Stroke of Midnight

Stroke of MidnightLaura Falkner is back in London after her fathers death. She is determined to find out who murdered him and find out the real thief of the diamond necklace that was thought to have been stolen by her father. She will disguise herself in order to find out the truth but will find herself face to face with the man she loved years ago who was also the one to turn her father in to the police.

Alexander Ross, Earl of Copley, never thought he would see Laura Falkner. He knew that she had no trust in him since he turned in her father but Alex still wanted her. He will find a way to keep her at his side and to keep those secrets he was holding from her hidden. But the more time he spends with her, he wonders if he could have been mistaken.

Stroke of Midnight is the second book to the series Cinderella Sisterhood by Olivia Drake. As a follow up book to the series I thought this was absolutely great. I really like this series so far and can’t wait to read more of the series.

Laura was strong for what she had to go through. I also liked that she was playing detective with finding out who was the real thief and there were certainly several prospects that she had thought could have been the culprits. Alex is a good man trying to do right by his godmother who wanted his help but it ruined his chance with the one that he could have easily loved. I liked that he gets his second chance but he still botches it. He botches it up with the secrets he was holding and I knew that would be a factor in the downfall. Though remember this is a romance book so our characters will prevail and get the bad guy in the end.

The book holds some twists and mystery to the story which I liked. The several culprits that were thought about by Laura were definitely who I thought were the bad guys but I was wrong. I was surprised by one of the secrets that was shared which immediately zeroed in on the true bad guy.

Lady Milford is back with the glass slippers. She arranges Laura to be in the home of Alex’s aunt which starts back the attraction and secrets that are bound to come out. Of course the slippers will once again be taken and now there will be no doubt that Lady Milford will be in the third book. I am going to wait to read the third book because I want to read the fourth book right after, which comes out in November of this year.

If the Slipper Fits

If the Slipper FitsAnnabelle Quinn was orphaned as an infant never knowing her parents just that she was illegitimate. Annabelle will have a chance to leave her position as a teacher and become a governess. She jumped at the chance as this place treated her more like a servant. She will find joy helping the young Duke but will find that the Uncle of the Duke was catching her attention especially with his seductive ways.

Lord Simon Westbury had taken his nephew over as a ward when Nicholas’s parents were killed in an accident. Simon had not seen his brother in over ten years due to a betrayal and had become jaded. When the new governess is brought in he will find his eyes following her and wanting her to be his mistress.

If the Slipper Fits is the first book to the series Cinderella Sisterhood by Olivia Drake. Olivia Drake plays off the fairy tale Cinderella which I really liked. It has been a while since I have read a book by Olivia Drake and I remember liking her but when I read this book I really loved it. Her writing is fun and lighthearted.

The characters of Annabelle and Simon are well written and I liked them both right off. Simon seemed standoffish due to his past with his brother who is deceased but he does come to term with it and becomes a better man. It takes Annabelle to make him see that and change. Annabelle was like the Cinderella especially with her glass slippers. It was kind of funny as those really didn’t have any real part in the book that is except towards the end. I liked that it was the slippers that will be taken from Annabelle as she found the man she will love. So maybe the slippers are a way to bring love especially by a woman, Lady Milford, who wants to play matchmaker.

As the shoes were taken in the first book I have a feeling that you will read about them in the second book, but maybe not. I will find out as I have the second book, Stroke of Midnight, and I’m reading it next.

Never Trust a Rogue

With a simple IOU Lindsay would be free of Wrayford’s attention. It would show he was a gambler and not the man for her but something goes wrong when Thane Parker, the Earl of Mansfied gets a hand on the note.

Thane Parker blackmails Lindsay in to a betrothal but what she does not understand is Thane will collect. As he chases the strangler he has to protect Lindsay as she could be the next victim. But with her stubborn ways she will put herself right into the mist of trouble.

I liked the adventure Olivia Drake sends Lindsay into with Never Trust A Rogue. As a sequel the plot and characters will hold your attention.

The villain looked to be one but then Drake shows a whole new angle which you did not see coming.

As the second book to the series Heiress in London it was intriguing to read as you wanted to uncover what was really going on and how these characters played a part in the unraveling.

The last book will conclude with the youngest sister taking her turn at love and adventure.

Seducing the Heiress

Seducing was never a heard thing for Colin Byrd, Viscount Ratcliffe. His next target was the heiress Portia Crompton and he wanted her and her dowry. But things changed as Colin got to know the heiress and she was not what he expected.

Portia was used to all the men flocking toward her. It was normal as she is an heiress but her heart will never be tainted from her first love. She knew she would marry Arun and would ever be denied by her family. But Portia didn’t anticipate Colin and his determination. He was something who could steal her away.

The first book, Seducing the Heiress, is from the series Heiress in London. Olivia Drake has an ability to captivate the reader. From the beginning I wanted to enjoy the story as the characters and plot are shown up front but secrets are uncovered.

I liked how Drake did uncover what the older generation hide. And it was comical as the past was revisiting with same and new characters in its place.

As a romance novel you will love the how the self servering Colin starts to play a different tune as love comes a factor, and how Portia’s love for another seemed only as a distant memory.