BurnAsh McIntyre had felt in a funk as his best friends have found women that completed them. Ash will be finding a new interest in Josie who promotes a new sense of lust that he hadn’t felt in a long time.

Josie was just drawing in the park when she will meet a man that will question everything that she thought she wanted. She will take a chance and find a new life style that compels her to become more with Ash.

Burn is the third book from the Breathless series from Maya Banks. The third installment was another very steamy, very illicit sex with the two main characters Ash and Josie.

It was interesting that Josie was already in a similar relationship that Ash was suggesting except that what she had with Michael was false. I liked that Josie found herself with Ash but it was not easy especially when Ash wasn’t being exactly truthful with a few things, nothing too bad. Ash you find a different side to in the book. He is still very charming and laid back but there is an intensity that hadn’t been there in the previous books.

There will be a villain in the book that will come back from the first book and want revenge on these men and their women. Josie will take the fall as she will be severally beaten by the person. Now these books have never been with a context that is easy as emotions run high with these powerful men but Banks will show how dysfunctional Ash’s family really is especially his mother.

With the Breathless series done I will have to find a new series to read from Maya Banks or a novel.


FeverJace Crestwell knew what he wanted in bed but when he finds Bethany it all changes. He will become obsessed with this woman and will put his friendship with Ash in jeopardy to keep Bethany all to himself.

Bethany has had a hard life. After she has a night she wouldn’t forget she figured she would never see Jace again but he will be there to help and to find a way to keep her close. Bethany will not fight the attraction and find herself submitting fully to Jace.

Fever is the second book to the Breathless series from Maya Banks. I started out with the first book and I really loved the story that went along with the characters and of course the sex that happened every time they were together. Banks gets even more detailed and goes further with pain and pleasure that Jace is into.

Now I really liked Jace even though he was a very controlling man. Banks will be writing about Jace and Ash who are frequent to have threesomes with a women but Bethany is different. I think Jace is an idiot for going through with the threesome because he felt for Bethany, but it will happen regardless and it will get steamy. The book doesn’t stop because the threesomes do as Jace and Bethany will keep going and find love in the process. Bethany’s character was helpless but found her voice and does use it when the time is right. She is very caring and very easily led down the path of being submissive with Jace.

One thing that I really like about the series is the covers. There are no half naked women or men on the cover. This is a book I can take out in public and no one will know what I am reading. In my book club we all love these books secretly as we don’t want to advertise what we are reading to the public. I will still try out the books with those covers but they might be angled towards my lap so the cover stays hidden.

The last book for the series is with Ash in Burn.


RushGabe Hamilton had been burned by love and will not have his personal life displayed in the press. Now he makes sure that the women he sees know exactly what they are getting into with a contract. Gabe will use the same contract on Mia who he has fantasied over the last several years.

Mia Crestwell has wanted Gabe since she was sixteen years old but with fourteen years between them she was always seen as Jace’s little sister. Mia will take the step she needs to do and agree to the contract. She will bend towards Gabe’s will and walk down the forbidden path with him.

Rush is the first book to the Breathless series from Maya Banks. I have seen the books around but I was waiting until the third book was available to start reading the series. I have all three now in my possession so I figured I would give the series a try. Now going into the series I knew there would be a lot of sex because Banks books tend to follow down that route, and I was right. Rush was filled with desire, sex, rough sex and some bondage so I would definitely categorize this erotic romance.

I really liked the book and found myself not wanting to put it down. The character of Mia was naive but very sweet and had desires like any normal woman. It was just that she didn’t know what she was stepping into with Gabe. I liked that she agreed to the contract but that she also was strong enough when it needed to be over. Now the character of Gabe grabbed me. He was so different from other characters I have read and I was drawn to him. He has his flaws and obvious kinks in the bedroom. I loved that he matched well with Mia. I thought it was creative with the contract but knew that it was going to be a problem down the road. There are several other little obstacles and one of them comes down to assault but I am happy to see that the person got a beating. There was a point which I didn’t think they would get their happy ending but a happy ending will take place for this couple.

Jace’s story is next in Fever.

Highlander Most Wanted

Highlander Most WantedGenevieve McInnis is no longer the woman she was when she left a year ago. She will find salvation as she will be freed by another clan but it will not be easy to get away. She will be kept there by Bowen who will give her a chance to have a normal life than the one she had been given the past year.

Bowen Montgomery came to the opposing clan expecting a fight but most men have fled along with their leader. He will help the ones that were left behind but will mostly concentrate on Genevieve who needs to have a champion after all that has happened.

Highlander Most Wanted is the second book to Montgomerys and Armstrongs. Maya Banks follows up right after the first book with Genevieve and Bowen’s characters meeting at McHugh’s land where Ian is dead and Patrick has fled. As a sequel this was a great follow up story. As before I was pulled into the story, perhaps not as fast but still quickly enough and I stayed entertained throughout the book.

Genevieve was one who had a brutal past year as she was taken against her will and was used by Ian over and over. No one dared stopped the treatment but the torment stops when Ian is killed. There is a surprise that shows she was part of Eveline abduction but things are explained and she is not the villain. Although from all that you learned there was little doubt she was a villain for even a second. Now with all the ill treatment you will smile when she discovers true happiness in the arms of Bowen. Bowen seems like a harden warrior but he falls hard for Genevieve the moment he sees her, scar and all. I liked that when he found out the news at what she had done there was not complete judgement. He looked at the situation and then asked the rest of the story from her.

The villain is Patrick who ran away in the beginning but he wouldn’t be forgotten. The other villains of the book are his clan members who shunned Genevieve as a person but all will be rectified at the end.

A complete happy ending did not happen right away but at the very end of the book Genevieve and Bowen would have that perfect ending they deserved.

Can’t wait to read the next book. It will be with Brodie and Taliesan unfortunately it wouldn’t be out until November which is a long time away but there are always more books to read.

Never Seduce a Scot

Never Seduce a ScotEveline Armstrong has let those around her think she was unwell for the last three years to avoid a marriage to a horrible man. Now she is being sent to another bad man to be his wife. Eveline will soon learn that the man himself was not bad and he was one that she could love but it would be struggle as his clan was avid about mistreating her.

Graeme Montgomery did not want to marry the daughter of a sworn enemy clan but he would do his bidding. Graeme will meet his intended and will be shocked at her beauty. He will not have a problem with her especially as he finds out what is really wrong with her. Graeme will fight his clan to make sure his bride is protected but he wouldn’t be able to stop all the treachery.

Never Seduce a Scot is the first book from the Montgomery and Armstrong series from Maya Banks. I have seen this book on the shelves as I walked passed down the aisle of the romance section. I knew it was to be part of a series but the second book wasn’t out. Now with the second book out and available I snatched them both up.

The first book to the series Never Seduce a Scot was what I expected from Maya Banks. A good setting, interesting characters and steamy scenes. I really loved this book. It was easy to get into and you stayed interested from start to finish. This story reminded me of her other series Highlander. This one was made differently with Eveline being deaf. It added an interesting element to show how clever she was and led you to feel for the girl. Though you felt sorry for Eveline she was not one to be backed into a corner. When she wanted to she could defend herself. Her new clan did not make her life easy as she was challenged at every turn. Graeme was a man who did what needed to be done. He was strong and loyal to his clan. At first I didn’t know if he was going to be a really tough guy but instead he was well balanced between strength and generosity.

From all the hurt that the clan gives to Eveline a love blooms between Graeme and Eveline that will melt your heart. It is really sweet to read the progression of Graeme as he fought the feelings that started to develop for Eveline. Now Ian was despicable as a villain. What you learn about him you want him to have a miserable ending and justice will happen but not until the very end of the book.

Highlander Most Wanted is next.

Pregnancy and Passion

So I decided I would venture on to another series by Maya Banks. Seeing that all four books of the series were available to check out I grabbed them. As they were all fairly short novels (under two hundred pages) they would be pretty quick to read.

Enticed By His Forgotten Lover

Amnesia was a hard thing to swallow for Bryony Morgan. The father of her child had walked away at least that’s what she thought. Then he gives her the story he was in a plane accident and lost those weeks. Bryony wanted to forgive him but there was a part of her that feared he wouldn’t remember or love her anymore. She was going to help him remember.

Rafael de Luca was a hard man and it killed him not to remember weeks of his life but he had to move on that was until he came upon a pregnant lover. He knew she was not his type but the passion they shared proved his body remembered her. Rafael will learn to love but then his memory will come back proving that he was not the knight in shinning armor Bryony painted him to be.

Wanted By His Lost Love

Ryan Beardsley knew betrayal as he looked into his fiance eyes hearing lies about his brother. Ryan felt hurt, lost to know she slept with his little brother. Dumping her quickly he cut the ties that held them together. Now months later Ryan is concerned that she had not cashed the check he gave her. He went in search only to find out that she was pregnant. Instead of throwing insults Ryan wanted a second chance no matter whose baby it was.

Kelly Christian felt the betrayal of her fiance not believing her. She needed his most when she was assaulted but he believed in the worst. Heartbroken Kelly ran. Now months later becoming bigger than a house with her pregnancy Kelly sees Ryan. He is controlling her life now giving her orders to keep healthy. Kelly wants to believe he wants another chance but as he still doesn’t believe her she can’t let him back in all the way.

Tempted By Her Innocent Kiss

Devon Carter was on a verge of a big deal there was only one catch. He had to marry the mans daughter to get the contract. Devon didn’t want too but he agreed. Sooner than later he found himself married to a very vibrant woman but that will crash when the truth will rear its ugly head. Devon will soon find himself missing her energy as it is replaced with a boring woman.

Ashley Copeland loves life. Loves chaos and now loves her husband but it all falls apart on her wedding night. She finds she was bought and paid for by her father. She was a business deal. She doesn’t want a divorce as she loves Devon. She wants his love in return. Her plan is to change to get him to love her. But the change destroys the person she was and leaves her heartbroken and pregnant.

Undone By Her Tender Touch

Pippa Laingley wanted sex for the night. She got and lots of it from Cameron but there was a problem. With the tear of a condom all her plans changed and not for the better. She soon finds out that having a baby is the last thing Cameron wanted. Pippa knows to cut him out of their lives but it is hard when you are in love with the man.

Cameron Hollingsworth had lost his family and didn’t want it to happen again. He thought pushing Pippa away would work but he couldn’t stay away. He kept helping her bringing her closer but he could not open up his heart to her. It was only when he thought he lost her did he realize what he let slip through his fingers. He had to fight back to gain her trust and love.

The series Pregnancy & Passion certainly holds up to the category of romance novels in the Harlequin family. All the stories had romance mixed with sex and of course betrayal that will tug at your heart strings. The series started with a bang in the first book and stayed that way all the way into the last book of the series.

I found that the themes through all of the books was find the right woman, screw up and figure it out hoping its not too late. That was the formula for all the stories but nevertheless I was engaged in each story as they were all a little different. I liked the amnesia mixed into the story of the first book. The assault on Kelly in the second story will break your heart but you will feel triumph with what Ryan does. While Banks gave us a marriage of convenience in the third book which is never a good idea but will find its way of working out. The last book I liked that Banks gave Cam the problems of trust. It was he who had to be healed.

Banks will make each of the woman strong in their own way. A woman who could leave the man they loved to safe themselves and their babies. They all had backbone and the men all had to pay for their behavior but not with money. They had to get on their knees to beg for forgiveness.

Pregnancy & Passion is a fun, engaging and fast paced series to read.

The Tycoon’s Secret Affair

Maya Banks ends the Anetakis Tycoon’s series with the last book, The Tycoon’s Secret Affair, featuring Piers.

Jewel Henley needs this job to survive a little longer but what she hadn’t meant to do was sleep with her boss the night before. She hoped it would not cause problems but before she knew it she was fired. Alone and with no money Jewel leaves but she doesn’t expect to be pregnant.

Peirs Anetakis makes it his business not to be close to females emotionally. His one night stand created a problem and he solved it but he didn’t mean for her to get fired. Five months later Piers looked for Jewel and will be surprised to find her in the hospital and pregnant. He wouldn’t trust Jewel or that the baby is his but soon his shield will break but will it be fast enough?

I honestly love how Maya Banks creates the women to be strong and able to leave on their own and do what they had to do. But what is frustrating is that the Anetakis men are hot headed idiots at time. But I did like that Piers had to make the big aplogize to get back what he lost. I also liked how Banks did not leave the test as a negative but with a happy ending.

The Anetakis Tycoon’s series was fun and fast to read and you will enjoy the carefree women and hot headed Greek Tycoons.