Wildest Dreams

Wildest DreamsStephanie Grant was not used to selling herself or at least give the appearance of selling herself but she needed to. She needed to find her sister who had stopped calling after she let out her secret of becoming an escort. She will enlist the help of an ex-cop bartender to help find Tina.

Jake Broussard was an ex-cop who became a bartender when he lost his wife. Racked with guilt Jake keeps to himself but when he spots Stephanie in the club he is determined to help.

Wildest Dreams is a novel by Toni Blake. I have only tried the series Destiny by Toni Blake and have really liked it so I figured I would try another book of hers. I liked the book. It was a quick read and filled with some mystery and an atmosphere is very sexual especially as the night is filled with escorts.

Stephanie is a fish out of water in this world of escorts. She finds help with Jake who is attracted to her but can’t move on. I liked these two characters together but knew that until they found a way to move on they would never be able to find happiness together. Now between these two characters there is a lot of sexual tension that floats between them but when they find a way together they will sizzle. Though that sizzle might not last very long.

So as I said I liked the book as it gave a little mystery with where Tina was and who she was with. The person she is with is definitely a shady person but you don’t know how much until much later. There will be a twist that Blake writes which will wrap up everything for Jake to get closure towards the end giving him a chance at that happy ending with Stephanie.

Half Moon Hill

Half Moon Hill (Destiny, #6)Anna Roma was picking up the pieces of her life by starting her own bed and breakfast in her home town. She will work long and hard on fixing up the house but will be getting some help by an unsuspecting person, Duke Dawson.

Duke Dawson needed some space from people and found the cabin. It was his own small place to reflect with what happened with the accident he went through. Duke was not expecting Anna in his life but she will be there making him see life a little differently.

Half Moon Hill is the sixth book to Destiny series by Toni Blake. I thought that this book was another great one in the series. I still have to read the second book to finish the series completely. I haven’t gotten it yet but I figure I will get it eventually.

I remember reading the fifth book and really not liking Anna. I figured that she would change in the sixth book and she did. It was a good thing otherwise it was going to be difficult for me to enjoy this book. She is not as cold as she was and is now finding her place in this town. She is taking charge of her future by creating this bed and breakfast. It really was a relief that she was nicer because I couldn’t stand how she was with Amy and how she almost stole Logan away. Now Duke is the other side of this equation and I found him fascinating. He was a big biker dude but he has gone through a tough time and was recouping.

The idea of this journal was interesting as it certainly parallels some aspects of Anna and Duke. The part of not taking a chance was clearly when Anna found herself to be brave and tell Duke how she actually felt which was sweet. Though with those words a happy ending is not to be given that is until Duke can let go and move on as well.

I don’t know if more will come with this series but I would definitely be willing to read more. I will be going after more of her books regardless.

Willow Springs

Willow SpringsAmy Bright wants love like her friends but so far that hasn’t happened. She was the towns matchmaker but didn’t have any luck for herself. She will now put an effort to getting Logan especially as he starts to look in other directions. She will end up getting his attention but now she will have to maintain it.

Logan Whitaker loved being a fireman but with a tragedy in the line of duty he felt broken. He needed a change from work and something more. He thought it was with Anna who suddenly appeared but he thoughts kept going towards his best friend Amy.

Willow Springs is the fifth book to the series Destiny by Toni Blake. I liked that this book was once again like the others with a chance at love, a first for both characters. Blake is telling a story with this series and Willow Springs is no exception. Love is no easy task and Blake makes it difficult for them throughout the book.

I loved Amy’s character. She was honest, good and nice but like every human she had her own flaws its just she didn’t show them. She shows them more as the book goes on with being more outspoken. It might get her into trouble but for once she is really letting go. Logan was a man who couldn’t make up his mind. I really did like him but it was hard to as he couldn’t commit and kept hurting Amy by chasing after Anna or letting him be pursued by her.

So I didn’t really like Anna. I think it is interesting to read that she came back and to hear at least somethings that had went on while she was gone. I didn’t like her because she was intruding on a relationship with Logan even though she saw him with Amy. She was soaking up the attention but then in her defense she went through something pretty dramatic. She does get better and I will read her story because I am sure she will be different.

I have to find the second book still now as well as the last book to the series at least it looks like to be the last. I am interested in reading Anna’s story even though I found her a little annoying in the fifth book as I mentioned above, but we now that characters change and I bet that the real Anna will show herself in her story.

Holly Lane

Holly LaneSue Ann Simpkins thought life was perfect with her husband and child but her world will turn upside down when her husband says he loves another woman. Sue Ann is devastated as Jeff was the only man she ever loved and now he was flaunting his new relationship and trying to get out of paying alimony. Sue Ann will fight to make sure that she will be able to keep her daughter and give her a good life but it will be hard to do. She will find help with her friends and an unexpected person Adam who will start to be more all thanks to a snowstorm.

Adam Becker was always looking forward to the holidays to spend time with his boys but they were gone to Aspen for a whole month. Adam becomes surly to those around him as he is disappointed for the holidays. He will show his rude behavior to Sue Ann but that will quickly turn to passion as they start sleeping with each other. As the relationship builds Adam wants more but knows that Sue Ann is not ready, he will do all that he can think of to get her trust.

Holly Lane is the fourth book to Toni Blake’s series Destiny. This was definitely a Christmas themed book and although Christmas time has come and gone it was still  a very sweet book to read.

I liked Sue Ann okay in the previous books but as you got to know her I liked her a lot more. She became stronger on her own even though she had help from friends and from Adam. Adam was a great dad and good friend expect when you get him angry as he was like a Scrooge on Christmas. Blake adds a little humor in with Adams dreams that showed him how bad he had been acting and what would happen if he continued to be like that which was very much like a Christmas Carol. It was fun to read even though it was a little sappy at parts.

Their relationship was explosive from the start as they were together in a cabin with a snowstorm and although it was a little fast it didn’t lead them down the road to a happy ending. The happy ending waits until the last couple of pages and it only comes around once trust is earned and they admit their feelings.

Sophie was a cute addition to the story and I loved her Christmas wish of wanting a  reindeer and she will be getting her Christmas wish and more. Now there are no real villains in these stories but I will have to say that Jeff, Sue Ann’s ex-husband, acted like a villain in the book. He was being a jerk about the alimony, flaunting his new relationship and not really caring how it looked. He even could take Sophie away. I am happy to say that he does change but it takes to the very end of the book.

Willow Springs is the next/last book I have from Toni Blake.

Whisper Falls

Whisper FallsTessa Sheridan is back home to Destiny as her interior designs did not work out. She will find an unlikely client who is the bad boy biker that just moved next door to her. Tessa feels the attraction but with her disease she doesn’t want anyone to see her when she is down.

Lucky Romo is back in his home town which he hasn’t set foot in for almost half his life. He is making a change as he got unexpected news about a son he fathered. Going back home was hard with all that had happened.

Whisper Falls is the third book to Destiny series by Toni Blake. I have skipped the second book because that book is not at my library but I have noticed that these books really can be read on their own. I do miss out on the introduction of Mike Romo and his story but he is certainly included in this book. I am interested in the disappearance of Anna Romo. She will be making an appearance in the sixth book I found out as I sneaked and read the summary. From what I have heard about her I am interested in her story with how she disappeared and what happened.

I liked this novel just as much as the first. It was a good story and hits the emotional target with both characters. You feel for Tessa and her disease, and how she was coping with it. I was happy that she found a champion in Lucky. Their romance was unlikely but it worked. Now Lucky was one that had drawn me in. You felt bad for him because once his sister was gone he did get pushed to the side. I understand why that would be something to push a kid into rebellion but Lucky goes further. He will join a biker gang and do things he wouldn’t be proud of during that time. I liked that he made it out and with his friend Duke.

The brothers relationship was strained as they were both stubborn, I think Mike was more stubborn that Lucky, but they were able to make it work. Of course it took most of the novel for that to happen and only when Mike figured out some facts about what happened after Anna disappeared. Now there is a villain in the book that is going after Lucky and its an unlikely one but it is logical once you know why they are doing this.

Holly Lane is the next book with Sue Ann which I am surprised at since it looked liked she had a perfect life with her husband. I guess I will find out very quickly as it is the next book I am reading.

One Reckless Summer

One Reckless SummerJenny Tolliver was tried of being the good girl as it got her nothing but a cheating ex-husband and a one way trip back to her home town. Jenny will soon be faced with the man that she had a crush on and find much more in his arms.

Mick Brody was back in his home town but had to be there secretly. Jenny the girl he had wanted back then stumbles upon his cottage and finds out his secret. He will be surprised as she keeps it and finds that he can have more with this woman.

One Reckless Summer is the first book from the series Destiny by Toni Blake. I got caught up in the book which surprised me because it was a simple plot, good girl wants to walk on the wild side with the bad boy. Its an age old story but it was how Blake wrote the characters that has you loving them.

Now on top of that there was pretty much instant sex happening between the two characters which was steamy but there was also intrigue. I wanted to know what was Mick hiding in the broken down cottage. Jenny and Mick were complete opposites and yet it worked. I liked that it was sweet and steamy all the the same time especially as it was a secret. Mick was truly a reformed bad boy and it was sweet what he was doing even though it was against the law. I liked that he trusted Jenny with his secret and that they formed a relationship even if it was unlikely. There are a few ups and downs that they have to overcome but Blake does write a happy ending as well as second chances for these characters.

I don’t have the second book as my library doesn’t have it but I do have the next three books of the series which I plan on enjoying next.