Divine Misdemeanors

Merry and her men have faced off with the Queen and the Prince and have lived to tell the tale. Now they are back in America and trouble is at their front door again but this time the demi-fey are the ones that are being attacked. Merry must help her people out and to find the one who is harming them.

The eighth book, Divine Misdemeanors, of the series Meredith Gentry was not bad. I had thought before that the seventh book from Laurell Hamilton had finished the series but she cranked out another one.

Turning the pages for this book started out slow. Since I love reading about Merry and her guards I knew I would like the book but it took a little to get into the story. The plot is not following the same as it had been and to me it lost a little interest. This book was not my favorite. Now on the other hand it was a good story once you got into the book and back with the characters. New things are revealed and Merry’s men who are the fathers of her twins are not the only ones she loves or lets in her bed.

At the end of the story Hamilton leaves it open. This book was published in 2009 so its been several years. I’m not sure if she will write another book for the Meredith Gentry series, but she certainly does not close the chapter completely.

Swallowing Darkness

Swallowing Darkness is the seventh book to Meredith Gentry series and Hamilton does not disappoint.

Merry has won the battle of who would become pregnant but before she can celebrate she has to survive the attacks on her and her men. This will become increasingly more difficult as the attacks are closer to home than she realized. Her men will protect her but what will they have to give up to save them all.

I was kind of shocked how much I liked this book. It was darker and a lot more fighting went on through the book which really pulled you into the story. The men who are the fathers have been named and now because of Cel’s escape Merry’s life is even in more danger. The big fight in the book was really well done.

There were more spells and twist in this book that left you wanting more. I kind of started to dislike Sholto because of the ignorance but he redeemed himself later. I loved the ending on what was given up by Merry and Doyle to save the one they loved.

I loved how Hamilton created Cel to be even crazier if that was possible and to show the Queen truly having a weakness and not fit to rule.

From the looks of the series it seemed over but Hamilton has published another book. For me the seventh book had finished the story for Merry but I will definitely pick up the next one to find out what happens next.

A Lick of Frost

So I was wrong partly. A Lick of Frost did not really have Frost center stage in fact Frost plays a disappearing act.

Staying in a small conference room was bad enough without the pressure of defending themselves against the King of Light. Three of Merry’s guards have been accused of rape of a Seelie lady. They are lies all part of the King’s plot. Merry will now start fearing the king more as his attentions become clear that he is interested in her more as a woman. With a battle looming in the background Merry will not only fear the King but now mourn the loss of one of her beloved guards and for the safety of her children.

A Lick of Frost was not as quick as the fifth book but it was a quick read for me. You are pulled into the story quickly with the turn of the first page. I liked the addiction of lawyers in the first part especially the one that was more immune to them.

I was happy that Hamilton finally had Merry get pregnant but the surprise is who is the father to these twins. I liked the twist and not terribly surprised especially as this is supposed to be the fey and magic is all around them.

As far as the series goes I am liking it more and more as we are coming to more an a conclusion especially with the ending of this book. Of course the ending is really nothing much to be too happy with except wanting to see the King killed for his actions.

I am very interested in the next book to find out what will happen with Merry and her men.

Mistral’s Kiss

Mistral’s Kiss leaves off with Merry still with the sidhe. Hamilton will show just how far Merry will go to bring back life to her people.

Merry wakes up to a frightening dream and will soon find that the dream wants her to wake up the land. She will be giving her body to wake up the soil but with so much power other things will wake in the process. The wild hunt will be called and it will be a race for Merry and her guards to find safety.

The fifth book is shorter than most in the series. With only 212 pages I was able to speed through the book. I liked Mistral in the book even though he was very cocky for his own good. The King of Sluagh surprised me with his rash decisions in the book but made up for them at the end.

Its a little ridicules with how much sex there is and how Merry literally screws the land back to life but it fits with the concept of the story.

I am interested in finding out more now that Cel is free of his cage. More trouble will definitely be coming and most likely travel its way in the next book as Frost will be the center of attention in A Lick of Frost.

A Stroke of Midnight

A Stroke of Midnight is the fourth book of the series Meredith Gentry. Laurell Hamilton is upping the anti with the amount of  threats that will be coming Merry’s way.

Getting pregnant can be stressful enough but with the added threats that were building it was almost impossible. Merry will come back to her Queen as the threats had gotten worse that even the police were called in to help. Merry will find little support of the sidhe until they find out that the ring has come back to life and children of the sidhe were not impossible.

Having the ring act as matchmaker for the sidhe was inventive on Hamilton’s part. I liked that Nicca was in this part with the matchmaking. You will meet the character Biddy who will be for Nicca. With more power the Queen is not happy. I like to think that maybe Merry will become stronger than the Queen even though she is still mortal. That would be a good twist at the end.

New powers are also coming back with tattoos being displayed on some of the guards bodies and Merry’s. These tattoos were a thing of the past.

Hamilton does a good job with keeping Cel in the book as well even as he is still being tortured. His followers are doing his bidding. Of course punishment will come swiftly as the Queen will deal with the traitors. She will punish the traitors but never the real traitor, her son.

More guards are introduced female and male. A healer will join Merry and the other guards. Along with Mistral who will be making his presence known.

The fifth book will be all about the storm guard, Mistral.

Seduced By Moonlight

Finding a chalice in bed was not what Merry expected to find after she and guards went to sleep. All of them know what the chalice means and fear what is to happen when the Queen finds out. Merry and her guards will keep the chalice hidden but it will be difficult as it will unravel in the heat of passion waking up dormant powers of her guards.

The third book, Seduced By Moonlight by Laurell Hamilton steps further into the world of the fey. Merry is encountering with more of the fey in this book and I find it interesting that magical objects keep finding their way to Merry.

I like that Merry is gaining power first with the ring and now the chalice. She is becoming stronger and almost like a goddess herself.

Doyle is still my favorite but really I like all of the guards. I think Hamilton does a good job making each guard distinctive and their own personality and power.

I am looking forward to the fourth book to find out if Merry will yet win the race to the throne.

A Caress of Twilight

Finding the first book intriguing I went off to search for the second, A Caress of Twilight.

Merry is now surrounded by her guards and in America away from the queen. Her task is to get pregnant as fast as she can but something will interrupt their effort. Hollywood actress and exiled sidhe will come to ask for help. Maeve Reed wants a child with her husband who is about to die. Merry will help but more trouble is brewing beyond the horizon as the Nameless has been released.

I found the book fun and different to read. By now I am used to Hamilton’s way of sex in her books. There was a good amount but not tons, of course the series is still early. There will be more to come especially as the plot is all about Merry getting pregnant.

I liked the concept of the fey. I don’t read a lot of books with magical creators. The characters of Merry and her guards were fun to read. I of course like them all but my favorite is Doyle so far.

Maeve Reed was a piece of work. I liked that she still acts like a royal of the Seelie court. I think that the King of light will be a problem through the series. Looking forward to reading the next chapter with Merry and her guards.

A Kiss of Shadows

Meredith Gentry has been in hiding for the last three years from faerie but now things have changed when Merry is needed to come back home. Merry has no desire to leave but the last case has left her shaken as a human abused her with the help of magic. Things are going from bad to worse when the Queen’s guard comes to retrieve her.  Merry will go and find out that all things are about to change in the Kingdom as Meredith Gentry, Princess of high court of Faerie could now have a chance at thrown. The only catch is she has to become pregnant before her cousin.

As I have caught up with the series of Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter I browsed the other series of Laurell Hamilton. The other series which has eight books is Meredith Gentry. The first book is A Kiss of Shadows and I have to say I was hooked. I wanted to know more about Merry and the sidhe.

Hamilton stays true to sex and passion in her books but this one kept you involved in the story and gives plenty of details with what is happening around them. There are many intriguing characters and I am interested in reading how they will all fair in the series.

So far a fantastic start of the series.

Kiss the Dead

From reading the last book I was excited to open up the pages of the next book in Laurell Hamilton’s series Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter. Kiss the Dead kept you wanting to read. This book is the twenty-first book of the series and still going strong.

Anita Blake’s next mission with the U.S. Marshall’s is to find a kidnapped girl who is going to be turned into a vampire. Under the law she is too young to turn as a fifteen year old and Anita will stop at nothing to seeing that the girl will survive. They will find the girl but will stumble on to a whole new can of worms as a new nest of vampires have been created and they are not willing to submit to any master.

I was excited to read this book after Hit List. I thought and Kiss the Dead confirmed that Hamilton is back with Anita and her work with the U.S. Marshall’s. I really liked the crime fighting and the new case which Anita had taken. As usual she is there with her fellow policeman like Zebrowski. I have to say over the years with these books he is a funny character and keeps things light and entertaining with his witty comebacks.

It was nice to have Hamilton narrow down all the men in her life where only a few were focused in on. The character of Sin is a little weird but we will see how that one turns out later on as the series continues. Detective Arnet is pissing me off a lot. You start to dislike her a lot and Hamilton writes good reasons for the reader to want to smack her. Asher is another character you wouldn’t mind smacking every now and then. He will step out of line now and I’m not sure if he will be able to get back into good graces with Anita. The one character I missed in the book was Edward. I hope in the next one he will be there along with his family.

So now what will happen next to Anita? Is Asher going to be back? And will Edward be around?

Hit List

Anita Blake is back in the twentieth book of the series created by Laurell Hamilton. If you are a fan of Anita Blake series you will want to check out Hit List.

Anita is back with her US Marshal’s badge helping out fellow Marshal Ted “Edward” but they will not be alone as Bernardo and Olaf will be on the scene. The team is helping to find out what had tore apart a man but Anita soon finds out that the Harlequin are after her still. With help of some of her men from St. Louis Anita will be protected but there will be causalities. Anita will also be running from Mother of all Darkness and this time she might be caught.

Laurell Hamilton is a hit or miss for me. I love her series at the beginning. I thought it was unique and different then it gets weird on you with all the things which happen to the character Anita. But still I want to keep reading as it intrigues me. The past couple of books were alright but I have to admit after reading Hit List I was excited about the series again. Hamilton goes back more to the roots of crime fighting and the sex was minimal. But no matter what I will always read the series to find out what will happen next. Once I start a series I will always see it out.

I really liked the crime fighting which surrounded the book. It was interesting to read about Edward, Anita, Bernardo, and Olaf all working together again. I also liked how Hamilton concentrated on hunting the killers which of course are the Harlequin. Hamilton will get Anita in a very tight situation which will be solved only with the help of her men which is interesting because she is still not all powerful and needs support.

At the end of Hit List Hamilton sets up her character Olaf to go through some changes which will effect Anita first and foremost. I liked how Hamilton also is keeping Edward in the picture. He is one of my favorite characters and I love how he is changing and growing into someone else. I am looking forward to when Hamilton will include Donna, Becca and Peter again.