Marrying the Marquis Revisited

Blaze Flambeau never wanted to marry as she knows the suffering her mother went through. But Blaze will find herself in the attention of three suitors. She will find herself responding though only to one, Ross MacArthur. He will challenge Blaze and help her with her horse but still she will deny marriage even as she is seduced in the bedroom.

Ross MacArthur found the idea of the match interesting but once he meets the lady he know she must be his. Ross will charm Blaze with the use of his knowledge on horses and racing, but all will not be well as there is a problem revolving around the horse track and his family. Ross must protect Blaze before she becomes the next victim.

Marrying the Marquis is the last book of the series Karanov at least that is until she writes another for the series. I remembered most of this book from reading it before but the villain I couldn’t remember. Of course once Patricia Grasso gives you the clues they are pretty easy to figure out the villain but nevertheless it was still fun to read.

Blaze was delightful to read with her unique ability to hear animals thoughts. She is a strong sister but her insecurity is with her looks. Red hair and freckles make her feel insecure and that no man would want her. I really liked that Grasso brought in Ross who is a highlander so red hair and freckles to him resembled beautiful as any other woman. As a highlander Ross was stubborn just as Blaze but they matched well and it was fun to read how they would butt heads.

The only downside of the story was the animals that suffered. I know this is a book but even on paper or movies I hate when animals are harmed. So reading that part was not so great for me.

On a side note I was worried about Raven and Alex’s relationship but the end gives you hope that things will be back on track. I don’t know when the next book of this series will continue. I hope soon as I want to find out what will happen with the rest of the sisters.

There is a new book out that was published this year which is Pagan Bride. This goes back to the highlanders. Loving Patricia Grasso’s book I know I will hunt down this one eventually and then of course wait for the next Karanov book to come out.

I highly recommend any series of Patricia Grasso to those who love romances.

Enticing the Prince

Katerina Pavlova wants revenge for her family. Fleeing Russia with the remaining family she has they travel to England. With a new identity of the Countess de Salerno, Katerina makes a name for herself in jewelry design making it easier to mingle in society. With only a name of a prince she will find him and get her revenge. Upon meeting Prince Drako she is confused and thought that a mistake has been made. He does not seem the villain Katerina expected. Katerina will find help from the Prince and will be finding love in his arms.

Prince Drako Karanov has seen the Countess with his own eyes and knows he wants to know her more. Drako will use his charms but the Countess does not bend so easily. Drako will work around Katerina and enchant her daughter and befriend her brother, which is when he will find out her true identity and need of revenge. He will help Katerina on her need of revenge and to the alter.

As I started the book Enticing the Prince I thought I would miss the Flambeau sisters as they had captured my complete attention in the last two books. Patricia Grasso may have diverted her attention more on the Karanov’s, who are ones you are drawn to as well, but kept the Flambeau sisters in the background as they are still part of the story. Through this book Grasso is also continuing on the story that had been partly told in the last one. It does get a little confusing with all the information but you are easily entertained by all that goes on.

Drako was a new character from the last book. I thought him to be less serious and almost more of a playboy prince but I was pleasantly surprised. Of course there are moments in the book. Katerina was a really well developed character. In the last book you got to know her a little but Grasso really develops her character to one that you like. You want her to find revenge for her family. Her revenge goes to one man and throughout the story you have a very good hunch who is the villain.

This book was almost like a game of cat and mouse. Grasso keeps the mystery in with who is threatening Katerina and Drako. Reading the book I had a feeling of the villain but there was more to the story which was almost comical as the situation unfolded. I liked that she keeps our detectives, Alexander and Raven involved within the story. Alexander’s character is ever growing and you like him more and more. Raven plays a coy individual who is very strong in her thoughts. Grasso now is having her show different emotions especially when she has to play spy. I can’t wait for their own story.

Blaze Flambeau will be next with Marrying the Marquis.

Tempting the Prince

I have to say that I am enjoying these stories as if they were the first time reading them as they are in a way since I do not remember most details. The next story in the Karanov series is Tempting the Prince. In the previous book we had found out little things with Belle and the Prince but now we get the complete story.

Belle Flambeau had wanted love of a man and a family now she is scarred and knows no man would want her. Staying away from society she agrees to go to her fathers cottage to do some healing of herself, but soon Belle will have a visitor. A blind and beaten a man will wander to her door and Belle will heal the man as he heals her with his words. She will find love as they heal together but when he is revealed and Belle compromised she is still scared of what society would think. Belle will have to stand up against society and her attacker who is not done.

Prince Mikhail Karanov has set his sights on Belle Flambeau but thanks to the slasher he scarred her face leaving her vulnerable. He wants her regardless as he believes she will be a good mother and one who does not care about society. Mikhail will lie and pose as a blind and beaten man. He will win the affection of Belle through her healing but dangers will lurk their way. Not only from the society gossip but from her attacker who has not been apprehended.

I have liked the fact that Patricia Grasso has continued several stories within the book. This gives the reader many different points of view which can get confusing but at this point the characters I have down. Grasso concentrates on Belle and Mikhail’s story which was fantastic. As Mikhail starts off his relationship with Belle by lying you knew that would come back to haunt him, Grasso will not disappoint. Belle is a genuine soul who cares and heals. You hate the gossip that surrounds her but love that she does grow a back bone. It was nice to read that Mikhail would not be a man wanting to make her jealous as her scar left her insecure. Of course nothing is easy especially with Patricia Grasso’s books. Sabotage and hurt feelings will follow the couple as they move in society.

The villain of the book were two people. One was insane the other acting on orders. The villain who was insane was unexpected to a point. In hindsight you would remember certain things that would lead you to the conclusion thanks to certain behavior. Now I was surprised with the person who harmed Belle but you understood why the person did what they did. After finding out those things you hoped for justice on both of the villains and the ones connected to them.

The side characters who have their own story so far within these novels are Raven and Alexander whom I love. They are always there on vital parts of the story and I can’t wait for when they have their own.

Throughout the story we are introduced to several new characters who could be suitors for the remaining sisters or other members of the ton, but the next story will lead us to a Countess and a Prince in Enticing the Prince.

Pleasuring the Prince

Fancy Flambeau is a rising opera singer star and has caught the eye of many men who want her as their mistress. Fancy has vowed that she will not become her mother and succumb to a handsome face who wants to make her his mistress, but that is what she is in danger of doing. An admirer will make his way into her life and it is none other than a prince. Fancy puts on a brave face but each time she spends with Prince Stepan the more she falls for him. But there are other things that will also take over her thoughts, a killer who is running free and her father who has made his appearance in their lives.

Prince Stepan Karanov wanted Fancy the moment she opened her mouth and sang a song. Being a prince Stepan was used to getting his way but it was not the case with Fancy. His normal compliments would not please her as she had a quick wit and would not fall for him. Prince Stepan would not give up especially as he made it his mission to protect her from a killer that was running free.

When I had gotten Pleasuring the Prince I was pretty excited as it brings us back to the characters of the Duke of Invenery and his Duchess. They are great characters to read about and all these sisters are the by products of the Duke and his mistress (their mother Gabrielle Flambeau).

All the sisters are introduced so you get to know each one fairly well and what their special talents are which are a little out of the realm of possibility. In this first story though its all about Fancy and Prince Stepan. I liked that she kept the thought of not becoming her mother as she held out for quite a while but when a prince wants something watch out.

Our villain is a killer who stalks woman of the opera. You are given no real clue until the youngest Flambeau sister, Raven who I love, helps in the case. I can’t wait for when Grasso writes about Raven and the man she loves, which you find out about in this one. The villain was a surprise but not an overstretched one.

Throughout this story I felt that another one was being told and you were not privy to all the details and it was. Belle Flambeau will be in the next book and her story is being told at the same time as Fancy’s. So you will already know somethings that has happened to Belle but not the details.

Have to say I love the sisters. I thought they were a great touch to the story and this will help prolong Patricia Grasso’s stories with each sister having their own.

Seducing the Prince

Pretty much right after I finished reading To Love a Princess I started to read Seducing the Prince.

Prince Viktor Karanov hates his wife and wants a divorce as she does nothing but invite her lovers where all can see. Viktor has his own mistress only after his wife started to stray, but now thanks to a house party he will find a woman who is everything he needed. Viktor will want her but before anything could happen he finds that his wife was killed beside Regina’s husband. Their bodies will not be the last ones to show up dead.

Regina Bradford hates her husband which was no love match. He squanders her fathers money and only visits his mistress, which she is fine with her as she has no wanting of him beside her in bed. Regina will soon find herself meeting a man who could sweep her off her feet at a house party. She will be tempted by Prince Viktor as he makes her feel things she never felt before, but then tragedy strikes and dead bodies start to pile up. She and Viktor will be key suspects.

Seducing the Prince by Patricia Grasso was a very entertaining book from the Karanov series. Already knowing about the marriage of Viktor and Adele from the previous book you were hoping that Viktor would find love. I absolutely loved that Grasso made Regina to be a writer and a fan of Jane Austen. As a fan of Austen I loved how Grasso intertwined the book which Regina was writing into the pages of the book.

Within the pages of the book I found that jealousy which is a major part of Grasso books played almost a back player in the book. Of course I was not complaining as Grasso keeps it interesting with adding mystery to the pages. You wanted to know who was behind all the murders but were never sure. I had a feeling towards the middle of the book thanks to Constable Black saying never underestimate the quiet ones. This of course would alert the reader and make you think of the one person who that would be, but then the question is why would they resort to murdering these people.

Seducing the Prince keeps you involved throughout the story. Stepan’s story will be next with Fancy the opera dancer in Pleasuring the Prince.

To Love a Princess

When I had finished the last series of the Douglas Trilogy I took a little break from Patricia Grasso. Now I am ready to start the series Karanov with To Love a Princess which is I think the first book or second book of the series Karanov. I am going off two websites, the authors website and But then I turned toward the dates of publishing and if I go by dates I think I will get the order right. Now enough about that and my little ramble.

Princess Amber Karanov needed to leave Russia this moment. Her uncle would no longer protect her as he was her enemy now. Amber flees to England to find her cousin who she hopes will have a solution to her problem, finding a husband and getting an heir. She will be given a solution in the form of Miles Montgomery. They will find a way together eventually as Miles will move past his own tragedy but danger lurks at every corner.

Miles Montgomery, Earl of Stratford has seen and been in love which was taken from him four years ago. He was cursed with a scar that left him deformed those many years ago. He knows that no woman would want him and he can’t bear to let another woman into his heart. He thought he could be safe from Amber but with every moment they spent together the more and more he fell. Miles though will not have a perfect love as a man from her past is threatening to intrude.

Completing my list of names, which I did previously with the other set of books, as these series tend to overlap on certain characters left me with no confusion.  With the last names of Karanov and Montgomery I was able to recall their family very easily. For me this helps letting me enjoy reading as I like to connect the dots.

So for me once again this was a tale of love that is never to be or at least it isn’t until our hero opens himself up. While reading this story I had a flash back to the Disney story Beauty and the Beast. Of course Patricia Grasso tales are no Disney stories. Yes there is a happy ending but a lot of turmoil is thrown into the mix not something children get to see with those movies.

Our heroine was sweet and determined but is new to a world where she can have some happiness  and our hero was almost the villain with his moods. In the story  the villains are several but you are not given the identity of all until of course towards the end of the book. You don’t suspect right away until it is too late.

Another fantastic story down another to go. The next one will now be with Viktor Karanov in Seducing the Prince.

To Catch a Countess

After revisiting the second book to the Douglas Trilogy series I was quick to start turning the pages of the third and final book, To Catch a Countess, of the series.

Victoria Douglas is looking forward to be the wife of Alexander once she gets over her embarrassment with being the last to know. But that is not the only thing Victoria is thriving to accomplish as a reading problem has created her to be self conscious and thought to be stupid. She will strive to become smarter to please her husband but soon will find that she is not the only one who wants to please him. Victoria will fight the love she carries but will only fall on deaf ears.

Alexander Emerson wanted to redeem himself for what his family had done to the Douglas’s. He agreed to a betrothal with Victoria but soon found that she was not one to sit and take orders. Alexander knew he would tame her and did as he seduced her again and again. But life is all not easy especially as Alexander found he loved his wife and obstacles kept pushing them apart making him act rashly.

First all I want it stated that I was very much entranced with the story Patricia Grasso wrote. She has a way to tell a story and to interweave those tormenting scenes of love that you don’t want to read but can’t get enough of especially of the young heroine Victoria. I loved Victoria’s character she was something different and Grasso really played out her innocence in the book which was sweet. So saying all that I was shocked how much cruelty laid in these pages. Alexander for me is the most despicable character so far of Grasso’s hero’s and is almost villain like. He hurts her with every action and every word all because he is too prideful to listen to her. Grasso has often had Aunt Roxie say to her nieces to watch what a man does not what he says, well in this case it seems that our hero doesn’t care if he hurts the woman he loves.

What I didn’t understand was how the family acted at times as no one really defended Victoria until the very end. The fiery tendencies the sisters had were almost gone since their marriages. I didn’t like how meek they were almost. Finally at the end it does improve.

Grasso does write a happy ending but waits until the very end. I appreciated that Grasso didn’t make him the villain he seemed to be portraying, but honestly at the end of the book I hoped that Victoria would make Alexander suffer. She does but really she took him back rather quickly.

Nevertheless as I stated I really liked this book and will be venturing on to Patricia Grasso’s next set of books with the Karanov.