The Collector

The CollectorLila Emerson was house sitting when she looked across and saw in the window a couple fighting like they had been before. Lila will be shocked to witness a woman being pushed out of the window but she will not have clear view of the person who pushed the woman. She will do what she can to help solve the case with Aston, the brother of the deceased. She will not know that doing this will be putting her life in danger.

Artist Ashton Archer has just lost his brother who was thought to have murdered his girlfriend and then killed himself. Ash knew that was not the case and would enlist the help of the key eyewitness, Lila, to help prove it wasn’t his brother who murdered the woman. But by enlisting Lila’s help he will be putting her life and his own in danger.

The Collector is a novel by Nora Roberts. I am an avid reader of Nora Roberts and will most always try her books as she is a good author and her books are enjoyable. I am not going to her books as much but when a book comes out that sounds interesting I willingly read the book. Now this book had its good moments with intrigue of this murder/suicide and who was the real mastermind behind it all, but other than that I didn’t connect with the main characters.

Lila and Ashton were characters that came together in time of tragedy and confusion. I liked them for the most part but I couldn’t believe that they were together. I get that with tragedy you bond but for some reason with how they were created to be I couldn’t see it. How Roberts writes her stories you are pulled into the story but I felt that I grew a little bored with all that was happening. When the action and intrigue part was upon us the story for me grew interesting because I wanted to know the person behind it all and know the reason why they are doing it.

You are introduced to one of the villains in the book pretty quickly and they are vindictive but to know the person who is pulling the strings to this job that is what was driving me to continue the story.

I will still be back for more on Nora Roberts as there are plenty of novels to read from her that I have yet to try.

The Perfect Hope

The Perfect HopeRyder Montgomery is the carpenter of the family and is helping restore the Inn with his own hands. He will be frustrated with Hope from the moment she gets the job. A relationship will start to define after a New Years Eve kiss. He will want more from Hope but will not know how to handle it or her.

Hope Beaumont never thought this Bed and Breakfast would keep her happy when she had lived in D.C. and worked as a manager to a very glitzy hotel but she was. Her happiness steamed from her friends and having a purpose. All she had to deal with was Ryder who she couldn’t get along with, that is until they kiss and things changed.

The Perfect Hope is the third and final book from Inn Boonsboro Trilogy. I liked this book. Now did I like this one better than the other two, I would have to say no as I thought they were all equal. Each brother was a little different in attitude but even with that difference you knew they were clearly brothers and that was what I liked about the books. Ryder I will have to say was one brother who liked to brood and be sarcastic and was good at that. He is kind though as it could be seen by the way he treats his family and his dog. Also he was a man who wanted a certain justice to happen when something bad happened. He used his fist to help deal with some issues. Now Hope was not perfect as she made a mistake which will cause problems with her new life. Although with her friends and Ryder by her side she weathers the problem.

The ghost definitely is played up in the last book which makes sense as the series is coming to an end. Eliza is communicating more and more as she longs for her love, Billy, and a lot of this communication is with Hope as they are family. The group had to find out who this Billy was which was next to impossible. With hints from Eliza and Hope putting the pieces together they will find out his last name shocking everyone when the truth comes out. There were moments with the ghost, towards the end, was getting a little sappy but it was a reunion that was long overdue.

You can tell that Roberts wrapped up the series as each brother have now found the woman they belong with and the ghosts now had peace. I will probably be taking a break from Nora Roberts but I will be back for more.

The Last Boyfriend

The Last BoyfriendOwen Montgomery was the one that organized but with all that was happening at the Inn he had very few places to work in an orderly matter. He will spend time at Avery’s for peace and quiet and in those moments he will start to see Avery in a new light and take their relationship to the next level.

Avery MacTavish owned the pizza restaurant across from the Inn which let her watch all that was happening even though she had little time to do so. She will find the time when she and Owen start to date but she will have to decide to let him in and trust him with her heart.

The Last Boyfriend is the second book to the series Inn Boonsboro Trilogy from Nora Roberts. Like the first Roberts tells the tale of the Montgomery family restoring this historic Inn this time the story is focusing in on Own and Avery. I will say that this story focused more on the couple and not some big problem like the stalker Clare had. I would have liked a little more on that but I thought Avery and Owen’s story was sweet.

Owen and Avery dated before and then broke up. I wondered how this would effect their relationship but then I found out the break up was when Avery was five. I figured with this relationship they were having now would not be too effected with what happened in the past. For Avery it will deepen her love for Owen from the one she had as a child. There was something holding Avery back some I thought and that had to be her mother who left when she was a kid. Of course the mother does make an appearance and brings her own set of turmoil. I think that the mother was the villain of sorts as she did not do the best she could for her daughter and took the easy way out. I felt a little sorry for her but ultimately I would have sided with Avery and her father. Now through all that, Owen will be there for Avery that is once she opens up and lets him know. I do like Owen as he is the organizational one and everything in his life had an order. With Avery it all turned upside down but he survived it.

The ghost, Elizabeth, will be now known towards the end of the book but the mystery of her beloved Billy will be up for debate as they search for more information. What comes of this search will be a little twist with Hope as she is connected to this ghost and it looks like she will have a bigger part in the book than I realized, which will be expanded on in the third and final book, the one I am starting next.

The Next Always

The Next AlwaysBeckett Montgomery along with his brothers and mother are restoring the historical inn that has seen plenty over the years. Beckett is the architect of the project and all he does is work on the Inn that is until he starts hanging out with the woman he has wanted since he was fifteen years old.

Clare Brewster has known love and has survived her own tragedy when her husband was killed overseas. With three little boys there was not much time for anything. She will start a relationship with Beckett all thanks to her curiosity with how the facelift of the inn was going.

The Next Always is the first book from Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy by Nora Roberts. I can rely on Roberts to give me a book that tells a story. This is a prime example as she goes into detail of the town, the Inn, then of the characters who all are described with their own flaws and background story so it feels like you know them and that they are realistic.

Beckett is kind and a loving man who has his urges which all seemed to be pointed toward Clare who was starting to accept his attention. I loved his interaction with the kids which was done perfectly. He was knight in shinning armor for Clare who needed it even though she didn’t want to admit it. Clare was a good woman and mother who was trying to get by. She gets swept up by Beckett. Of course having three kids gets difficult having a life which gives the book humor as the kids are interrupting things.

I had liked the book from the start as it was a good story then Roberts throws in a small supernatural twist with a ghost that inhabits the Inn which plays a part later in the book to help Clare. I figure the mystery of the ghost will be something that will be kept up through all three books. I am intrigued with who the woman is and why can only some see her or at least sense her thanks to the scent of honeysuckle. Then the story gets a little more meat to it with a problem that will be happening to Clare, and Beckett will be helping her along with his brothers and her friends. The intensity of the dilemma escalates rapidly once the person was identify as a problem.

I have the second and third book of the series which I will be reading next.

A Small Town Sheriff Meets Hollywood

Reading Nora Roberts you always come up with a new plot and characters in each story she writes. In The Law is a Lady the small town sheriff will get a sight of Hollywood.

Victoria Ashton is the new sheriff as her father has passed away. She does her job the best she can but is this were she wants to be for the rest of her life? Victoria though will have a new challenge in her life when a out-of-towner comes into her small town.

Philip Kincaid is entertained being pulled over by a lady sheriff but not so much as he gets put into jail by her. Philip though soon forgets and knows this town is the perfect place for his movie they were going to film. The road block will be the sheriff but she could be one to get through with the power of seduction. Philip comes to the conclusion that the sheriff is the perfect lady for him and he always gets what he wants.

The story was sweet and simple with fun characters that carried through the entire novel. I liked how each character was something more than they appeared to be which gave depth to the novel. Roberts description let readers get right into the story with the very first page.

Irish Rose

Erin McKinnon is a long way from home. A native to Ireland Erin is wondered by all that is in America. She was skeptical working as a bookkeeper for Burke Logan but Erin needed to leave her home. She needed freedom and a way to make something of herself. But Erin wasn’t expecting to fall for her employer.

Burke Logan knows what he wants and goes for it. Hiring Erin, marrying Erin and taking her all seemed right. But Burke doesn’t trust Erin as he should. He doesn’t know if she is there for his money or not. Burke will find out what Erin wants when he opens his own heart.

Irish Rose is the second book from Nora Roberts series Irish Hearts. As sequels go this one was a sweet yet frustrating book to read. Roberts continues with Dee and Travis but she focuses on Dee’s cousin Erin. Erin is another fiery Irish and Burke is a gambler. Both are hot heads and impatient so the scenes were intense with arguing which kept you wanting to turn the pages.

The villain is clear and the reader will be interested in to see what will happen as the heroes are faced in a crisis.

Irish Rose is a fantastic sequel and second book to the series.

The Witness

Since picking up my first book from Nora Roberts I have come to find her as a go to author to read. The Witness is her two hundredth book. From reading the description before I read it I was intrigued with the events that Roberts would embark on.

Elizabeth was a young girl of sixteen her whole future was laid out before her by her mother. Elizabeth had enough. At sixteen she made several choices that would leave her life in chaos and one she would have to fight to survive. Twelve years later Elizabeth was nowhere to be found only Abigail Lowery. Abigail will soon find her life in turmoil with an arrogant man and his son and then with a man threatening to break through and find a place in her heart. But none of that can come too until Elizabeth is put to rest.

Brooks Gleason is the sheriff of the town. He loves his parents and sisters and life but something is missing. He has stopped any kind of longing for the girl he used to think he loved and now someone else has captured his attention. Abigail he knew has had trouble in her past. He wants her to open up and to trust him. Brooks will break down one boundary at a time to get to her heart and to convince her they belong together.

Flipping from the first page to the last I could not put this book down and yet I had to as there was something also happening around me for the last two days. That alone drove me crazy as I needed to find out about Elizabeth/Abigail and Brooks. The waiting to finish the book was annoying but the result was absolutely perfect. I loved this book!

The suspense first of all was fantastic as it built throughout the entire book from the first page to the last. Roberts is a storyteller through and through. In The Witness there almost seemed two stories with Elizabeth and then Abigail and I was enthralled to want to read both.

Within in the novel I liked that Roberts also broke up the story with different sections devoted to Elizabeth, Abigail and Brooks.

Now aside from the fact that this books plot was amazing the plot was something I wanted to devour quickly the characters were riveting. The characters played through the intrigue and suspense along with the betrayal and hope Roberts interweaves. The characters of Elizabeth/Abigail was a survivor and someone who deserved to find that justice. I liked that Brooks was that man. He seemed a little at first too kind hearted, well too easy at being more with Abigail, but of course I loved that about him. Roberts goes into his history which will then have his behavior make sense. Also with him helping Abigail he was the perfect man to have.

The villains were dynamic and played to the characters they were. Roberts gave them the edge and charm within the pages. You hated them throughout and hoped a justice would be brought down upon them.

I recommend this book of Nora Roberts to read.