BurnJenner Redwin had gotten lucky when she won the lottery which had been seven years ago. Her life changed forever. Seven years later she is planning a trip with her best friend Sydney when they will both be kidnapped but held in different places. If Jenner wants Sydney safe she has to play her part in the kidnappers scheme.

Burn is a novel by Linda Howard. For a while I actually wanted to try this book as I had kept seeing it in my library. I was glad I picked it up as it was a really entertaining book to read. Linda Howard spins a suspenseful tale where a group of people are trying to stop one man from doing something terrible to others.

I was hooked on the story right away as I wanted to know what was going on with Jenner who looked to be in a situation because of her friend. You find out what happens after you get a little information of how Jenner had come to a be a multimillionaire. Jenner is a woman who had a amazing luck to win the lottery. It was sad how quickly the people around her changed when she received the money. So then Howard fast forwards seven years later when she will be kidnapped and taken on the cruise where she will have to play her part because her friend Sydney would be hurt. I liked that she fought every time and did not back down when she had to deal with her kidnappers.

So the kidnapper, Cael, and his group were not necessarily bad guys. There were stopping a bad guy from doing a terrible deed. There was a line that Howard wrote where Jenner was thinking about her kidnappers, they did not wear white hats it was more like gray hats. I liked that description of this team. They were a group who was doing what they needed to do for the greater good. I will admit in the beginning I thought Cael would be too harsh but as the book went on he softened some when it came to Jenner, and of course the lust between them did not hurt.

The bad guy was Frank Larkin. I was confused at first with what was going on with this man. He didn’t seem like a villain but as the book went on you knew he was the villain without a doubt. The ending served justice to Larkin. There was an epilogue in the book which gives a little surprise about Jenner, Cael and his group.

Shadow Woman

Shadow WomanLizette Henry wakes up one day and realizes that the woman looking back at her is unrecognizable. She will find that flashes of memory were coming back to her. She will also realize that she is being watched.

Shadow Woman is a novel by Linda Howard. Alright now overall I liked the book. I thought the beginning pulled me into the story with the shooting that had happened. Then with Lizette and how she did not know who she was. I was intrigued but at points I lost somewhat interest in the story. I think what threw me off the plot a little was this brainwashing. It was a little strange. Also I was frustrated as I wasn’t getting answer right away. Though Howard will give you answers of course and I will say that towards the end I was back into the story. I was getting a better insight with what was happening.

With this book it was hard to tell which person was the villain. I had a good idea who the bad guy was but there were other options. The qualifications of a hero was blurred which made that person almost villain like.

I do think that Linda Howard can write a well written suspense romance novel and I am looking forward to reading from from her.

Death Angel

Death AngelDrea Rousseau was living a life she knew would end so she prepared herself. She took enough money that would keep her alive but she was not prepared for the assassin who Rafael Salinas put on her trail.

Death Angel is a novel by Linda Howard. This book was really good and it was more than it appeared to be. At first it was a survival book with Drea having to run for her life. Then a tragedy happens and a little supernatural comes into play. I thought the supernatural aspect was done well, it was just unexpected.

When I first started the book I was wondering who she would be with. I knew that this was a suspense romance so there was going to be someone Drea was going to be with. At first I thought maybe Rafael did love her but that was clearly not the case. I then thought maybe an FBI agent but instead her attention was with the assassin, well to a point. The assassin, Simon, was more than he appeared to be. You liked him but he was a bad man, then something inside him changes. I liked the change but he was still that ruthless killing machine.

I was pretty much on board throughout the entire book as it was engaging. I am on the lookout for more Linda Howard books and I am actually going to be reading another one next which is Shadow Woman.

A Game of Chance

A Game of ChanceChance Mackenzie had one target in mind but until know that man would stay alive. Chance will get lucky and find the terrorists daughter and use her as bait. He will feel remorse as he will quickly find himself caring for Sunny.

Sunny Miller had been on the run since before she was born. She was ready for anything expect a plane crash. Sunny will find herself stranded with a pilot though everything is not as it seems.

A Game of Chance is the fifth book to the series Mackenzie Family Saga series by Linda Howard. I found myself engrossed with the story. I wanted to know more about this family and what had happened to Sunny’s family. The book itself is just about 250 pages which went by quickly. The story was simple but I liked how Howard wrote the characters. They were each very strong and had secrets of their own but they were not sharing, at least not yet. Now even though the characters didn’t know each that well it did nothing to stop them when it came to those lustful feelings. Of course before this couple walks into the sunset they will have to resolve one tiny problem which is how to get over the fact that pretty much everything Chance told Sunny from the start had been a lie and to stop her father.

Well after reading the fifth book I find myself wondering how the series started. I know that I will be back to the MacKenzie Family Saga series.


TroubleTrouble is a combination of two books written by Linda Howard. Midnight Rainbow and Diamond Bay are the first two books from the series Rescues.

Midnight Rainbow

Grant Sullivan was on a mission which was to rescue Jane Greer from a pack of ruthless men. He will be annoyed to be on the rescue but will soon find that Jane is more than the empty headed girl he thought she was.

Diamond Bay

Rachel Jones was shocked to find a man almost dead on the beach and she knew that she had to help him. She will rescue him and trouble quickly follows when mysterious FBI men start asking for Kell Sabin, her mystery man.

I found myself enjoying both of these books. There is a definite theme of rescue which just happened to be the name of the series. Though it’s not just these strong men who were the ones rescuing the woman. The woman play their part and are strong and smart about what needs to be done, sometimes a little impulsive but it helps in the dangerous situation they are placed in.

In each of these books the villains are evil and are desperate to get what they want. One is a microfilm and the other is a person to finish off. The villains are ruthless but the good guys are very good at their job.

The epilogue in the second book showed a happy ending for the two couples so I am guessing their part in the series is over. There are two more books to the series but I have a feeling they might be hard to get to since they were written in the 80’s. I will be on the look out but for now there are always more books from Linda Howard that I can try.

Kiss Me While I Sleep

Kiss Me While I sleepLily Mansfield is a hired assassin who works side jobs for the CIA. She has been an assassin since eighteen and very good at her job but on this next mission it will be going against the agency she worked for. She was out for revenge against the man, Salvatore Nervi, who killed her good friends their daughter. She will have to watch her back as the agency will try to take her in.

Lucas Swain was on a job for the CIA to bring in Lily Mansfield and he was to do whatever he could to bring her in. He will be drawn to the woman and will find himself walking a thin line as he helps her discover the truth with what happened to her friends and what Nervi was do up to which would harm numerous people.

Kiss Me While I Sleep is the third book to CIA’s Spies by Linda Howard. I absolutely loved the first two books and although I did like this one I wouldn’t say it was my favorite. I suppose that in the previous two books I felt I connected with the characters a little easier. In this book I was drawn in but I couldn’t get into the characters all the way as there was too much deceiving going on. Then again that is what Lucas and Lily have to do, deceive. It is their job when working for the agency.

What I liked about the story was this mystery of why Lily’s friends and their daughter were killed. I thought how Howard developed that story was really well done. She kept you going with one small clue to another and another. I didn’t know how it was going to end with the mystery but when all was said and done there was justice to be found for those who had died.

I wasn’t too into the ending. Yes it was a happy ending for Lily and Lucas which for me was the problem. I wanted them to have a happy ending but with how things were shaping out to be it didn’t seem right. It seemed too force at the end for that happy ending. This ending though of course did not throw me off from Linda Howard as I plan on reading more because she is a very good writer and her books are enjoyable.

All The Queen’s Men

All the Queen's MenCIA Black Ops John Medina is a legend among those in the field and has a new mission he must complete. To get close to his target he has to enlist the help of Niema Burdock who he worked beside five years ago. Not leaving on the best terms John will have to work hard to get her to agree to the mission.

Niema Burdock had stopped living her life once her husband was killed on a mission. She has recovered but was not prepared to have John Medina back in her life. She will be tempted and agreed to come back to the life, but she will be tempted in a new way when working close to John.

All the Queen’s Men is the second book to Linda Howard’s series CIA’s Spies. Linda Howard is a storyteller and a very good one at that. I was captivated with the story. I was quickly brought into this book with the tragic beginning which gave a quick insight to the two main characters and after that I only wanted more.

Reading the first book I knew that I would want to read the second for the sole reason of John Medina. I wanted to know more about this man who was an enigma. He was a hard man and one who has been trained to survive on these missions that are almost impossible. In the beginning of the book I found John a hard man but one of compassion. As the book continues he is still that hard man but he has some humor and a lot of sex appeal when he is squaring off with Niema. Now Niema’s character was one I instantly gravitated towards. She was a strong woman but very weak in parts of the field that she needed to survive. She grows stronger when facing this new mission which also gave back her life in a way. She has been like a ghost just walking the earth since her husband was killed, now she has a chance to live once again.

The bad guy is stated in the book but I didn’t necessarily hate him even though he was an arms dealer. I kind of liked him especially when Howard shows his soft side which is also his liability.

To finish off the series I picked up the third and final book, Kiss Me While I Sleep which I will be reading next.

Kill and Tell

Kill and TellKaren Whitlaw is no stranger to tragedy as her mother passed away three weeks ago.  She will then hear about her fathers murder whom she hadn’t seen in fifteen years. She will go down towards New Orleans to claim the body where she will meet Marc Chastain who was assigned to her fathers case. Trouble will start to happen to Karen when she gets back home to find that someone is after her and now she wonders if it is because of the package her father had sent her mother.

Marc Chastain was assigned the case of a shooting. When he gets there something doesn’t feel right as it looked as if the scene had been compromised. He will investigate the truth which will lead him to the last remaining family Dex Whitlaw had, his daughter. He will have an instant connection to this woman and want her but trouble will interrupt their happy ending and Marc will have to protect her from someone who wants to kill her.

Kill and Tell is the first book to the series CIA’s Spies by Linda Howard. I only have read a couple books from this author and I have been very entertained by her plots and characters that she writes. This book got me from the very beginning with the mysterious package that Dexter was sending to his wife back in Ohio. I wanted to know what was in the package and found it interesting that so many people were after it. You do find out what it is, a kill book. It is how Dex kept track of the enemies he killed as a sniper but there was one that was done solely for murder. This is the reason for everyone trying to find him and the book.

Karen is a good daughter but only to the one parent who didn’t desert her. She took care of her mother and was horrified when she died which all started with a simple cold. She was strong and stubborn but she does do the right thing. She will claim her father’s body but that will lead her into so much more trouble. The trouble comes in two forms, the men chasing her and the man, Marc, whose attraction scares her. That is because she likes to control what is happening and Marc was upsetting that control. Now Marc’s character is a man who is very good at his job. He is dedicated to his work and is a lady’s man but when he meets Karen something changes. He wants this woman more than he has ever wanted. There is a very intense scene on the balcony which leads straight to the bedroom and everything about them sizzle. Aside from the sex that happens their relationship is very high strung because of the accidents which are happening to Karen. Marc will protect her at all cost by keeping her by his side and to help solve why these men would be after Karen’s father.

The bad guys are pretty clear as they take center stage at certain points of the book. The ultimate bad guy is clear as he is the one really running the show. He needs this package destroyed as it is evidence to a bigger crime that would incriminate and ruin him, and this time the bad guys wouldn’t get away with what has happened.

I know that I will want to finish up the series at least with the second book because that will have John Medina as the main character. I am interested in what will happen to him now that his father’s murder was avenged.

Running Wild

Running WildCarlin Reed was on the run. She hid herself from her family, work and friends all to stay away from a stalker ex-boyfriend. She stayed off the grid and landed in Wyoming where she knew Brad would never look for her. She finds salvation in Kat and Zeke to give her a way to live. It would be easier to move on if she didn’t feel things for her boss.

Zeke Decker needed someone to cook and clean at the ranch after his longtime housekeeper left. He knew that hiring Carlin wasn’t the best thing to do as he felt nothing but lust for her but he knew she was in trouble. Zeke would do his best to protect this woman and get her life back on track.

Running Wild is written by Linda Howard and Linda Jones, and this is the first book to the series Men from Battle Ridge. After putting down the book I wanted more. Sadly as this is a new series so no more books are available to read at the moment. I hope with the next book that Kat will be the next one to be written about as I really want to know more of her story.

I have only read one book from each of these authors but they are both strong writers who make compelling plots to read. You are drawn into the plot wanting to know the complete story as it was missing pieces. The puzzle is solved as you go through the plot. What I liked from the book was how believable Carlin actually was. I think all of the characters had seemed real throughout the book especially with Carlin being cautious in everything. I liked Zeke’s character as he looked to be and acted like a man who knew how to intimidate but he was alone in the world wanting someone to be with. Now both Jones and Howard know how to write sex into the plot and it was done well in the book. I liked that it didn’t overshadow Carlin’s problem in the book and what she had to deal with.

Men from Battle Ridge is a series that I can’t wait to read more on.

Cry No More

Only till recently have I come across Linda Howard and decided to try one book. This time I made some inquiries and went for a book that was not part of a series, and one that would drive me to read. I found that book in Cry No More. This was a book that I didn’t want to put down. From the very start of the first page to the last I was hooked.

Millia Boone has had a tragedy. Ten years ago her son was taken from her, an infant, and she was left for dead. Millia did not give up like her ex-husband told her. Millia divorced and became Millia Edge once again and started Finders. She would find other lost children while still searching for her own. She gets close to the men and with the help of the dangerous James Diaz they find the clues to bring her closer to her son’s kidnappers, but Millia will find out they are closer to her than she knows.

Linda Howard has a gift of storytelling like so many accomplished writers but through this book it was full of grit. There was no happy plot, it was adventure, mystery and betrayal, all things that make a fascinating thriller.

I liked that it had started out with the one perspective of the client but then you started to get into everyone else’s. By doing this you found out who were the villains fairly quickly but what Howard does not reveal is the why. Throughout the book I kept guessing why the villains would do this to Millia and of course the answer was simple once you found out.

Millia Edge’s character was fantastic! She was strong, a fighter who did not back down but she was vulnerable at the same time. Then there was James Diaz who you were not sure of but the more he was around the better you liked him. He was that character who always stayed in the background. Howard did an impressive job giving those two characters that attraction and mistrust at the same time.

This book was bittersweet at times and how Howard gave Millia those challenges you would have begged for the character to have the happy ending. No ultimate happy ending comes until the very end but still sad. The last chapter Howard writes gives the read hope for what the future will come. Of course as the reader we are left to our own imagination.

Cry No More was a stellar book and one that needs to be read. This will not be the last book I will read from Linda Howard.