All the Ways to Ruin a Rogue

All the ways to ruin a rogueLady Aurelia loved Max when she was nine years old but was shattered and brokenhearted at fifteen when she found him to be a rogue. Because of that night Aurelia made it her mission never to get along with Max. For year they bickered back and fourth but thing will start to escalate from heated arguments to heated embraces.

Max, Viscount Camden, had been friends with Lady Aurelia since she was a young child. He was astonished when she ruined his reputation some years later. After that he made sure that rumor was gotten rid of. He made it his mission to fight verbally with Aurelia whenever she was around otherwise he might do something he would regret, like taking her for his own.

All the Ways to Ruin a Rogue is the second book to the Debutante Files by Sophie Jordan. I really enjoyed this book. It was hard at times because of all the fighting. I thought that they should be adults and really talk about the problem, but that was never going to happen. I did like how Sophie Jordan wrote the bickering between the two. It seemed real. There are times in books when enemies go to lovers and its a little too unbelievable. I thought that she did a good job because when they became lovers all was not forgiven, at least yet.

Aurelia’s character acted like a child at times but I still liked her.  Aurelia is also an artist and she is gusty for leaving her drawings for others to find. I also liked that she finally was doing something more for herself in the book. She was not necessarily a wallflower but she didn’t really go against the grain often. Then there is Max. Max was a scoundrel and he was good at it. I didn’t always like Max because I felt he was throwing his life away. I was happy to have Max finally be with Aurelia because then you knew the scoundrel would slowly disappear.

As I said above the romance between them starts but doesn’t heal all things between them. That will need time and for both characters to learn to trust one another, not just lust after each other and it does happen.

So to me this sounds like the end of the series but one never knows if another book will be written.

An Heiress for All Seasons

An Heiress for all SeasonsViolet Howard did not want a husband who had a title. She wanted her father’s man of affairs but she was forced to come to England. Violet will be surprised by the Earl of Merlton and will find herself liking him, but she will try to avoid him.

Earl of Merlton, Will, did not want to marry but found that he will have to for financial reasons. He will be surprised by his mothers latest potential bride as Violet will be the first woman he was interested in marrying. He will have to work hard to woo his potential bride.

An Heiress for All Seasons is the 1.5 novella from the Debutante Files series by Sophie Jordan. I thought that this was a fun and quick novella.

Will’s character was a player but not a cruel one. He did right by his family and that meant he would marry for money. I liked that Will didn’t declare that he loved Violet right away because it wasn’t true, though love will bloom and rather quickly. Now Violet’s character was determined not to marry a man she didn’t want and I liked that she was not backing down the moment that she saw Will. She will but there will be some persuading. I will say that she was persuaded rather quickly to forget the man that she claimed to want. Of course that is because this is a novella and everything has to move fast to get to the end, and the ending was great especially with how Will proved himself to be truly a good guy.

I am reading the second book next.

A Good Debutante’s Guide to Ruin

A good debutante's guide to ruinDeclan, the Duke of Banbury, was a scoundrel in the eyes of society and thanks to his stepmother and father he’d done his best to become one. Unexpectedly he will find his estranged stepsister one night at his house in need of help. Declan’s world will be turned upside down by this new development especially when he starts to feel things towards Rosalie.

Rosalie Hughes needed help and Declan was the only person she could rely on. She knew that she was not wanted but she would do her best to stay out of the way, even though it was hard since Rosalie was in love with Declan.

A Good Debutante’s Guide to Ruin is the first book to the series Debutante Files by Sophie Jordan. I really liked this story. Now it is a little risky with the stepbrother and stepsister relationship, however, they didn’t really have a relationship as they were estranged. Though back then first cousins were marrying each other.

I thought that Sophie Jordan did a great job with the characters. Declan played the scoundrel well but you knew at the heart of him was a good man. What happened to him when he was fourteen was terrible, that stepmother should have been kicked out on her butt. Of course that didn’t happen. I liked that Declan opened himself up for love when it came to Rosalie. So the character of Rosalie I liked. She was very much the innocent but had a backbone, not a strong backbone but a backbone nevertheless. She gets stronger with that backbone as the book goes on, especially at the end.

The mother of Rosalie is a horrible and manipulative woman. She is also a sick minded woman who had no heart. What she did to Declan back then was horrible but then what she was doing to Rosalie now was worse since it was her own daughter. There is justice to be had for Rosalie and Declan when it comes to the mother.

I am reading An Heiress for All Seasons next which will be a novella in the series.

Too Wicked to Tame

Too Wicked to TamePortia Derrings did not want to marry any man who would take away her choices in life, a husband that would try to run her life. She will be sent to Moreton’s to marry Heath Moreton but she will stay true to what she wants, even when her heart was telling her differently.

Heath Moreton’s was rich beyond belief but his family was cursed with a madness that killed his father and his brother. He will resist his grandmothers drive to push Portia and him together though it will get difficult when he is lusting after her.

Too Wicked to Tame is a novel from the Derrings series by Sophie Jordan. Alright so the last book I read with Astrid was okay but this book I really liked. I was grabbed into the story because of Portia. I had read the book Once Upon a Wedding Night where Portia was a young seventeen year old girl. I was excited that I was going to get to read more about her and how her life was going to turn out.

So Portia is a woman that does not want to marry at all. She had seen what marriage does and does not want any part of it. Heath doesn’t want to marry either but that is so he doesn’t pass on the madness which is in his family. So of course that means they will find themselves attracted to each other.

Now the madness that plagues Heath’s family is interesting. Jordan writes a little twist about that particular curse that made sense and surprised me.

Overall the Derrings series (One Night With You, To Wicked to Tame, and Surrender to Me) was another good series to read from Sophie Jordan.

Surrender to Me

Surrender to MeAstrid Derring will be finding herself taking a journey to find her husband who had left five years ago. She had to stop him from marrying another and ruining the girl’s life. She will find help from a man, Griffin Shaw, that had risked his life to save hers.

Surrender to Me is a book from the Derrings series by Sophie Jordan. First off I am not sure the order of this book. I have seen two websites that contradict each other. Other than that little confusion I liked the book. It’s not my favorite of Sophie Jordan’s but it got my attention and I enjoyed it.

Astrid was cold yes but that was to protect herself. She needed to be strong because in life she was left with very little. Now Griffin I wasn’t a big fan of all the time. He had his great moments but the way he acted was not always good. I did like Astrid and Griffin together for the most part. They brought out anger in each other but also lust that grew to something more.

So the plot was simple but there are some twists that come about in the book. When the first twist happened I immediately wondered where the story would go next as that had been a big shift in the book.

I am reading Too Wicked to Tame next which will conclude the series.

Once Upon a Wedding Night

Once Upon a Wedding NightLady Meredith Brookshire was in trouble. The new lord was coming to claim his inheritance and she would be out on the street as she knew he had to be like his brother, the previous lord. She will make up a lie of being pregnant but will find out that Nick was not a man that could be fooled.

Nicholas Caulfield had no desire for the new status in his life. He will take the title reluctantly and will be interested in helping the widow, that is until he finds out that she lied to him. Once he knows that she can’t be trusted he wanted to make sure that she is out of his life, the best way was to marry her off.

Once Upon a Wedding Night is a standalone novel by Sophie Jordan. I liked this novel. I thought that it was a good romance novel that pulled me into the story. Sophie Jordan had me wanting to know more about both characters of Meredith and Nick. I wanted to know what had happened in their past that made them how they were.

The story was simple between Nick and Meredith. It was a story of mistrust that grew to love, at least it turned to love when they let themselves love. The person who needed to let go of their past was Nick. Though for Nick that was difficult because he was far too jaded which resulted in becoming mistrustful. Meredith might not have been mistrustful but she lacked confidence. The loss of confidence was due to her husband not wanting her from the moment they had wed. I do like that she found some confidence when Nick showed that he wanted her. The romance between Meredith and Nick was shaky at best. There were plenty of ups and downs with them because Nick did not want to want her. Though don’t worry because they will get it right.


WildGeorgia was dumped by her boyfriend because she was too boring. Georgia started to get frustrated as she knew it was true, even her friends saw her as safe. She wants to try more and will go to the campus kink club where she will see her friends boyfriends little brother. He will force her out of the club since it was not her scene but she fought back and ended up kissing him. She will be blown away by the intensity of the kiss which will only be the beginning.

Logan had a reputation around the campus for being a player even though he was an eighteen year old in high school. He will want to protect Georgia from the club but when she kisses him everything changes. He wants more and will show Georgia that she wants the same thing even though she wouldn’t admit it right away.

Wild is the third book to the series Ivy Chronicles. I really enjoyed the third book and it pulled me in right away.

The characters of Georgia and Logan were intriguing. Georgia was the good girl and wanted to change her image. I thought she was going a little extreme with going to the kink club but she had to start somewhere. Now I liked Georgia but she kept going back and forth on her feelings and that was not fair to Logan in my opinion. I wanted her to make up her mind and go with her gut instead of letting her turn away from something good because of what others thought, especially her mother. She gets it together but it was frustrating to get to that point. When it finally happens I am cheering for the couple. Alright, now Logan. I liked him and thought him to be a kid but there was so much more to his character. He was a real man with plenty of experience, sexual and in life. He was very commanding when he pursued going after Georgia but you felt for him when he was rejected. Your heart broke for him and you wanted to yell at Georgia for doing that. Once again they will get it right and they will have a chance.

With the book there were no real villains but I will say that Harris at the end was not a very nice person. I was happy with the result. I guess you could also say that the mother was a villain in a sense. The mother wasn’t cruel but she was dictating her daughters life and did not listen to Georgia and what she wanted.

There was an epilogue which wraps up the story and gives us some happy information about the other two couples to let you know they are still getting their happy endings along with Georgia and Logan.