Sometimes A Rogue

Sometimes a RogueMiss Sarah Clarke-Townsend was taking a walk with her very pregnant sister when several men started to follow them. Sarah heard that they were after her sister and there was no way she was going to let that happen. Sarah convinced the men that she was the Duchess that they were looking for. Now all she had to do was find a way out of their clutches which was looking to be very difficult.

Rob Carmichael was a disgrace to his family when he turned to become a Bow Street Runner. He was good at his job and that will come in handy when his good friends sister-in-law was taken. He will search for this woman and get her to safety but their adventure would not be over.

Sometimes A Rogue is the fifth book to the series Lost Lords by Mary Jo Putney. I liked this book, it was something cute to read and I went through it pretty fast.

The character Sarah was quiet and shy at times but in a time of crisis she became a different person. She was brave and determined to keep her sister safe no matter the cost. Rob was honorable even though he said he wasn’t. He was a smart man and got the job done, whatever his case may be. The two of them traveling through Ireland does spark something between them and a fire is lit that brings passion. Their kind of love were not their first as they had loved and lost before. I kind of liked that. They both shared that loss which made them realize how precious love could be.

No Longer a Gentleman

No Longer a GentlemanGrey Sommers, Lord Wyndham, has been trapped in a cell for ten years in France. He will be rescued and brought back to England to live a life he was born to. Grey will have troubles adjusting but will have help from Cassie.

Cassie is known by many names. She gave up the one she had long ago as her family was killed. Cassie will go on dangerous missions and Grey’s was no exception but she will be finding her become closer to the man even though she knows they have no future.

No Longer A Gentleman is the fourth book to Lost Lords series by Mary Jo Putney. As this was my first book from the author I thought this was a good introduction to the author and her writing. I really enjoyed the book. At first it was a little slow but that was due to building up the background and all that had happened to Grey to have him come to his circumstance.

Grey’s character was someone you warmed to right away. Although he wasn’t the smartest ten years ago he grew into something more and his life would never be the same. I liked that Cassie was the one to free him from the cage and was his future. Cassie was unique with the disguises that helped her throughout France. It was interesting as her past came back and gave her something more in life.

The enemy was definitely Durbad, the French lord, who really disliked Grey. He was only in the beginning and end of the book which made sense as he was in France while Grey left for England. Durbad does come back right at the end to try to finish what he started.

I am intrigued to continue the book and find out more on the Lost Lords series.