In the Heat of the Night

In the Heat of the NightRory O’Roarke was trying to get his life back together after a failed marriage. He will find himself in a small town as a fireman again. He will also find Meg who will have him wanting to chance his heart again.

Meg Starling had left her small town to make it big but she was unable to reach her dream. She came back home but was still set on getting her own show. Though she will be distracted by Rory who was someone she wanted to be with.

In the Heat of the Night is the second book to the series The O’Roarkes by Katerine Garbera. I thought this was a good sequel to the series. It was a cute story of two characters reaching for what they want and learning to make the appropriate sacrifices.

Rory’s character was a man who had given it all up for a woman only to find out that life with the woman had not worked. Rory lost of a little of himself when that happens. He is trying to find his place again. I liked that he was finding it in the small town and letting himself feel again. Meg’s character was a determined woman who had been burned before with her career. She was not willing to let it go until she was a success. I did like Meg’s determination but it was almost forced because it was something she needed to do and wasn’t in her heart anymore. Their romance was steamy but sweet at the same time. What I didn’t like was that they each were asking the other to give up what they loved. It wasn’t fair to either of them. Though for one of them they were lying to themselves because what they had wanted was no longer in their heart.

There are still some O’Roarke’s that haven’t had their story told. I don’t know if those stories will be coming since it took about eight years for the sequel to come out. If the stories do come out I would be interested in reading them.

Body Heat

Body HeatAndi O’Roarke is the fire chief and has been for fifteen years. She loved her job but it was hard as she had to work hard to make sure the men respected her since she was the only woman in the firehouse. When she meets the arson investigator sparks will immediately fly between them and that will leave Andi wanting something more.

Tucker Fields is an arson investigation sent to a firehouse to look over a case. Tucker will be ready for his job but what he wouldn’t be ready for was Andi, the fire chief. He will want her instantly and will pursue her but they had to be careful to make sure the other firefighters did not get wind of their relationship.

Body Heat is the first book to the O’Roarkes series by Katherine Garbera. I liked this book. There is certainly a lot of heat from the fires and from the two characters. This was a free book that I had gotten on my kindle awhile ago.

So the character of Andi was a woman who fought hard and she had to because she was the only woman in the firehouse. Andi is strong with her command and she had gotten that from her four brothers and father who are all strong willed men. But she had a softer side it was just well hidden. Now, Tucker was a player. He was a love them and leave them kind of guy, and was a very take charge kind of guy. I liked him anyways especially as he was very charming, and he got Andi to open up.

The connection between the two characters is very explosive just like the fires that are written in the book. I will have to say that I thought the fires did get put in the back seat with the book. But I liked that it was character driven.

I liked the O’Roarke family. They were a bunch of big men who protected Andi but also argued endlessly with each other. I can’t wait to read their stories. So the second book to the series is with Rory, Andi’s brother. His is the only other book that is written, I assume the other two brothers will be written eventually, at least I hope. I will be on the look out for the book at my library but I am not sure they have it. I figure I will read it eventually but it just might not be right away.