Redwood Bend

Redwood BendDylan Childress was a popular child star who learned what life in the spotlight could make a person become. Dylan was saved by his grandmother and he changed for the better. He will have a chance once again at a movie but wonder if he should accept it as his life had changed dramatically and he has started to feel things for a woman who was anything like the woman he preferred.

Katie Malone was a widow and mother of two twin boys. She lost the man she loved who was a soldier. She kept herself together for her boys five years ago and never found a man she wanted to be with until Dylan. She will feel lust towards this man but she will also be finding herself falling in love with him even though he was not going to stay.

Redwood Bend is the eighteenth book the series Virgin River by Robyn Carr. I have tried one book from Robyn Carr and this is now my second try with the author. Incidentally I chose the book that had come before Sunrise Point. I didn’t know this as I pretty much just grabbed one of her books. So once again this was a book that I did like for the most part and end up finishing. I just didn’t love it. Redwood Bend was just something that didn’t pull me to read it. For me the characters didn’t feel that real and at times it was a little too much with feelings. I know that it seems funny as this was a romance novel but I like my characters to feel real, that way the dialogue doesn’t seemed forced or too mushy. I did like the obvious happy ending that was going to occur because I can’t stop myself for wanting the characters to be happy.

I will be trying another one of her books but I think I am going to venture out of the Virgin River series. Maybe try another one of her series or one of her standalone novels.

Sunrise Point

Sunrise PointTom Cavanaugh was back and adjusting to civil life with his grandmothers apple orchard. Tom will meet a woman but know she is not the one for him. He will keep her as a friend as he takes a look at a more sophisticated woman but he will keep looking at Nora.

Nora Crane needed more work and lucked out with the apple orchard. She has an instant connection with Tom but knows it can’t happen because he is her employer. She will become friends with him even though she wants more from him.

Sunrise Point is the nineteenth book to Virgin River series by Robyn Carr. I came upon this author and thought to give her a try. I picked a book that is almost at the very end of the large series. From what I can tell you can read this book on its own as its a complete story and I didn’t feel I was missing anything.

I finished the book with a smile on my face but it took me a little time to get into the book. I liked the characters and it had a cute plot but I wasn’t pulled into the story. Part of it I thought was Tom’s inability to see the woman Darla who was way too superficial and I guess he was at first since all he saw was on the outside. He does get a clue but its really towards the end, but once that happens I will say the relationship between him and Nora was sweet and it blossomed into more. Nora I liked right away and how she got along with Maxie the vibrant grandmother.

There were good parts to the story which lead me to finish it up and since I was smiling at the end I figured I will be back to Robyn Carr. Maybe I will try out the first book to this series to see how it all began or just grab another from the series, which ever is more available.