Midnight Fantasies

Midnight FantasiesMidnight Fantasies is a collection of three stories by three different authors, Mystery Lover by Vicki Lewis Thompson, After Hours by Stephanie Bond and Show and Tell by Kimberly Raye. When picking up this collection I was focused in on the story Mystery Lover which is the first book of the Garfield series. I had read the second book from Thompson already and I wanted to find out how it started. I was not disappointed with the story. It was very sensual and full of steamy scenes that will leave you wanting more especially as the story is pretty short but the story is still rich with details more on the ways of sex between the two characters. I have to say all of the stories are short and fast pace but with a good amount of detail and a lot of sex or sexual tension between the main characters. With a name Midnight Fantasies as the collection there really was no doubt what these stories would be focused on. Overall this collection was fun, quick, steamy, and enjoyable to read.

Werewolf in Denver

Duncan MacDowell was all about mating with humans and not to be prejudice about who you love. He will find himself going to a conference to defend his opinions against the leader of his opposition who will leave him tempted to want to be with another werewolf.

Kate Stillman believed that were’s should be with other were’s. She was going to defend her opinions and what she believes is right among their kind. She was not expecting to be wanting her opponent, but she will find herself giving in to that temptation.

Werewolf in DenerWerewolf in Denver is the fourth book from Wild About You series by Vicki Lewis Thompson. So far this series has kept my attention and kept me chuckling throughout the plot. Vicki Lewis Thompson writes her plot and characters well to leave the reader wanting more. On this particular book it wasn’t my favorite but still a very enjoyable book to read.

I liked the playfulness of Duncan and Kate as they interacted and how they were certainly on different sides. You knew of course the energy that was between them and their oppositions would leave to heat and Thompson doesn’t disappoint. On a side note I also liked that she created a twitter account for the werewolves to communicate between each other. I thought that gave the book some more humor.

The next book will be going to Alaska in Werewolf in Alaska.

If werewolves are real what else? Bigfoot?

Loving the first book of the series Wild About You from Vicki Lewis Thompson I was happy to find the next book Werewolves in North Woods without problems. I had to find out more about the Wallace packs as this sequel followed Roarke, Aidan’s little brother.

Abby Winchell is visiting her grandfather as he has now found proof of a bigfoot sighting. She loves him and wants him to move down to Arizona so she can take care of him. She goes to see him and helps him prove that he is right but Roarke Wallace will be the one standing in her way that is until she finds out more about Roarke.

Roarke Wallace is a professor of Anthropology. He has come to Portland to prove that Bigfoot does not exist even though Roarke knows it is true. He is here to disprove Earl Winchell but finds himself meeting the granddaughter and is intrigued. His intrigue goes straight to lust. He knows he has to maintain it but the attraction will get the better of him and only draw them closer on their hike.

This sequel ends the stories on the New York pack, of course I’m sure their names will appear in the next stories Thompson writes.

The thing I like so far about this series is that its a good story. There is humor, desire, adventure and a little mystery. Roarke and Abby embark on a hike to help bigfoot find a new home and to give Earl some relief that he was right. I like that the playboy Roarke is being taken in by a human woman, something he said he would avoid like the plague. But that is like most werewolf stories, when a mate is found it is hard keep away.

I liked how Thompson creates these books around the most influential families in the werewolf community. I am intrigued by this series and can’t wait for more.


Keely Branscom was always a wild child from her small town especially as she posed in a centerfold. Leaving the guy she loved who never noticed truly wanted her Keely left her small town for LA. Ten years later she runs into the man she loved only to find that the feelings are not dead only were suppressed.

Noah Garfield wanted Keely at sixteen but as the responsible one he didn’t take advantage of her. She walked out of his life and ten years later he finds her by a strip joint in Reno. Wanting to save Keely from her wild life he takes her to stay with him. Never knowing that Keely has a job and its not in the stripping department. The two will be thrown together for the weekend and find out what was missing but when feelings are not truly confirmed heartache will follow.

Vicki Lewis Thompson delivers Nortoious which is the second book of the series Garfield. I rechecked out the book noticing that after reading from the series Son’s of Chance another story followed (which is why the same cover for Cowboys Like Us is being used). The plot of the story was funny with the two characters and what they encounter for the weekend in Vegas. I found myself laughing and wanting more as Thompson really engages the reader.  In the story there is also a lot and a lot of sex. It doesn’t happen right away but when it comes down to it the two characters heat up the pages. There are some very erotic scenes Thompson writes which will leave the writer wanting more.

If you want something steamy check out Notorious.

Who would have thought werewolves were real?

Continuing with Thompson I decided to switch up it up and tackle a new series. A Werewolf in Manhattan is the first book to the series Wild About You.

Emma Gavin is a bestseller author and only going up with her next book. She writes all about the werewolves in the present but now trouble starts coming her way as she gets strange email messages. A boy tells her he is a werewolf and wants to be with her. Emma soon finds herself with Aidan who protects her but her mind wanders towards lust. There will be a road block as Aidan is taken for and is not who he says.

Aidan Wallace is the crown prince of his pack and was in charge of finding out what Emma knew about them. Soon he found out it was all in her imagination. Aidan takes it upon himself to protect her but lust soon starts to get in the way. He knew a relationship with her was out of the question but she tempted him like no other human.

Vicki Lewis Thompson delivers on this story. I have had fascination about werewolves for so long and when I find a story with werewolves I have to try it out. This was a story I loved reading. There was a fun atmosphere to it, sensual, a little danger and of course a little quirky with the characters.

The aspect that Emma was a writer who actually wrote about werewolves was a cute addition and then of course Aidan will have to watch her who just happens to be a werewolf.

The story line was simple with Emma being in danger and Aidan having to protect her but not to have lust come in between them, that of course thrown out the window. Thompson’s scenes leave you wanting more.

I liked the term Thompson used with binding as well. Usually mating is used for when a couple is joined. So this was little different from other supernatural books I have read.

I recommend this book, A Werewolf in Manhattan, for any of those who love the supernatural world. The next book is going to be all about Aidan’s little brother and what trouble he will be getting himself into.

Cowboys Like Us

Once again I am reading a series out of order. I found the fourth book, Cowboys Like Us, of the series Sons of Chance from Vicki Lewis Thompson and read it after the fifth and sixth one. Luckily Thompson’s books are pretty easy to follow. The only problem that occurred was the plot was after Alex and Tyler’s wedding. Alex and Tyler’s story was the fifth. I think that the ordering of books messed up on the website I checked out, but as I already read about the couple there was no real problem.

Logan Carswell has now been forced to retire early in his baseball career as a knee injury has dubbed him incapable of playing. He is here to start a new and wouldn’t mind to get to know Caro at the same time.

Carolyn “Caro” Davis is a bartender at the local bar and good at her job. She will soon find the one thing she was missing in her life and he just walked into the bar.

Another book that will get you hot and bothered which I tend to think that is just how the series is made to be. Of course one look at the book cover and there is not real doubt. Each book for the series is zoomed in on a very chiseled cowboy either shirtless or showing enough skin to keep you invested. And yes the cover is what first got my attention to the series.

Thompson keeps it light and simple in the plot as the previous stories of the series. The theme of the books really has been all about sex and Thompson keeps it steamy with the two characters indulging in their own sexual desires with each other.

Cowboy Up

The six book, Cowboy Up, of the series Sons of Chance is another steamy story delivered by Vicki Lewis Thompson.

Emily Sterling has been a California girl her whole life even though her father is a cowboy. All Emily ever heard from both her parents is don’t get involved with a cowboy. Well Emily is back for her father’s birthday and knows that ranching is something she loves, it doesn’t hurt a certain cowboy is captured her attention.

Clay Whitaker has lived on the ranch for some time know. This has been the most stable home he has but now Emily is back once again. At eighteen he fell for her but she wanted nothing to do with him. Now at twenty eight he still can’t get her out of his head. He wants to dislike her for how she treats her father but all is not as it appears, and he will soon find the real Emily.

As another book to the series I liked it. Again very steamy with the scenes and Thompson writes the relationships in the story well. I liked that there was more to Emily than she appeared and had a good head on her shoulders. Clay was the ultimate cowboy who you wanted to lust after but he was also the type to guard himself from deep feelings like love. Thompson got you cheering for them to have that happy ending.