impossible until they give in. Love blossoms but guilt is strong as both are cheating their best friend. Neither knows how they can live without the other but they know they can’t stay together.

The book was touching to read and very steamy in Carter and Sloane’s relationship. You felt for both characters as how they could not end up together but the end will surprise the reader as a happy ending will come out for all three parties involved.

Send No Flowers

Alicia Russell has to boys to worry about and if that is not bad enough a storm is making her vacation with her boys impossible. That is until she ends up meeting their nearest neighbor in another cabin. Pierce Reynolds does not want to get involved, can not but he ends up becoming attached which makes everything harder. Neither wanted to become involved but it happens and there is a secret which will destroy Alicia that Pierce is hiding. But Alicia will know what to do as the time comes.

Reading the book right after the first was a nice transition because you felt for the widow Alicia and you wanted her to be happy. Pierce seemed like the guy but as you find out what is wrong your heart will drop. Sandra Brown keeps you in suspense until the very end which makes the ending that much more exciting.

Ten Things I Love About You by Julia Quinn

After reading about the siblings Turner and Olivia I was happy Quinn wanted to keep going with Sebastian, the cousin of Harry who married Olivia. Julia Quinn sets the stage comically but there is a sensual side and serious one that should not be ignored.

Sebastian Grey is happy in his situation. He is the published author under another name, free to be with who he wants and not a care in the world until she comes his way.

Annabel Winslow has a lot on her mind but it all comes to a hault as she meets this shocking man. They kiss but then she finds out his name. Sebastian Grey would be her nephew if she ended up marrying Lord Newbury but she did not want that. She only considered it to provide for her siblings but that would not be enough to marry without love.

Annabel and Sebastian will find each other to be irrestiable. Only thing stopping them is the courage to stand up for what they want.

This was fun and smart writing. I was enthralled from the first page and finding out right away he was the author was icing on the cake. From the last book it did not seem possible but looking back it was right in front of your face.

I love Sebastian’s character and how Annabel was so quiet but with him she was not the normal female.

The grandmother was a surprise, a little annoying at times but her part at the end was humorous.

Ten Things I Love About You was a delight to read.

Now will Winston be taking a turn in the pages of Julia Quinn and follow his siblings to the alter?

The Trouble With Harry by Katie MacAlister

Reading the last book of the series Noble was fun since one of the characters from the first book was back, Harry. Katie MacAlister enlists Harry character to make a comeback in the third and final book, The Trouble With Harry.

Harry is a wealth lord in good health looking for a wife. Nothing seems wrong with that except Harry’s five children who do not want to change. These five children will be a challenge to Plum who will take Harry’s offer of marriage. The trouble is Harry and Plum are not at all honest with each other and the secrets will come out but not in the way either wanted. But will the secrets be what separates them or keeps them together.

Bringing Harry back was a blast to read. I loved his five little hellions and Plum’s ability to give them love and help them.

I thougth MacAlister did a good job in the last book. It was funny with a lot of wit but there was also suspense. I love that Harry is insistently attracted to Plum and both have a good hearts to work out their difficulties.

It was also fun to read about Nick, Noble’s oldest boy who was now a man.

The Noble Series was a fun modern version of the victorian period with a lot of wit and funny scenes that will leave you happy with the results.